Love At First Sight

Jan 26, 2003
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Hey guys! This story started out written by Claire and I, but Claire as been missing in action for a long time. So the first couple of chapters Claire and I wrote together, but after that, it's just me, Lauren. (Pennstatechic) Claire, I hope whereever you are, you're doing great!

Now, this story takes place from the very beginning. Sydney doesn't know about Sloane and SD-6 yet, and Vaughn and Syd have never met. This is how I think it should go. I hope you like it. Please respond, it means a lot. If you have any questions you can pm me at anytime.

Summary: When Vaughn gets a promotion, and a agent to handle he got more then he bargained for.

Rating: PG-PG-13.


Chapter 1- New Job

(Syd's Apartment)


Sydney Bristow rolled over to turn off the sound of her alarm
clock. she looked up at the time. It read six-thirty am. That's
being a spy
she thought to herself. She threw the covers off
herself, and got out of bed.

She went into the bathroom, and turned on the shower. She let
the warm water wake her sleepy body up. After she finished
showering she dried off. She began to get dressed for the day.
She looked back at the clock. It read seven am.

"New record." She smiled as she whispered to herself.

she grabbed her purse, and headed for the kitchen. When she
reached the kitchen she noticed that Franice was already there.
Why is she up? she thought to herself. She smiled as Francie
looked up at her.

"Have to go to work?" Francie asked

She half smiled "How did you guess?" She joked back

She smiled "I knew." She said

They both smiled. Sydney went into the fridge, and grabbed a
muffin. She looked back at Francie and smiled.

"Well, I better go." She said

"Yea, you better." She answered

Sydney went and grabbed her purse, and started to make her way
to the door.

"Syd, wait!" She yelled

Sydney turned around, and looked back at her friend. "Yea?" She

"I forgot to ask you, but what are you doing tonight?" She asked

She smiled "Well, I should be free, but why?" She asked curious.

"There's going to be this great party tonight at Jeff's house, and I
want you to meet Jason." She said excited.

She smiled, and rolled her eyes. "Francie, who is Jeff, and why do
I have to meet Jason?" She asked

She laughed as she walked over to her best friend. "Well, first,
Jeff is a guy in my science class, and he invited me to his party.
And second, because when was the last time you went on a date,
huh?" She asked raising a eyebrow.

Sydney rolled her eyes. "I date!" She yelled defensively

Francie let out a sigh. "Yea right Syd. You haven't gone out on
one date since we have been roommates. Besides, Jason is a
really nice guy, and I think you guys will hit it off." She said

"Francie....." She groaned

She cut back in. "Come on Syd, it can't hurt. He's a real nice guy.
Please......." She begged

She let out another sigh, and looked at her friend begging. "Fine,
I'll come." She said

"Yay, and you will meet Jason?" She asked

"Yes!" She said

Francie began to dance around the apartment. Syd laughed as
she watched her friend dance around there apartment.

"I'll see you later Fran." She said laughing.

"See you tonight." She smiled as she answered

Sydney walked out the door, and headed for work.


(Vaughn's Apartment)

Vaughn had already woken up. He was just coming out of the
bathroom when his cell phone rang. He went over to the night
stand were his cell phone laid, and picked it up.

"Vaughn! (He paused) Yes Weiss............I'm on my way.............ten
minutes..............I swear ten minutes..............ok........all
right.......bye Weiss." He said

He ended the call, and put his cell phone in his pants pocket. He
grabbed his jacket, and headed for the kitchen. He opened the
fridge grabbed some breakfast, and headed for the door. He
padded his dog Donny on the head, and then left for work.


Sydney walked into the SD-6 building. She walked up into the
halls, and straight to her desk.

"Good morning Sydney." Dixon commented

She smiled "Good morning Dixon." She answered

She loved the fact that Sloane had so much faith in her to
become an field agent, or what she likes to be called a spy. The
fact that she worked for a small branch within the CIA called
SD-6 was exciting to her. She never ever imagined becoming a
spy, and still can't believe that plays a part in saving the world.
Not only is she already going on field missions, but she also has
a great partner. she loves Dixon, and with the two of them
together they get anything done. She couldn't ask for a better
Although, being a spy does have it's ups and it's downs. She
hates having to lie to her two best friends. Always canceling the
plans at short notice, and lying about where she suddenly has to
go. That's why dating has been far from her mind. She never
wants to keep secrets from her boyfriend, or have to lie. Not like
she could tell Francie that. It's one of reasons why she hasn't
been on a date in a while. Not to mention risking your life
everyday, and the cuts and bruises I encounter. But if I get to
save the world a little bit at a time, then it's all worth it to me.
Being a spy has also gotten her father and her speaking again.
Before I couldn't careless if I ever saw my father again, but now
that I finally know what my father did for a living I understand. I
understand that when I was a kid and he was never around that
he was saving the world. I know now why he was so secretive
around me. He couldn't tell me. I wonder how he ever made it
work with my mom? I am finally getting to know my father again.

"Sydney, don't forget we have a meeting with Sloane in five
minutes." Dixon said

His voice brought her back to reality. "Right! Thanks Dixon." She
said smiling

He smiled back, and then headed for the debriefing room. Sydney
grabbed her own files, and then also made her way to the
debriefing room.

(Debriefing Room)

Sydney was the last one to arrive. Dixon her partner was already
in his seat across from her. Jack her father took a seat next to
Sloane the boss of SD-6. Then there was Marshall who sat on the
right side of her. She loved Marshall. He was different from most
other guys. He was very smart, and very funny. He was such a
sweet guy too. He always makes me smile. She walked to her
seat, and sat down. She smiled up at Sloane, and gave him the
indication that she was ready.

Sloane nodded his head, and then looked at the rest. He began to

"Now that we are all here, let's begin. (He clicked a button, and a
picture of a man appeared on the screen.) This is Edward
Yousocf. A Russian spy that specializes in Rambaldi. He has
information that I need, and I want you Dixon, and Sydney to go
get it." He demanded

Sydney looked at him. "What will we be getting?" She asked

He nodded his head "Yousocf has been recently spotted with a
very important Rambaldi piece. A statue that carries a cerant
hidden message. I need this peice to help me put the rest of my
puzzle together. (He paused) Now, Yousocf will arriving at his
house tomorrow in Moscow Russia. (He clicks a picture of the
house on the screen.) Dixon, Sydney, your mission is to get into
his house, and bring me that statue. It's said that he keeps it in a
hidden place in his house. Find it, and bring it home. Marshall has
all your necessary gear. Do we understand?" He asked

Both Sydney and Dixon shook their heads.

"Good! You leave tomorrow morning. Good luck!" He finished, and
then walked out of the room.

Jack walked out of along with Sloane. Sydney and Dixon turned
to Marshall for their gear.


Vaughn walked through the familiar halls of the CIA. As he
rounded the last corner, he spotted his desk, and Weiss. Weiss
walked up to him pointing at his watch.

"Nine minutes and thirty six seconds. Just made it." He joked

Vaughn smiled and laughed. "Yea, I really didn't feel like buying
you lunch today." He said

Vaughn walked over to his desk, and sat down. Weiss pulled a
chair up, and sat next to him.

"Hey, I heard Kendall was looking for you." Weiss said

He looked up at him curious. "Me, why me?" He asked

He shrugged his shoulders "I don't know, I only said I heard. But
maybe you will finally get promoted from the desk job. I mean
with you being a suck up and all why not?" He asked

Vaughn just shook his head. "Don't you have anything better to
do then bother me?" He asked

He laughed "Let me think about that. (He paused) Nope!" He said

Vaughn just laughed as he got to work on the pile of papers on
the desk.

"Oh Mike, I heard about this great party at Jeff's house tonight. I
think you should come with me." He said

He looked at him. "Who's Jeff, and why would I want to go?" He

"Well, Jeff is an old friend from high school, and I happened to run
into him yesterday, and got invited. (Vaughn gave him a look) Ok,
and now why you should go. One, because it's fun, and a good
stress reliever, and two because the party is going to be filled
with ladies, and you could use one." He said

"Eric!" He yelled

Weiss threw his hands up. "What? I'm not wrong. When was the
last time you been with a girl? When was the last time you even
went on a date?" He asked serious

He thought for a second, and then let out a breath. "I'm waiting
for the right girl." He joked

He laughed "Right Mike, and I'm married. (He paused) Come on,
just give it a chance. You might even find the "right girl" there."
He pleaded

"Eric........." He started

He cut back in "Mike please.......for me!" He begged

He rolled his eyes "Fine, I'll go." He said giving in.

"All right!" He yelled

Weiss went back to his desk, and Vaughn began to work at his
papers on his own desk. He looked up when he heard a familiar

"Agent Vaughn!" Kendall said

"Sir?" He said looking up

"I need to speak to you in debriefing room now!" He demanded

"Yes, sir." He answered

Kendall started walking into the direction of the debriefing room.
Vaughn got up out of his chair, and followed him. He gave Weiss
a look, and then made his way down.

Once they reached the door, Kendall opened it, and let Vaughn in.
Vaughn walked in, and came face to face with a man in his
maybe mid forties. He had gray hair, and his eyes were brown.
But his face is what caught him. No smile, no nothing. Just a
serious stare.

Vaughn nodded his head at him, and then took a seat. Kendall
closed the door, and stood before the two men.

"Agent Vaughn, I know you are wondering what your doing here,
so I'll get straight to the point. (He paused) I am about to offer
you a higher position, but before you accept you need to know
what it involves. Do we understand each other?" He asked

Vaughn nodded. "I understand." He answered

Kendall nodded, and then looked at the other man sitting across
from Vaughn.

"Agent Vaughn, meet double agent Jack Bristow." He said

Vaughn looked at this agent Jack Bristow, and nodded his head
at him. Jack didn't do anything in response. He just stared at
him. Vaughn knew that at that moment his life was about to

Note: Please let us know what you think. We will post more soon! Claire has the next chapter!!

Love ya,

Lauren & Claire :angelic:


Jun 18, 2003
WOW! im SO interested already! Very clever guys! Lauren thank you much for the PM and Please continue soon! Can I get a PM? thanks! luv ya! Sarah :D


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WOW!!!! I can't say I'm surprised though!!! lol! it's really cool and original that you started from the very begining. And when Weiss told Vaughn about Jeff's party I started gigling! awesome start, keep it up!
Feb 27, 2003
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Lauren and Claire - this looks really good so far! One thing I noticed when I was reading was that you kept switching from "she" to "I" and it got a little confusing. Other than that, I love the premise. Is Vaughn going to be Jack's handler? Could get interesting, especially after the party! Looking forward to your next update - definitely keep me on the PM list!
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<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>Oh, goodness, what I wouldn't give to see the party play out...right now. Please, seriously, please...!

much luv-
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