Love Sci Fi? So do we. That's why we're here.

Greetings to all fans of Sci Fi!

How can you not love Sci Fi? I, B.M. Garrett, speak on behalf of the hardworking group who has put together a brand new website built for those who are into epic science fiction sagas as well as short stories and artwork.

Basically I'm talking about the newest Sci Fi saga to hit the internet called the Alpha Universe: The Origin Saga. To sum it up real quick, it's a website that contains tales within a universe that has been at war since the beginning of time. The site contains character profiles, epic web series like The Undead Wars, digital artwork and much more.

It's provide something new and engaging on a weekly basis. I personally felt like there aren't enough websites promoting original, quality Sci Fi content and those that do are too hard to find a lot of times. So this saga was the result of over 10 years of work.

I just wanted to quickly drop by and say hello to all of you. Looking forward to some interesting conversations! Check out the website and let us know what you think. Take care.


An Old Friend
Thanx and Welcome to CoolSciFi.

I like AU's Logo

Will explore and see what you have. Looks like pro material at first glance.

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Good evening Theoriginsaga and people from Alpha Universe.

Nice to meet you Ambassador Theoriginsaga from the Alpha Universe. I enjoy saga adventures, and I hope you and your friends enjoy exploring and posting here.


Writing Fool
Looks pretty cool at first glance...will need to get back and check out more when I have the chance.

Welcome to Cool Sci-Fi!