Love is One Big Lie


May 28, 2003
Sorry I haven't updated in a while. My summer has been crazy, and I don't have much time to update anymore, but I will whenever I can. I'm pretty much done the story, just writing out the last few chapters. All I have to do is post them up. :(


Love is One Big Lie~ Chapter 21

Nadia carefully crept by the guards, making sure she was out of site. Her mother was wounded, and needed help. Nadia wasn’t an idiot. She knew that her mother was strong, and that she would survive. She just needed help. She looked back at Weiss, who was carrying her mother, Irina was loosing consciousness, and Weiss didn’t look like he was having fun either. The guards knew that they were there, which made it extremely difficult.

“Agent Weiss! I think I see an opening!” Nadia whispered.

“Yeah, you’re right! Let’s go!” he replied.

Nadia poked her head out around the corner, and saw that no guards were there.

“Agent Weiss, take my mother. You guys go first” Nadia said.

Weiss nodded, and he quickly ran away with Irina, out of sight, and to safety.

Nadia waited until he was completely out of her sight, and then stepped out, only to be ambushed by a bunch of guard.

“Hello girly” one said, right before he pistol whipped her. Nadia doubled over in pain, and the other guard started to beat her with their clubs.


“Mr. Vaughn, the best thing to do… is wait” Conrad said, watching Vaughn pace around the half destroyed room.

“I can’t! Irina is hurt, we don’t know anything about Nadia, and Jack and Sydney could have been captured for all we know!” he shouted, kicking a chair over.

“Patience. We can’t do anything for them!” Katya said, rather annoyed.

“That’s the thing! We can! We’re just not thinking!” he replied.

“No, you’re not think. Sit, and wait, like the rest of us. It’s just as hard for us as it is for you” Elena said calmly.

Vaughn picked the chair up and sat down.

“Sydney is in trouble, and there is nothing I can do…”


“Okay... right” Sark said, hanging up his phone.

“They’re 5 minutes away from us, right by the coffee shop” Sark explained.

“Wait a second. I know where they are going” Lauren said.

“Where?” he asked.

“There is a safe house about 2 minutes away from the coffee shop. They must be heading there” she replied.

“Good. Let’s go”

“Wait. I know a short-cut”


“Dad?” Sydney asked.


“This is never going to stop. This is never going to end. This will go on and on forever, won’t it?”

“It will end sometime, Sydney. Just not for a longtime…”

Jack stopped when they reached a shabby looking house.

“What are we doing here?” she asked.

“A safe house. It’s the closest, and safest place I could think of” Jack replied.

They both got out of the car, and walked to the door.

“Wait… it’s already opened…” Sydney whispered.

“Lauren” he replied.

“She’s the only enemy who would know where this safe house is, and the only person to be stupid enough to leave the door open” Sydney said.

“Get back in the car. Now” Jack replied.

Sydney and Jack ran back to the car, and hopped in. That’s when Lauren and Sark came barging out of the house, shooting.

“Drive!” Sydney shouted.

Lauren and Sark continued firing, and hopped into their car. Jack began speeding away, but Lauren and Sark were right behind them, shooting. Lauren pointed her gun at the tire, and shot. Then, the car started spinning out of control, and they crashed into a near by ditch.


“Forget Jack! Grab Sydney!” Sark said, as he opened his car door and ran over to the ditch, gun in hand. Lauren followed.

They slowly approached the ditch. The car was flipped over, and the car doors were blocked, preventing escape.

“Great Julian. Now how are we going to get them?” Lauren asked, annoyed.

“They’ll find a way out. I know they can survive a lot more then this” he said, pointing to the car.

“We wait here until the come out” he finished.


Sydney and Jack were listening to the whole conversation. They knew that Lauren and Sark would have a nice surprise party waiting for them, the second they broke free. The doors and windows were blocked, so they wouldn’t be getting out that way. Plus, the car was flipped, so they were both in an awkward position.

“Sydney. We need to think very carefully and plan this” Jack whispered.

“Dad, there is no way we can escape unnoticed!” Sydney replied.

“Just wait a few minutes, and I’ll think of something” he said, looking around.

He undid his seatbelt, and Sydney did the same. Now they were both free to crawl around.

“We clearly can’t use the doors or windows, and if we tried to break through the top… the bottom of the car, they’d have us right where they want us. There has to be a way out of this” Jack whispered to himself.

“I saw that I go up there and take them both on. They won’t kill me. They need me” Sydney explained.

“Yes, but they won’t hesitate to harm you. Say, a bullet in the knee. Then you would be unable to fight back, and you would be captured” he replied.

“Well then, I just has to get the guns out of their hands” she mumbled.

“Think, Sydney. You’re good at that” Jack said, looking around, starting to get annoyed with his daughter.

“I’m only good at that because you programmed me to so…” she mumbled again.

“Sydney, don’t get bitter about that now” he replied.

“I am still bitter about that! You took away my childhood! How could I now be bitter about that?!?” she shouted.


“I am still bitter about that! You took away my childhood! How could I now be bitter about that?!?”

Sark and Lauren both looked at each other, and then at the car.

“Well, they’re alive” Sark muttered.

“I’m sick of waiting Julian! Let’s just barge in there and grab them!” Lauren shouted.

“No. We wait” Sark replied.

Just then, a smash was heard, and someone came crawling out of the wind shield. It was Sydney.

Sark and Lauren both aimed their guns at her.

“Hand behind your head!” they shouted.

Sydney obeyed, but put something in her pocket before she did.

“What was that?” Lauren asked.

“What was what?” Sydney replied.

“You just put something in your pocket. What is it?” Lauren asked again.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Sydney replied.

“Take it out, now” Lauren said.

“I have nothing to take out” Sydney replied.

“Where is Jack?” Sark asked.

“He’s down there. Leave my father out of this. It’s between you and me” she said.

Sark and handed Lauren his gun, and they both approached Sydney. Sark took out some handcuffs, and Lauren had her gun trained on Sydney. Before Sark could handcuff her, Sydney pulled something out of her pocket, and hit Lauren in the face with it. Lauren screamed in pain, and dropped the guns. Sydney quickly dodged the punch that Sark threw, and ran over to grab the guns. Just then, Jack came out, and Sydney tossed him a gun. He had the gun trained on Sark, and Sydney had hers on Lauren. Lauren got up, and let go of the spot where Sydney had hit her. There was a burn mark. Sydney had taken the burner from the car, and burned Lauren with it.

“Toss the handcuffs over here!” Jack shouted.

Sark obeyed.

“You too!” Sydney said to Lauren.

Lauren obeyed as well.

Just then, Jack shot Sark in the leg, causing him to fall over in pain. Then, Jack hurried up to Sark and handcuffed him to the car.

Then, Jack trained his gun on Lauren.

“Do the same to her!” he told Sydney.

Sydney obeyed, and handcuffed Lauren to the car.

Jack and Sydney ran over to Sark’s car, and were delighted to see that Sark left the car on.

Sydney looked at Vaughn and Lauren disgustedly, and hopped in the car with her father.


“See?!? Didn’t I tell you it would work!” Sydney laughed.

“You’re not out of harms way yet, Sydney” he replied.

“You gotta admit, that burner idea of mine was crazy! It worked too!” she said.

“Yeah, it did” he said with a slight smile.

“So, where too now?” Sydney asked.

“I don’t know. I think it’s safe to say we can go back home” he replied.

“Good. I want to see Vaughn…” she thought.

Sydney gasped.

“The puzzle! I forgot it in the car!”

“No you didn’t” Jack said, reaching into his coat pocket and pulled out the box, containing the puzzle.

“Thank goodness”


Weiss looked around, but her couldn’t see Nadia anywhere.

“Where is she?!?” he wondered.

“Where… is… Nadia?” Irina asked.

“I don’t know. Stay here, I am going to look for her” Weiss replied.

He sat Irina down, and ran back to find Nadia.

“Nadia? Nadia!” he shouted.

She wasn’t anywhere in sight.

“felgercarb! They must have got her…” he thought.

He ran back to Irina.

“Where is she?” she asked.

“I can’t find her anywhere. I think they got her…” he replied.

“No! We have to go back and help!” Irina shouted.

“We can’t! Let’s contact Sydney and Jack and let them know” Weiss explained.

Irina didn’t want to go, but she knew Weiss was right. The only way she would have a chance at saving her daughter is if that she went home and came up with a plan.


“Answer your phone” Conrad said to Katya.

“Huh? Why?” she asked.

Then, Katya’s phone began to ring.

“He’s really creeping me out. Why exactly did we bring him along?” Katya asked.

“Katya… the phone…” he said.

“Yeah, I’ll phone you!” she said, raising her fist in the air.

“Katya, forgiveness” Elena said.

“Can I throw him off a cliff yet, because I’d truly enjoy doing so” she said.

“Katya, answer the phone!” Vaughn shouted.

Everyone turned to look at an angry phone. Conrad smiled.

“You’re hoping it’s your lady friend, Miss Bristow, and that she’s safe” Conrad said.

Vaughn didn’t say anything.

Katya answered her phone, only to hear a screaming Irina.

“Why the hell won’t you answer your phone?!? I was about to leave a message!” she shouted.

“Sorry Rina, we were just having… uh… a disccusion over here” she replied.

“Where are Jack and Sydney? I need to talk to them!” Irina shouted.

“Rina, take it easy. They’re not here” Katya replied.

“What do you mean they’re not there?!?” Irina shouted.

“Sark and Lauren showed up, and Jack and Sydney ran out the door and drove off. That was like 3 hours ago though…” she explained.

“Great. Nadia has been captured, and now they might have Sydney too…”

“What?!?” Katya asked.

“They got Nadia” Irina replied.

“And where the hell were you?!?” Katya shouted.

“I was shot, because some moron kept calling my cell phone when we were crawling through the air vents, and they heard the noise, and starting shooting” Irina explained.

“Oh, so that’s why you weren’t answering your phone!” Katya said.

“What?!? It was you?!?” Irina shouted.

“Whoops! I have to go now Rina! Bye!” Katya said, hanging up the phone.

“So they have Nadia…” Elena said.

Katya nodded.

“Well, they don’t have Sydney” Conrad interrupted the two.

“What?!? Sydney is safe?!?” Katya asked.

“Using some impressive skills, Sydney was able to stop Lauren and Sark. They’re headed here as we speak” Conrad explained.

Elena sighed.

“Now, all we have to worry about is Nadia”
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