Love is One Big Lie


May 28, 2003
Okay. My fic is kind of AU. Bonami is still alive, Sloane and Irina never had an affair, and Nadia is Jack and Irina's child.

Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 1

At first, he didn’t believe it. Well, he didn’t want to believe it. Sydney had told him that she saw her at the club. His first thought was that she was jealous. Maybe because they couldn’t get a cup of coffee, or maybe not. He chose not to believe her, but deep down inside, he couldn’t ignore it. He tried to force himself to, but he couldn’t. Then, Jack came. He had told Vaughn some useful tips on some ways you might know that you’re wife is a spy. Vaughn had looked at Jack’s file; it was colorful. He was a top notch agent. But, when it came to Laura Bristow, a.k.a. Irina Derevko, his judgment was impaired. He didn’t know what to think. He let love get in the way, and it had cost him so much. Vaughn decided to take his advice, knowing he was an expert on this subject.

“She would offer me a kiss. A spontaneous gesture, I thought. Now, I realize that she was trying to cover up the truth in a form of love…”

Those words stuck in his head, and he couldn’t help his curiosity. He had to look deeper into this; so he did.

“What did you do while I was gone?” he asked her.

She just smiled, walked over to him, and offered him a kiss; just like Jack had said.

Then, when she had left the bedroom and gone into the bathroom to take her bath, he started scurrying through her things, only to find the dark wig that Sydney had described, the gun which she had used to assassinate Cipher, and a passport she used to get to Berlin, when she was supposed to be in England.

He felt so… agh! He didn’t know how to describe it. He just wanted to walk into the bathroom, pull out a gun, and start questioning her. However, he didn’t. He decided that if he played along for now, it might get him somewhere. The first thing he thought of was Sydney.

“This was all… just something… to keep me away from Sydney! That… b****! She did this! While they were torturing my poor, beautiful Sydney, she was sent to seduce and marry me, so that I would stay out of the way, and not look further into her death. felgercarb! After all those things I said to Sydney! How, she was upset because it didn’t work out between us, and how she was lying… man! I hope she forgive me!”

He put all of Lauren’s things back where they were, and grabbed his coat and keys. She came out of the bathroom in a towel.

“Where are you going love?”
Love; a powerful emotion. Love hurts… a lot. He always heard it in songs, people say it, but he never thought about those two words. Now, they were the only words he could think about.

He forced himself to smile.

“I forgot something at the office. I have some errands to run too” he said, as he gave her a kiss on the forehead. She smiled, while deep down inside, he was puking.

She walked back into the bathroom, and shut the door.

“Haha b****! Now you know how it feels! You don’t know that I know! Just like I didn’t know what you knew! Ha! Now you know b****!” he wanted to scream out to her. Instead, he just walked out the door, and headed to the office.


“Is Jack here?!?” he shouted, as he stormed into the office.

“Uh, yeah. He’s in Marshall’s room” replied Weiss, raising an eyebrow at Vaughn.

He ran into Marshall’s room. Jack turned and look at him; startled and confused.

“You’re right. Lauren is the mole. I say the gun, and the wig, and the passport, and the kiss she offered me…” he said, panting.

Jack got up from his seat.

“Does she know you know?!?” he asked.

“No. I decided to play along with it” Vaughn replied.

“Good. She could lead us to the Passenger…” Jack said.

“What?!? My wife just betrayed me, and that’s all you have to say?!?” Vaughn shouted.

“Incase you forgot Mr. Vaughn, I know exactly what to say, but I wont! I too have been there, and I know that whatever I say won’t make a difference” he replied.

Jack was right.

“Sydney! I have to see her!” shouted Vaughn, as he stormed away from Jack, heading to her house.


He arrived at her house.

“Well, it’s not her old house… our house… but it will do” he thought.

He took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

No answer. He knocked on it again; still no answer. One more time, and the same result.

He pulled out his gun, and busted the door down.

“Sydney?!?” he shouted.

No answer.

He ran all over her house, and there was no sign of her. Then, he found a note on her fridge.

I need to get away from everyone… to think. If you are reading this letter, I am already gone. What Vaughn said… maybe it’s true, but I can’t know for sure. I don’t even know who I am, much less, what I want. I can’t say when I will be back, but I will return when I am ready… someday… I hope…

With Love,


“felgercarb! No! No! No! This is all my fault!” Vaughn shouted, kicking the ground.

He took the note, and ran back to the office.

“Jack! Jack, look what I found!” he shouted, waving the note in the air.

Jack grabbed the note, and started to read it.

“What did you say to her?!?” he asked.

“Well… I kinda said… that she was jealous because it didn’t work out between us, and because of that, she was trying to get rid of Lauren” Vaughn said, as he bowed his head.

“You’re an ass! Sydney is upset because of you, and now, she might never even come back!” shouted Jack, as he grabbed his coat.

“What are you doing?!?” Vaughn asked.

“What do you think I’m doing?!? I’m going to look for my daughter. I’m calling in reinforcements, so go on ahead without me” said Jack, as he ran into the parking garage.

Vaughn obeyed.

HANDLE_4ME wants to chat privately

So Jack, what brings you to my door… once again? -Irina

Our daughter… once again. -Jack

Is she okay? -Irina

I don’t know. She ran away -Jack

What? -Irina

Yes. It’s true. Agent Vaughn said some things to her which upset her, and now, according to her letter, she needs time to think. -Jack

So? Give her time alone to think. Women need their space. -Irina

I’m worried. If the Covenant… or anybody else -Jack

I see… I’m coming as fast as I can. -Irina

That wouldn’t be a good idea. -Jack

I don’t care what a good idea is. I’m bringing my sisters, too. -Irina

Okay. -Jack

Oh, and Jack? -Irina

Yes? -Jack

Don’t kiss Katya again. -Irina

I’ll try not to. -Jack

You won’t. -Irina

Okay. -Jack

See you soon. -Irina

Bye. -Jack

HANDLE_4ME has signed off.

“Is there any sign of her?” Jack asked, confronting Vaughn.

“I checked the Pier, the train station, everywhere I could think of! She wasn’t there…” mumbled Vaughn.

“Irina is coming. So is Katya and Elena” Jack said.

“What?!? You asked them to come?!?” Vaughn asked.

“You know them. If anyone kind find Sydney, it’s them. She might not even be in the country. If so, they will be a big help there” Jack replied.

“You’re right… Lauren!” Vaughn shouted.

“What about her?” Jack asked.

Vaughn checked his watch.

“1:53! She’s going to kill me!” Vaughn shouted.

“You’re right. Go to her and explain the situation. Tell what she needs to know, and only what she needs to know.

Vaughn nodded.


“Where the hell were you?!? It doesn’t take that long to run to the office and finish a few errands!” she shouted, tapping her foot.

“Sydney is missing” he replied.

“What?!? What do you mean?!? You went to go see her again… didn’t you?!?” asked a furious Lauren.

“No! I went to the office, and Jack showed me a note. She ran away, and now we are looking for her. It’s important that we find her before the Covenant does, or else… she could be in danger” Vaughn said.

Lauren paused.

“Go ahead without me. I’m getting changed. I’ll meet you at the office within the hour” she said.

Vaughn nodded, and ran out the door.


Lauren picked up her cell, and dialed a number. The other line rang 3 times before anyone picked it up.

“Yes?” asked a man with a British accent.

“I have some good news” replied Lauren.

“What is it?” a curious Sark asked.

“Sydney has disappeared. She ran away, and nobody knows where she is, or where to find her” an excited Lauren said.

“Oh? This is too good to be true…” said Sark, equally excited.

“I know. You should send in a team to act fast” Lauren said.

“Now that Sydney is out of hour way, it will be easier to get around. Not to mention that if we want Rambaldi’s prophecy to play out, we need her and the Passenger” said Sark.

“I know. If we get to her first, nobody will know, and assume that she is still out there. They won’t send in a team or anything, and we will fulfill the prophecy without the C.I.A. getting in the way” Lauren said, a huge grin spreading across her face.

“We will abduct her, and bring her here. That way, we can follow with the prophecy and reunite her with the Passenger. Then, everything we worked for will be fulfilled” said Sark.

“I’m going to help look. Send in a team to find her, and I’ll do what I can” she said, as she hung up the phone.


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 2

Sydney walked down the cold streets of Los Angeles.

“It’s awful cold for April…” she mumbled.

Then, a flake of snow fell from the sky. Followed by another, and hundreds of thousands more.

She smiled, remembering back to her childhood.

“Mommy? Why does it snow?” a young, 5 year old Sydney asked, throwing snow up in the air.

Laura put her book down, looked at Sydney, and smiled.

“To purify the earth” she said.

“What does purify mean?” a curious Sydney asked.

“It means to clean. The snow comes, and covers the earth. It then melts into water, going into the ground and cleansing the earth, making way for a new beginning” Laura said.

“Wow! I didn’t know that!” an excited Sydney shouted.

“Well, you know what they say. You learn something new everyday” Laura smiled.

“Kinda like when I take a bath? You put the water and shampoo and soap on me, and I get clean. Then you rinse it off, to make way for a new, fresh me!” she said, throwing a snowball at Laura.

Laura, wiped the snow off of her face.

“Speaking of baths… it’s time for yours” she said, putting the bookmark in her book, and getting up off the porch step.

Sydney threw another snowball at her mother, causing Laura to slip down the icy steps.

Sydney giggled.

“That’s it!” Laura shouted, as she picked up a snowball.

She threw it at Sydney, and Sydney crunched up in a ball. The snowball hit her in the back.

“Mommy!” she shouted, as they ran across the yard, throwing snowballs at each other, laughing.

“Snowing in April? That’s odd…” she thought.

She had been wandering the streets of Los Angeles all night, thinking.

“I need to know who I am, and what I’m doing here…” she thought, as she sat down on a bench.

“I don’t know what I want, who I am, or why I’m here. I need to know. None of this makes sense, so I will search until I find the answer” she said to herself, getting up off of the bench, and continued to walk.


“Tell me once again Irina, why we’re flying all the way to the United States?” Katya asked, looking out the window of the plane.

“Because my daughter has ran away, and she might be in great danger” an annoyed Irina replied.

“Why is she in danger? You used to run away all the time Irina. She’s a lot stronger then you were when you were her age…” Elena mumbled.

“You’re right. Sydney is a lot stronger then I was. It’s the Covenant…” Irina replied.

“Aren’t those the same guys who have been after you and Nadia?” Katya asked.

“Yes. It would seem they are after Sydney as well” Irina answered.

“Stupid Covenant. They don’t realize that they can’t have what they want” Elena said.


“Lauren! Thank you for helping” said Jack, as he tried to force himself to smile.

“Don’t mention it. I’m glad to help” she replied.

Jack remembered that he had to be careful about what he said around Lauren.

“We are not sure if she has left the country or not. She probably has, since we can’t find a trace of her in the United States” Jack explained.

“But, Mr. Bristow, er, Jack, er, yeah, Mr. Bristow, you said yourself that you had checked every airline leading out of this state, and that Sydney wasn’t on any of them. There is a 98% chance of her still being in Los Angeles” Marshall said.

Jack wanted to kill Marshall. He now regretted not telling him about Lauren. He had just giving away a great deal of information.

He stared at Lauren, who looked like she was writing a note in her head.

“Son-of-a-b****…” he thought.

“Okay. Vaughn, Lauren and I will cover the North. Dixon and Weiss, you cover the South. Marshall and Carrie, you will get the East. I have other contacts covering the West” Jack explained.

“What the hell does he mean by other contacts?!?” Lauren thought.

“Other contacts? Who?” Dixon asked.

“Irina Derevko, Katya Derevko, and Elena Derevko” Jack replied.

“What?!?” Lauren asked.

“I know it’s against protocol to meet with terrorists, but Irina is Sydney’s mother. She hasn’t been around Sydney as long as any of us have, but she knows how Sydney thinks, and that could be a great help” Jack explained.

Dixon nodded.

They all split up and went in their different directions, except for Lauren.

“I need to use the girls room, if you don’t mind” Lauren said.

Both Jack and Vaughn agreed, and watched as she walked into the bathroom.

“She’s probably contacting them. Vaughn, I’m counting on you to keep a close watch on Lauren. Sydney’s life might hang in the balance” said Jack, as he walked over to his desk to get something.

“Don’t worry Jack. I won’t even let them hurt her again. I will always protect her, no matter what, and I will make sure that Lauren will never jeopardize Sydney’s life…” he thought.


She dialed Sark’s number, once again.

“Irina Derevko and her sisters will be joining us” Lauren told Sark.

“Hmm… this is both good, and bad…” he replied.

“How so?” Lauren asked.

“As you are aware, we have been searching for Irina for some time. We don’t need her, but she would be a big help. However, she could interfere with us capturing Sydney. Do not worry, though. Take care of you’re part, and I will take care of Sydney and her mother”


“So Irina, where do we begin?” a bored Katya asked.

“The West side” Irina replied.

“Oh great… we get the dirty part of town…” Katya replied.

“Huh?” Irina replied.

“You know what they say about the West side. It’s the best side. All the dirty thugs and gangsters hang around the West side. I don’t know why Sydney would be in a place like that…” Elena mumbled.

“It’s not entirely true, Elena. The West side isn’t always home to the thugs” Irina replied.

“Still, why would Sydney be there?” Elena asked.

“You wouldn’t believe some of the places that I’ve found Sydney before…” Irina mumbled.

“Like…” Katya replied.

“When she was 6, I found her hiding in a box on the other side of town” she replied.

“I doubt Sydney could fit in a box anymore” Elena said.

“You’d be surprised…” Irina mumbled.

“Enough talking. We’ve already wasted valuable time. Let’s go search for Sydney” Katya said, as she ran down the hill they were standing on.

Elena and Irina looked at each other, and nodded, before running down the hill behind Katya.


“Okay. You are looking for this woman. A Miss. Sydney Bristow. If you find her, bring her back to me alive. If you happen to run into this person, a Miss. Irina Derevko, use extreme caution. I would like for you to bring her back to me alive as well, but if you can’t that’s fine. If anybody from the C.I.A. see’s you, kill them” Sark explained to his team of 15 men.

They nodded, and got off the plane.

They began searching Los Angeles, like hawks looking for dinner. Sark awaited their return on his plane.


“I’ve searched everywhere that she told me she loved. The train station, the Pier, the hockey rink, everywhere! No sign of her on the North side!” Vaughn said, throwing his walky-talky on the ground.

“Patience Vaughn. We will find her…” Jack said, putting a hand on Vaughn’s shoulder.

Lauren watched the two men talk about Sydney.

“Good. Sark and his team must have already made it to Los Angeles…” she thought.

Then, something started to come through on Jack’s walky-talky.

“Mr. Bristow! I just finished visiting a church on the East side. They say they saw Sydney, and that she had just left a minute before Carrie and I got there!” Marshall shouted into the walky-talky.

“She can’t be far now…” Jack thought.

They ran towards the East Side.


“Irina, I don’t see Sydney anywhere…” Elena said.

“I think it would be fun to have her over to play our annual game of hide-and-seek in the dark. She would be a pain in the ass to find…” Katya replied.

“That would be fun, don’t you think so Irena? We could all play one big game around the house, but she would probably out-hide us” Elena said.

“Sydney is missing! We need to find her, before she gets hurt!” shouted a frustrated Irina.

“Listen. Katya and I will go on our own, and you go search for Sydney by yourself. It will give you time to think” Elena said.

“We will?” Katya asked.

Elena grabbed Katya, and dragged her off in a different direction.

Irina sighed.

“She’s right. I need time to think. I shouldn’t have lost my cool with them. I’m just so afraid that my baby might be out there getting hurt…” she thought.

Then, she saw her.

“Sydney?!?” Irina thought, as she saw the back of a woman walking through a crowd.

She ran after the woman screaming “Sydney?!? Sydney?!?” and the people looked at her like she was an idiot, but she didn’t care.

The woman turned the corner, and didn’t even turn around to look at Irina. She was hiding her face.

Irina made a sharp turn, running into a dozen people.

The woman she was fallowing started to run, and so did Irina. The woman turned another corner, into the ally, and Irina followed after.

She saw that Sydney was being stubborn, and that she had to act fast.

“Forgive me Sydney!” she said to herself, as she picked up a wooden chair that was sitting in the ally, and threw it at Sydney.

The chair hit Sydney, and shattered into many pieces. Sydney paused for a moment, and the continued running.

“Wow. Sydney is a lot stronger then even I thought…” she said, amazed.

Then, Sydney slipped on the ice, and fell to the ground. Irina ran over to help Sydney up.

Sydney had her eyes shut tight, and she opened them to see Irina crouching beside her.

“Mom? What are you doing here?!?” Sydney asked.

“You’re father told me you were missing, and he was worried that the Covenant would take advantage of this situation to get you” she explained, helping Sydney up.

Sydney grabbed her leg, and grunted in pain.

“Sorry about that. I had to slow you down…” Irina said.

“S’okay” Sydney replied.

Irina saw a bench at the other side of the ally, and walked a limping Sydney over to it.

She sat Sydney down on her lap, and cradle her; just like she used to when Sydney was a child.

She held Sydney close, not wanting to let go.

“I need to think mom. They won’t let me escape for two seconds to do so…” Sydney mumbled.

“I know sweetheart, I’ve been through the same thing…” she said, tucking a strand of hair behind Sydney’s ear.

She pulled out her walky-talky to tell Jack, but before she could, Sydney ripped out of her hands and threw it on the sidewalk, shattering it.

Irina just nodded, and continued to hold Sydney.

Then, they came. The Covenant, to be more specific. Six of them, to be exact. They had guns, and they were aiming them right at Sydney and Irina.

“Hand the girl over!” one of the shouted.

Irina held Sydney even tighter.

“I won’t let the Covenant get you…” she thought.

“I said hand her over!” he shouted, as he approached them.

Sydney leapt out of Irina’s arms and started to attack the man.

The other men called for back-up, and Irina decided to give Sydney a hand, and took on two at the same time.


Sep 12, 2003
interesting story!
“You wouldn’t believe some of the places that I’ve found Sydney before…” Irina mumbled.

“Like…” Katya replied.

“When she was 6, I found her hiding in a box on the other side of town” she replied.

i can just imagine that.

“I think it would be fun to have her over to play our annual game of hide-and-seek in the dark. She would be a pain in the ass to find…” Katya replied.

“That would be fun, don’t you think so Irena? We could all play one big game around the house, but she would probably out-hide us” Elena said.

that is hilarious! annual hide and seek game :LOL:


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 3

Sydney finished with the man that she had been beating on, and Irina took care of her two, leaving three left. The three men knew they couldn’t kill Sydney… but Irina.

They were about to fire, when Sydney jumped in front of Irina, making a human shield.

“Sydney! Get out of the way!” Irina shouted.

“No! They won’t shoot me! It’ll be okay!” Sydney said.

The men hesitated, and that’s when they came; all the other men were surrounding them.

“Bristow! Come over here now!” one man shouted.

“Mom! I have to protect her…” Sydney thought.

Sydney charged at the men, and decided to take all twelve of the on at once.

“Sydney?!? Are you insane?!?” Irina asked.

Now she had really wished that Sydney hadn’t broken her walky-talky…


“She’s not here anymore…” Jack mumbled.

Jack tried to call Irina and the Derevko sisters to see what they had, but he couldn’t get threw.

“Her walky-talky must be out…” Jack thought.

Then, Katya and Elena came running.

“Have you seen Rina? We can’t find her anywhere! She went off to find Sydney on her own, and we heard some men shouting! We can’t find her!” a worried Elena said.

Lauren smirked.

“They must have already gotten to Sydney…” she thought.

“Then, Vaughn grabbed Lauren by the neck, and slammed her into a building.

“What the hell are you doing?!?” she asked.

“I know you are Covenant! Where are they?!? Both Irina and Sydney!” Vaughn asked.

There was no answer.

“Damn! They must have already gotten to them!” Vaughn shouted.

“Go up ahead to find them! Katya and I will keep are eye on little Miss. Covenant” said Elena.

Vaughn nodded, and dropped Lauren, who was now gasping for air.

“Thanks a lot Elena. Now we’re missing all the action…” Katya mumbled.

“Something tells me that we would have just gotten in the way” Elena replied.


“Sydney no!” Irina shouted, as she ran to her daughter’s aid.

Sydney had been taking on twelve guards at once, and was doing a pretty good job, but it was still not enough. Irina had to step in.

Irina tried to run to Sydney, but the men were blocking her path, and there was nothing more that she could do for her daughter.

Then, hit from behind, Sydney was instantly on the hard, cold ground.

Irina looked around to see who had shot the dart. It couldn’t have been one of the men, and the second she saw the shooter, she knew she was in trouble.

It was Bonami! He had shot Sydney with a tranquilizer, and she was unconscious.

“Irina. It looks like you’re daughter will be taking a ride with us. It’s only a matter of time before we find you’re other one” he said, picking up Sydney and throwing her over his shoulder to carry her away.

“Bonami! Get you’re hands off Sydney now! I swear to god!” she shouted, fighting her way through the men.

“Sydney looks just like you Irina. I wonder what you’re other daughter looks like? We’ll know soon enough. As soon as I get back, we’ll know her location, and then we’ll have both of you’re daughters” Bonami said, smirking.

“I’ll kill you if you lay one hand on Sydney or Nadia! Leave them out of this!” she shouted.

“I’m afraid I can’t. They are both in the Rambaldi prophecy, so I need them both, especially Sydney. Don’t worry. I’ll do what I can, and try not to kill them, but if I must, then I will” he said.

She wanted to pull out her gun in shoot him in the face several times. There was only one problem… she didn’t have a gun.

Bonami ran away with Sydney, leaving Irina to fight the guards alone.

Then, Jack and Vaughn came storming in with guns, shooting the remainder of the men, as Irina fell to her knees, tears streaming down her face.

“Irina! What’s wrong?!?” Jack asked, running to her side.

“I couldn’t protect her Jack… I couldn’t protect her! She’s my daughter! I’m supposed to always be there for her to protect her, and I couldn’t do a damn thing! All I could do was watch while he took her away! Instead of me protecting her, she was trying to protect me! Damn you Sydney! Damn you Covenant!” she said between sobs.

Jack patted her on the back.

“Who took her?” he asked with gritted teeth.

“Bonami. He’s got her, and he’s going to get the other one too…” she said, drying her tears.

“Other one? What are you talking about?!?” Jack asked.

She looked at Vaughn.

“If you don’t mind, could you please leave?” she asked.

Vaughn nodded, and walked off.

“F****** Bonami! I’ll kill you! Lauren! You’re dead!” he shouted, as he ran off into the direction where Lauren was.

“Jack. I haven’t told you this, and I should have. The less people who know, the better” she said.

“What?” he asked her.

“Jack… we have another daughter” she said.

Jack bolted straight up.

“What?!?” he asked, in shock.

“Right before Laura died. I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to stay, but I couldn’t. I’ve been protecting her all these years” Irina explained.

“What’s he name?” Jack asked.

“Nadia. She’s living in Rome right now. The Covenant… I think they know where she is too” Irina explained.

“Then we have to go after Nadia and get her before the Covenant does” Jack shouted.

“How dare you?!? And leave our poor Sydney, captured and all alone?!? If they can’t have the Passenger, there is no telling what they might do to Sydney!” Irina replied, wanting to slap Jack in the face.

“…Does Nadia know you’re sisters?” he asked.

“Yes…” she replied.

“Good. Send them to retrieve her, and we will go and get Sydney back” Jack said.

She got up off the ground, and hugged Jack.

“They have Sydney, and if we don’t hurry, they’ll get Nadia too…” she mumbled into his chest.


Vaughn made it back to where Lauren and the Derevko sisters were. She had her hands tied behind her back, her feet bended together, and duct tape covering her mouth.

“Where is Rina?” Elena asked.

“We’re to late…” he mumbled.

Elena and Katya both jumped up and looked at him.

“What are you talking about?!? Where is our sister?!?” Katya asked, worried.

“She’s fine” Vaughn replied.

The sisters let out a sigh of relief.

“It’s Sydney…” he mumbled, they looked at him once again.

“Is she okay?!? Where is our niece?!?” Elena asked.

“The Covenant has her now…” he mumbled.

“Damn them! Damn them to hell!” Elena shouted, punching the side of a building, causing her fists to bleed.

“We’ll make them pay for ever messing with out family!” Katya shouted, equally upset as Elena.

“You know what this means? Now that they have Sydney, they’ll be after Nadia, which means that they probably know where she is” Elena said.

“What? Who’s Nadia?” Vaughn asked.

Katya and Elena looked at each other, and nodded.

“Tell Rina that we are going to get Nadia and bring her back here” Elena said, as she and Katya walked off.

Vaughn nodded, and then looked at Lauren.

He could tell through the duct tape that she was smirking.

He through her against the wall, causing her to grunt in pain.

“Where is she Lauren?!? Where is Sydney?!?” he asked.

She didn’t reply.

He smacked her with the backside of his hand, cutting her face. He then ripped the duct tape off of her, mouth.

“I won’t tell” she said, closing her eyes, and bracing herself for another hit.

“I have a better idea. I’ll let Irina deal with you, since I know she’ll be so happy to know that you fed them all the information leading to her daughter’s capture” he asked.

Irina, Jack, Marshall, Carrie, Dixon and Weiss came walking up.

“Where are my sisters?!?” Irina asked.

“They said that they would get Nadia and meet you back here” he said.

“Good. Now we can focus on Sydney” Jack replied.

“Who is Nadia?” Vaughn asked.

Irina sighed.

“To make a long story short, she is the Passenger, and my other daughter” Irina replied.

Vaughn’s jaw dropped.

Irina walked over to Lauren.

“Where the hell is my daughter you son-of-a-b****?!?” she shouted.

Lauren smirked.

“She is where you can’t get her, and where we can conduct our experiment with her” she replied.

Jack pulled out a gun and shot a hole through Lauren’s hand.

She screamed out in pain.

“Where is my daughter you f****** b****?!?” Irina shouted again.

Just as Lauren was about to tell Irina everything, A helicopter came, with none other then Sark piloting it.

There were shooters, and they began to fire.

Everyone ran for cover as Sark jumped out of the copter and grabbed Lauren. He then tugged on the rope, and they pulled him back up.

As soon as they were out of harms way, everyone came out from their hiding spots.

“Where is Sydney?!? Tell me where she is now!“ Irina shouted, so frustrated that she felt her head would explode.

The helicopter flew away, and Irina fell to her knees, once again.

“Sydney… I’ll get you back… I have to get you back…” thought a determined Irina.

“Irina… are you okay?” Jack asked.

Irina put her brave face on, and got up.

“Irina… Sydney… we’ll get her back… I’ll get her back… I swear to you, I’ll always protect her…” Vaughn said, trying to cheer Irina up.

Irina smiled.

“Sydney loves you. I see it in her eyes. You love her too. No matter who or what stands in you’re ways, you’ve always been able to find each other… that’s what a soul mate is” Irina said.

“Sydney and I are soul mates. That night, two years ago… we were going to go to Santa Barbara. Do you know what I was going to do there? I was going to ask her to marry me, and she would’ve said yes. If It weren’t for the stupid Covenant, who have ruined all over are lives… things would be so different…” he said, clenching his fists.

“Ask her to marry you then” Irina said.

“Vaughn looked at her in the eyes.

“It’s not that simple…” he replied.

“Always remember what I told you; there are no rules between a man and a woman. Personally, I would like to have you as my son-and-law” she said.

“You still killed my father…” he said, his fists still clenched.

Irina stood silent, and then walked off.

“Where are you going?!?” Jack asked.

“To the C.I.A. office” she replied.

“You actually, um, you can’t, Irina, er, Miss. Derevko, er, yeah. You can’t go because they will take you into custody” Marshall studard.

Irina looked at Dixon.

“Can I?” she asked.

Dixon nodded, and Irina smiled at him.


"Be strong Sydney. Irina is coming for you, and knowing her, she waon't stop till you're home safe..." Elena thought, looking out the window.

Katya stared over to her sister, and noticed her lost in thought.

"Covanant? Hah! Rina will crush them with ease!" she said.

"The Covenant is a merciless group, who will, at any cost, keep Irina away from Sydney and Nadia. That's what worries me..." Elena replied.

"How hard can they be?!?" Katya asked.

"They have connections, and lots of power. It would be impossible for an army to defeat them, let alone one person. However... if they're looking for an ass-beating, they're on the right track" Elena replied.

"Rina will decapitate them all, rip out their organs with a fork and a knife, and eat them for dinner!" Katya said, jumping for joy.

"Uh... rephrase that please. I don't even think that Rina would go so far as to eat their organs and bodies. Hell, I know even you wouldn't go that far" Elena said.

"Yeah. I guess that was a little too far for Rina, but what makes you think I wouldn't do that?" Katya asked.

Elena slowly moved away from Katya.


Sep 12, 2003
"Rina will decapitate them all, rip out their organs with a fork and a knife, and eat them for dinner!" Katya said, jumping for joy.

"Uh... rephrase that please. I don't even think that Rina would go so far as to eat their organs and bodies. Hell, I know even you wouldn't go that far" Elena said.

"Yeah. I guess that was a little too far for Rina, but what makes you think I wouldn't do that?" Katya asked.

Elena slowly moved away from Katya.

one of my favorite quotes in this chapter. irina's family is a bit messed up. not that it isn't a good thing, just wierd. i loved how they call her rina! ;)


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 4

“We’ve tracked Sark’s plane to Paris. That’s where he must be keeping Sydney” Dixon said, as he flashed a picture of a factory across the screen.

“It’s a factory that makes chemicals. Well, not really. That’s only an alias. It’s really an underground facility, where we have just found out that Il Dire and the all the other Rambaldi artifacts are being held” Dixon explained.

“felgercarb… now all they need is Nadia, and they can conduct their experiment on both of out daughters…” Irina mumbled.

“We move immediately” Dixon said.

Everyone exited the room, and headed to the private C.I.A. jet.


“Sir! We have found the location of the Passenger! She’s in Rome, at this address!” said a man, handing Sark a piece of paper.

Sark grinned, and looked at Lauren.

“Watch Sydney” he said.

“Oh, I’ll watch her…” Lauren mumbled.

Sark gave Lauren a quick kiss, and then ran out to his jet.

Lauren look through the machine with a glass door; Sydney was still unconscious, hooked up to a bunch of other machines that were monitoring her heart beat, mind waves, etc. She had an oxygen mask on, and the machine was slowly starting to fill with green liquid.

“Soon Sydney… It’ll all be over, and I will never have to deal with you again…” she thought, as she smirked.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Bonami.

He snuck up behind her, and looked at Sydney through the glass door.

“I’ve spent around 30 years trying to find and capture her, and now I have” he said.

“Really? That long?” Lauren asked, in amazement.

“Well, according to the prophecy, she will be the one to bring forth all of Rambaldi’s work” Bonami said.

“What… exactly did the prophecy say?” Lauren asked.

Bonami paused, and then started to speak.

“When my chosen one and my passenger are reunited, hell will meet heaven, light will meet darkness, and my proof of never ending life with be presented to the lucky ones who have managed to come this far. Far enough to see it all. The chosen one, with her great powers, with some help from the passenger, will show you the true meaning to never ending life. The sleeper will awaken” he explained.

“So Sydney is the answer?” Lauren asked.

“Yes, but it is far more complicated then that. She needs help from the passenger, and Il Dire, and the other Rambaldi artifacts” Bonami replied.

What’s the green liquid for?” Lauren asked, as she watched the liquid in the machine fill up to Sydney’s head.

“It helps to channel Rambaldi’s true power” he replied.

She looked next to the machine Sydney was in. There was another identical machine.

“It’s for the passenger” Bonami said.


Elena knocked at the door. A man came out to greet her.

“Hello Boris. Is Nadia home?” she asked.

“Yeah, she’s in the kitchen. Why?” he replied.

“Well, she’s in danger and-”

“Sydney has been kidnapped by the Covenant, who are now after Nadia. They know she is here, and they are coming for her. We don’t have much time, so hurry!” Katya said, interrupting Elena.

Boris disappeared into the house, and came back out with Nadia.

“Elena, Katya, why are you here? Where is my mother?” a young woman asked.

“Nadia, you’re mother is in the United States, tracking down the Covenant” Elena replied.

“Why?” Nadia asked.

“The Covenant has found you, and they should be here soon: Elena answered.

Nadia nodded.

“Why did my mother go?” she asked.

“Listen. You know Sydney?” Elena asked.

Nadia paused.

“Only by reputation. We’ve never actually met, but we will soon, and I’m looking forward to that day…” Nadia replied.

“The Covenant kidnapped Sydney and are now after you” Katya said.

“They’ve captured my sister?!? Damn them…” she said, trying to hold back her anger, but failing miserably.

“Nadia, we must go and hide you. You’re mother is looking for Sydney with you’re father, and a bunch of friends” Elena explained.

“My… father?” Nadia asked, the word so foreign to her.

“Yes. There will be time for a family reunion later, but for now, we need to catch a plane out of here” Katya said, grabbing Nadia by the arm and dragging her of the property.

‘I’ll come too” Boris said.

Elena nodded.


“Okay! This is how it’s going to work. Team A will infiltrate the facility and disable the security and locking mechanisms, so that team B and team C can storm in, undetected. Team D will be in the van, searching for anything that could go wrong. Got it?” Jack Bristow asked the group.

Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

“Good’ he replied.

He sat back down, waiting to land in Paris.

“This is you’re captain speaking. You are now reaching Paris. The E.T.A. is 15 minutes. Please fasten you’re seatbelts and remain seated for the rest of the flight. Thank-you!” said a voice over the P.A.

Irina and Jack looked at each other. No words were spoken, but they both knew what the other was thinking; Sydney.


“Sir! Nobody is in the house. All the clothes and other personal belongings are gone. It looks like they knew we were coming” a young man said.

Sark slammed his glass of wine down on the table, and stood up.

“What?!?” he asked, crushing the glass of wine.

“They’re gone sir” he replied.

“Damn you Irina! You must have done this. We’ll get you’re daughter! We already have one!” he shouted.

“Umm… sir? Are we leaving?” the guard asked.

“Yes. Get all our men back on the plane, and head back to Italy” Sark replied.

“Sir! We’ve just received word that the passenger boarded flight 726 to Chicago” another man said, running into the plane.

“Chicago huh? Well then, we’re going to Chicago. Call Bonami" Sark said.


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 5

“Okay! Team B and C, you’re good to go!” said an agent.

The surveillance equipment had just been disabled, and both teams were storming in, in search of Sydney.

They kicked down many doors, but found no trace of Sydney so far.

“Nothing out of the ordinary…” Irina thought.

They ran through the facility, and found nothing but empty rooms with chairs in them. They looked like they had been used for interrogation.

“Irina… nothing is here” Jack said.

“No! We don’t know that! One more look!” Irina replied.

“We’ve been looking for 45 minutes, and there is no sign of her!” Jack replied.

“Irina’s right! Maybe we missed a room…” Vaughn said.

Jack sighed.

“Fine, we’ll search one last time” he said.

“B team! There is no sign of Sydney anywhere, but we did find a nice, fat hunk of explosives!” Weiss shouted through his earpiece.

There was a pause.

“Let’s go!” Jack shouted, as all the teams began to exit the building. Everyone except for Vaughn.

“Agent Vaughn! We have to go now!” Irina shouted, trying to pull Vaughn.

“No! What if Sydney is really in here?!? I won’t let her die again!” he shouted, struggling.

“Use you’re head you moron! They wouldn’t kill Sydney! They need her!” Irina shouted.

Vaughn stood quiet.

Irina ran out of the building, and Vaughn followed her, right as the facility exploded.

After a few moments, people started arising from the rubble.

“Is everybody okay?!?” Jack asked.

“Everybody from C team is here” Weiss replied.

Jack counted, and everybody from team B was there.

“Everybody from B team is here too” he replied.

“There’s nothing here. It’s a false lead. Let’s go home” Irina said, as she shook her head.

She dared to hope that Sydney was in that facility, but it was just a waste of time. Something to throw them off.


“Okay, we’re here” Elena said, opening the door to the apartment, which she had rented in Chicago.

She slowly entered the dark apartment, as Nadia, Katya and Boris stood outside, waiting for her to say it was safe.

She flicked the light on, and felt a fist to her face. She didn’t have time to see who had thrown the punch, but she assumed it was Covenant.

Katya ran in to aid her sister.

“Stay there!” she shouted to Boris.

When Katya entered, Elena was on the ground, but not for long.

“Bomani…” she said, still holding her face.

“Jeez. You’re just popping up everywhere, aren’t you?” Katya asked.

“I have my ways of getting around” he answered.

“And I have my ways of beating little men with big egos into pulp!” Elena said, as she lunged at him with a knife.

Katya followed behind, cautiously.

Bomani pulled out a gun, and instantly fired. The sisters were dodging bullets here and there, until he ran out.

“Wow. That was cool. Kinda like on Charlie’s Angels, when they fight the creepy thin man…” Katya mumbled.

“Yeah. He’s definitely creepy, and ugly, but I don’t know about thin…” Elena replied.

“Angel Style!” Katya shouted, going in for another attack.

Elena sighed.

“See what we’re reduced to sister? Quoting cheesy movies…” Elena mumbled.

“Come on Elena! Let’s pull some Angel felgercarb on him!” Katya shouted.

“I hate to disappoint you, but Charlie’s Angels was a fictional movie. Half the stuff that went on in it is physically impossible. Not to mention that we’re one Angel short…” Elena replied, messaging her temples.

Katya, who wasn’t paying attention to Bomani, felt a kick to her ribs.

“Damn you Irina… Angels are supposed to stick together…” she muttered.

“Angels? Nah! I’d say we’re more like Devils…” Elena replied, helping Katya up.

“What’s going on in there ladies?!?” Boris asked from outside.

“Nothing! We were just getting warmed up!” Elena replied.

“Yeah! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good fight!” Katya replied.

“Long time? You and Irina just fought over who got the window seat on the plane, and that wasn’t even 2 days ago!” Elena shouted.

“Yeah… well… let’s just kick this guys ass…” Katya mumbled.

By this time, Bomani was amazed at how… childish the sisters were.

He sighed.

“Fine then. Can we get started now?” he asked.

Katya and Elena looked at each other, and nodded. They both attacked him.

At first, it would seem they were winning.

“Hit him below the belt Katya! That’s a guaranteed win!” Elena instructed her.

“Easier said then done! We don’t even know if he has anything!” Katya replied.

Punched and kicks were flying everywhere! A kick to the knee, a punch to the kidneys, a head butt to the face. A brutal fight was going on, and everyday objects laying around the house became perfect weapons.

Bomani picked up the coffee table and threw it at Katya. Glass shattered everywhere, and Katya was unable to get up.

Elena who was now enraged, started throwing everything in her sight at Bonami. Good china, a chair, the television, and all sorts of stuff in the fridge.

It seemed that Bomani had enough. He looked tired, beat up, and broken. On the other hand, so did Elena.

He made a mad dash to the front door, throwing things in Elena’s way, to bar her path. Elena was not quick enough to stop him from reaching the door and dodging the couch, shelves, stereos, and other large objects.

He ran out the door, his only objective was to keep his life, when he saw something else.

“The Passenger!” he shouted.

This was his one and probably only chance to grab her. However, he had to get passed Boris first.

There were no weapons he could use, and then, a light bulb clicked.

He picked up a handful of sand, and threw it into the eyes of Boris.

Poor Boris couldn’t see a thing, which left Nadia wide open.

“Why don’t you come with me girl?” he said, approaching her.

She stood in a ready-to-fight position.

“If you think I’m going to come with you, just because you asked me to, you’re stupid. If you think I’m going to stand here and let you take me away by force, then you’re an idiot. If you think that you stand a chance, you’re dead” she said, cautiously approaching Bonami.

Nadia didn’t really know martial arts, or any fighting style. She knew a little self defense, which one must learn in a situation like this.

Bomani assaulted her, keeping in mind that she was to be brought back to Italy alive.

Try as she might, Nadia was no match for him, and soon fond herself on the ground, unable to get up.

“I’m… to… weak…” she muttered, trying to get up, as she watched Bomani walk over to her.

“You’re sister put on a better fight. I’m disappointed. I mean, it’s obvious who inebriated the brains in the family…” he said, pointing to her.

“But when it come to brute strength, skill, and experience… well… let’s just say you don’t even compare to Sydney” he finished.

She was unable to resist capture, and Bomani was carrying her back to his plane.

Elena got out side, helping a limping Katya, and saw that Boris was blinded, and Nadia was gone.

“Damn him! Now he has them both!” Elena shouted, punching a hole through the brick house, not even feeling the pain.

Katya sighed.

“Let’s call Rina” she said.


“What?!? They now have Nadia?!?” Irina asked, in disbelief.

“I’m sorry Rina. Bomani came, and we couldn’t defend Nadia from him…” Elena replied.

“Son-of-a-b****! When I get my hands on him, I’m going to decapitate him, rip out his organs with a fork and a knife, and eat them for dinner! Him and the Covenant!" she shouted.

“See?!? Told you! Told you!” Katya shouted, jumping up and down.

Elena sighed.

“I really wish you didn’t say that. Now you have you have Katya all worked up…” she muttered.

“Where did they take her?!?” Irina asked.

“We’re not sure yet, but we should know by tomorrow at the earliest” Elena replied, Katya still bouncing around in the background.

“Tomorrow by the earliest?!? We don’t have that time!” Irina shouted into the phone.

“Well, I’m sorry Rina, but there is nothing more we can do. Right now, it’s all up to fate” Elena replied, slightly annoyed.

“Well, if you two had been doing you’re jobs and not babbling on and on about Charlie’s Angels or the Matrix, Nadia would still be here!” Irina shouted.

“How did you know about that?!?” Elena asked, lowering her voice.

“When I see you, you won’t be able to ever walk again!” Irina shouted.

“Well, we’re sorry! We truly are, but there is nothing we can do about it! Sitting here fighting about this isn’t going to help us” Elena said, shouting into the phone.

“If you had been doing you’re job protecting Nadia-”

“Oh, Irina! Don’t even give me that felgercarb!” Elena replied.

“It’s true!” Irina shouted.

“Well, if you had been doing you’re job of protecting Sydney, you would still have her in you’re arms, wouldn’t you?!?” Elena asked.

Irina felt a lump in her throat, and tears daring to fall from her eyes.

She hung the phone up, and slammed it on the table as hard as she could, causing a piece of the cell phone to break off.

Elena sighed.

She was usually a calm, cool, collected person. She never got really angry. One reason was to show her opponent that they weren’t getting to her. Her chat with Irina, she was over her head in frustration!

"Rina, we'll find her. Sydney and Nadia. We'll get them back..."
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