Love is One Big Lie


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 18

Jack slowly opened the door, and he, Vaughn, Conrad, Katya, and Elena walked into Sydney’s room.

“Stay back!” Conrad shouted.

Everyone obeyed, and stayed near the door way.

Conrad approached Sydney, his right hand out in front of him.

“Chosen One, you have made a grave mistake”

Sydney did not answer.

“Bu choosing to seek your destiny through this puzzle, it will result in your demise”

Sydney still did not answer.

“The Covenant has grown stronger. We barely have any power and resources left. It’s only a matter of time. Either way, he will come. You can let the Covenant have you, and loose your free will. Or you can seek your destiny through the puzzle, even though it might result in death” he explained.

“I know… and the truth is… I rather die… then become their slave” she replied.

Conrad smiled, and said “I had a feeling you’d say that.”

He looked over to the others.

“You may come in now” he told them.

They all entered the room, and approached Sydney.

“This changes everything…” Elena said.

“I know. Rina will be displeased” Katya replied.

“Sydney, please. You can’t let that puzzle kill you!” Vaughn shouted.

“It is not the puzzle, that will kill her, Mr. Vaughn. The puzzle merely shows the path. She must walk down the path herself, and write her final chapter to the story. That is what will kill her. The journey to her destiny. There are numerous ways she could end it, yet she has to choose one. All of them result in an unhappy ending. She just has to pick which ending to the story she likes best. It is her decision to make, not yours” Conrad replied.

As much as Vaughn hated it, he knew Conrad was right. He couldn’t make Sydney do what he wanted. Plus, if she had to choose being the Covenants slave or dying, he would want her to die too. That way. He knew she would be free. It scared him though, to loose her. Last time he did, it nearly killed him. He couldn’t let her die again, just when things started to brighten up.

“That’s it. I’ll find a way to end this story that doesn’t result in slavery, or death. I’ll keep Sydney away from danger…” he thought.

“Vaughn, we all have to shed blood for this battle. It would be impossible to get through this unharmed” she said.

“I know… but…”

“Vaughn, I am really honored and I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me, and how much you care about me, but I have to do this. I only have one shot at ending this for good, and I’m going to take it. So, regardless of what you say, I’m doing it”

“Wow. She’s a lot more like Rina then we though” Katya mumbled.

“I agree. She just gave one of Rina’s world famous speeches. But then again, Sydney is a lot braver then Rina was, or is now. Now that I think about it, I would’ve like to have Sydney as my sister. Maybe then, our childhood would have been more fun” Elena replied.

“I agree” said Katya.

Their talk was interrupted by a screeching black van, pulling into the driveway. Lauren and Sark quickly jumped out of the care, and headed toward the house. They all watched for the window.

“Sydney! We must leave!” Jack shouted.

“You take her. We will stay back and fight” Elena said.

Elena, Katya, Vaughn, and Conrad ran down the stairs, with their guns loaded and ready to fire. Lauren and Sark had just entered the house, when the group started firing. Sark and Lauren ran behind the couch, and flipped it over, using it as shelter.

The firing stopped, and Lauren and Sark assumed that their shooters had ran out of bullets. So, they slowly crept out from behind the couch, only to see Conrad standing in front of them. Before Sark could fire, Conrad grabbed the gun, and crushed it in his hand. Although he was old, Conrad was no weakling. While his back was turned to her, Lauren aimed her gun at him, but was interrupted by a swift blow to the head, knocking her out cold.

Sark turned around, only to see Elena standing over Lauren's body.

"That felt good... Rina wannabe! You're nothing but dirt. Do you hear me? You're nothing but dirt that I walk on" Elena said.


"Hurry Sydney!" Jack shouted, grabbing his daughter by the arm, and dragging her to his car.

Once Sydney was in the passenger seat, Jack hopped into the driver's seat, and drove off. Where he was going? He did not know. Far away from Sark, Lauren, and the Covenant. That's all he knew.


Sark heard a car pull out of the driveway and speed off. When he looked out the window, he saw that Jack and Sydney had made a getaway.

"Blast! I've lost them again!" he said to himself.

Things were getting worse for him. Conrad, Katya, Elena, and Vaughn all had him cornered. There was no way out. He looked over to his left, and saw the gun that Lauren had dropped. It was just within his reach. He grabbed it, and started firing. Conrad, Katya, Elena, and Vaughn all ran and hid under furniture. While they were hiding, Sark grabbed Lauren and ran out the door. When the group heard the door slam shut, they knew Sark and Lauren left the house. They got up, and looked out the window, only to see Sark and Lauren speeding off in the same direction as Jack and Sydney.

"Son of a b****!" Elena shouted, pulling out her cell phone. She quickly called Jack.

"This is Jack" she heard.

"Jack! We couldn't stop them! They escaped, and they're heading in your direction. We don't know if they know exactly where you are, or where you are going, but be carefull!" Elena shouted into the phone.

"Got it" Jack replied, before hanging up.

"I'm calling Rina, to tell her of our situation" Katya said, pulling out her cell phone.


Irina, Nadia, and Weiss crawled carefully through the vents. Irina, who was leading, looked below. There were at least 13 guards down there, so she had to be carefully not to be cought. Then, she saw light up ahead.

"We've made it!" she thought.

Suddenly, Irina's cell phone went off, and the guards below heard, and looked up at the vent.
Dec 20, 2003
Queensland, Australia
damn that phone.
didn't she see the sign that said "Please ensure all mobile's are turned off"


I really love how you write the chartacters of Elena and Katya.
they crack me up. Big time. Everyone at my house thinks i'm crazy at the moment cause i'm laughing so much


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 19

Irina looked down in horror. The guards were looking straight at her.

"What the...?" one guard said, getting a closer look.

Irina, Nadia and Weiss all held their breath, and didn't move. Then, Irina's phone started to ring again.

"Run away!" Irina shouted.

All three of them crawled as fast as they could to the exit. The guards were stupider then they thought, and didn't start shooting until Nadia, Irina, and Weiss were nearly out of the vents.

"Idiot! Mr. Sark said keep that one girl alive! You might have just killed her!" one guard shouted, pointing to the blood dripping from the vents.


Irina, Nadia, and Weiss all crawled out of the vents, and ended up at the side of the building. There were guards not 10 feet away from them.

Irina remembered the silent pistol she had brought with her, and picked the three guards off, one by one.

She threw the gun to Nadia.

"Defend yourself!" Irina shouted.

"Why?" Nadia asked.

Nadia looked at the gun, and noticed there was blood on it. Lots of blood. She looked over at her mother, and realized that Irina had been shot while trying to escape from the vents.

"Mama! Are you okay?!?" Nadia shouted, running over to her mother's side.

"Don't. There will be more guards here any second. Don't waste your time on me" Irina said.

"Oh, stop it! Stop trying to be so noble! You didn't even get hit that bad!" Nadia said, bending over to examine the wound.

There was lots of blood coming out.

"I could be wrong..." she mumbled.

Irina was loosing a lot of blood, and fast. She started to feel cold and dizzy.

"Mama! You got to stay awake if you want to make it out of here with us!' Nadia said, ripping off a piece of her shirt, and wrapping it around Irina's wound.

"She won't be able to walk. Agent Weiss, you carry her" Nadia said.

"What?!? Why me?!?" he asked.

"Because you are a man, and because I said so!" she shouted.

Weiss obeyed her, and threw Irina over his shoulder.


"Sydney, what they hell are you looking at?" Jack asked, staring over at his daughter.

"The puzzle... isn't it beautiful? Only two more pieces..." she mumbled.

"Sydney, throw that thing out the window"


"Do it!"

"I'm not throwing it out the window! I need it! And besides, would you rather have some innocent person find it, and put his life in danger?!?"


"No dad! Don't "Sydney" me! You heard want Conrad said. I'm not giving up my free will! I'd rather die then do that!"

The rest of the car ride was silent.


May 28, 2003
Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 20

“They couldn’t have gotten far…” Sark mumbled, speeding down the streets of L.A.

“Well, we know where Sydney is. Where is Nadia?” Lauren asked.

“The guards back the C.I.A. headquarters will take care of that” Sark replied.

Just then, Sark’s cell phone started to ring.

“What is it?” he asked.

“The girl. Nadia. She’s gotten away. Irina Derevko and Eric Weiss were her accomplices”

“What?!? Are you kidding me?!? I ask you to take care of one measly girl, and you can’t even do that?!?”

“Sorry sir”

“You better be sorry, because when I come back and I don’t see Nadia there waiting, it’ll be your head”


“We’ve found Sydney. Her and her father are on the run. We need help finding them. They took Jack’s car”

“We have his license plate number on the C.I.A. computers. We should be able to find out where he is, and send it to you within the next 20 minutes”

“Good” Sark said, as he hung up the phone.

“Let me guess. They lost Nadia?” Lauren asked.

“Yes. But they will help us pinpoint Sydney’s location, and she’s the most important factor in Rambaldi’s prophecy”


“Irina isn’t answering her phone…” Katya said, hanging up.

“Do you think she’s okay?” Vaughn asked.

“Of course she is! We Derevko’s are never defeated do easily! Especially not at the hands of the Covenant…” Elena replied.

“Irina is fine. She’s injured, but she will live” Conrad said.

“What?!? She’s injured?!? How do you know?!?” Katya asked.

“I can sense it. I can smell her blood” Conrad replied.

“Okay there…” Elena mumbled.

“The question is, what do we do now?” Conrad said.

“We need to help Sydney and Nadia in anyway we can” Vaughn replied.

“Yes. Jack and Sydney are pretty much on their own. We won’t be able to make contact with them. So, we should focus on Nadia and Irina, and what we already know about their situation” Conrad said.

“Well, blood man, you’re the wise one. You figure that out” Katya replied.

“Nadia and Irina are safe for now. So is Mr. Weiss”

“Weiss?!? He’s with them?!?” Vaughn asked.

“Yes. They are all safe for the time being” Conrad answered.


Sydney stared out the window, and the buildings wizzing by. Her father was driving so fast, the buildings, and everything else the passed, all looked like a blur.

“Dad…” she said, finally breaking the silence.

“Sydney, I’m sorry. I know you want to do what’s best for everyone else, but it is my job to protect you, as your father. You’re my child, and I can’t stand to see you get hurt. It’s my job to protect you, and I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you” Jack said.

“Dad… I know. I know how hard this must be for you. Both of your children are in danger. But, father, if by giving up my life, I’m saving people, then I want to. I could never live with the fact that many people got hurt because of me. Sure, it is your job to protect me, but it’s my job to protect everyone else. I will do what I have to do to prevent more people from getting hurt” Sydney explained.

“It isn’t your job to save the world. You can save many, but not the whole world. You can make a difference, but not change the entire world. Sydney, I just… I love you”

“I love you too, dad”
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