Love is A Gift


May 14, 2006
Hey guys this is the NC-17 rated chapter for ‘Love Is a Gift,’ It’s a missing scene but a chapter in itself. If I were to write an NC-17 version of the story the NC-17 would have one more chapter than the PG-13. The chapter for PG-13 is the Pg-13 version of this combined with the next chapter I would have anticipated.

This is my first ever so please be nice. *begs*

Here are the links to the PG-13 versions
(note: read ‘Two Words,’ First, because ‘Love Is A Gift,’ is the sequel)

Love Is a Gift
Love is not a possession, it is a gift

Written By : SydnVaughn4eva 2 ~elle

Disclaimer: I don’t own alias I just decided to meddle with their lives for a bit.
Summary: Sequel to ‘Two Words,’ Love is never easy when the world is thrown at you.

Chapter Three
Provocative Ways

Vaughn’s POV

I place both of my hands on the sides of her face and I smile at her deeply. I gently lay her on the couch and I cover her with my whole body. I look deep inside her chocolate brown eyes, inching my face close to hers, never breaking eye contact. I notice a small amount of chocolate on her sweets lips. I lick the full circle of her lips, never missing a single inch of her divine lips. I pull back slightly, but she moves her head up and meets her lips with mine in a heated passionate kiss. My hands do not remain idle. They slowly edge their way underneath her top, meeting her soft breasts. I cup them with one in each hand. I slowly kneed them. She groans my name
“Need more,” She whispers passionately. This is enough to almost send me over the edge. I slowly pull the tank top over her head while doing so I kiss my way up her stomach. Each kiss gaining a moan from Sydney. I stop for a few seconds to flick my tongue into her naval. This creates another moan from her. I continue my way up her body kissing every inch of her. I pull the rest of the shirt off her. I kiss the edge of her right breast. Her moans are even louder. Her breathing becomes shallower. I capture her right breast into my mouth and I suck and kneed her right breast until her nipple stands up in a hard peak. I devote the same attention to her left breast. Each suck and kneed creates an even louder moan from Sydney. I feel my erection grow and grow. I capture her lips in mine and I dip my tongue into her mouth as we kiss furiously. She makes quick work with my shirt, unbuttoning it and in seconds she slides it off of me and discards it to the ground. I move towards her pants. I one quick movement I pull them off of her and I am met with her mass of curls. I smile at her wryly at the thoughts of no underwear. She just seductively smiles back at me. I lean my head closer to her wet folds. I feel the heat radiating already out from her core. I slowly torturously kneed her clit sending shock waves throughout her body.
“Vaughn!” She warns me to stop the torture. I slowly slip two fingers into her wet folds and slowly withdraw them. I start to pump faster until I reach profusions speed. Each thrust of my fingers going deeper into her. Each thrust creating a loud moan of my name.

Sydney’s POV

I feel his rock hard member on my leg as I reach my climax. “Vaughn, I thin I’m gonna come…ahh.” I scream as the waves of orgasmic pleasure chorus over my body. I pant loudly as I come down from my mind blowing orgasm. I pull him up the length of my body to meet his lips in a passionate kiss. I kiss him furiously dipping my tongue madly into his mouth. I feel the tension of his member pushing harder against my upper thigh. I grab him in hand and I massage the length of his rock hard cock. He groans with pleasure and pain coming through his voice.
“Arghh, Syd I need to be inside you.” He says. I am none to happy to oblige. In one swift movement he slips his rock hard cock into my slick wet folds. He puts my legs upwards leaning against his shoulders. He thrusts into me hard. Just the way he knows I like it. I feel myself moaning and creaming his name for the second time tonight with each thrusts he becomes rhythmic
With every thrust he goes deeper into my core and the wetter I become. I hit a bundle of nerves sending a huge wave of pleasure through my body. I feel myself reaching my climax.
“Come with me Vaughn.” I say to him seductively. He thrusts deeper and faster into me. “oh f**k yeah.” I scream out to him. “Vaughn!” I scream in pleasure as I feel his hot semen spill inside me. We ride out the waves of our orgasms. Our breathing slowly calms down. “I love, you.” I whisper to him.
“I love you, too.” He whispers back to me. Kissing me gently on the lips.

I wake up the next morning, exhausted from last nights events. I look at the ring which sits neatly on my finger. I’m going to get married to the man of my dreams. I look up from my resting position on his chest to find him sleeping peacefully. I lay back down on his chest. Then I notice the tent which is lifting up the sheets. Well not all of him is asleep, I smile wryly. I’d hate to wake him but this is just too tempting.. I slip under the sheets and I place my hands on either side of him slowly moving downwards until I’m met with his hard throbbing cock in my face. I take him fully into my mouth without a moments hesitation. I slowly begin torturing him. I feel him jerk awake at my sudden assault on his cock. I feel him pulling away the covers to reveal me firmly attached to his rock hard cock. I run my tongue on the underside of his cock, causing him to jerk and moan deeply.
“Well, good morning to you.” He says in a husky voice. I continue my torture until I send him wild. I suck on him hard and I pull him deeper into my mouth until the tip of his cock hits the back of my mouth. I start fondling his balls which causes him to moan even louder.
“Oh, god, Syd.” He yells at me running his fingers through my chestnut brown hair. I continue my assault sucking even harder. I hear his breathing become ragged and I know he is close.
“Oh, god, Syd, I’m gonna come.” He yells. In a matter of minutes I feel his bitter, hot, sticky cum empty into my throat. I continue milking him for his last drop. Until I hear the cries of our baby. I lift my head up and I swallow the cum without a problem. I tip my head to the side and smile evilly.
“Duty Calls.” I say, winking at him. I swiftly get up and leave the room. Knowing I have left him completely unsatisfied.

*runs and hides* :bag:
Aug 27, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I loved the end. Very fitting.

As for the other parts... it was pretty good! Really! I've written a couple NC parts, and they're nothing as good as this! I'm impressed with you, first timer! :D

Great job! ;)

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