Love will conquer it all

Syd_ Vaughn

Dec 24, 2003
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“Syd…” He said out of breath. “If you keep that up…we’re gonna have a…problem.”

“No you’re gonna have a problem and I’m gonna be the one to blame since I was the one who caused it.” She answered playfully and nipped his left ear.

“So you wanna play bad? I hope you’re ready for this.”

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Syd_ Vaughn

Dec 24, 2003
Sorry it took a long time but here's the next chapter hope you like it and the translation if from Altavista

Chapter 6
- The date part 4 -

After a few more seconds of kisses on the lips Sydney started to lower them again and her hands traveled on his muscular chest and arms as she placed feather light kisses all over his chest and abdomen. Once again low moans left his mouth and he felt a certain part of him become very affected by her.

He loved the feeling of her hands and lips on his body but it was not enough, he wanted to feel her as close to her as he physically could. He grabbed the hem of her tank top and looked into her eyes to ask permission to take it off. She nodded and helped him pull it over her head.

If his eyes had been glowing when she had taken off her sweater his eyes were on fire now and he could not think strait when her upper body had nothing except a black lacer bra, which made her look incredible and more remarkable then ever. He placed his big hands on her flat stomach and she shivered at his touch.

He rolled them over again so he was on top and he placed small feather light kisses on her stomach and inhaled the sweet fragrance of her skin as he felt her hands make a mess with his hair. After a while he moved up her body and placed one kiss on each breast where her skin was not covered with the bra. He then moved up feather on her body and kissed her passionately on the lips, which she returned with the same passion and pulled him closer to her by wrapping her arms around him.

But not long after both of them felt that it was not close enough and she let her right hand travel from its place on his back to the front of his jeans where he felt her start working on his buckle. He felt her unbutton it and he stopped kissing her before he took a deep breath and swallowed.

He did not know if she had noticed what effect she had on his body but she had and not just little but a lot. As soon as the buckle was undone she had noticed it and when she moved to unbutton his jeans button her hand pressed lightly on the bulge of his pants, which made his breath caught in his throat.

As she continued to remove his pants by pulling down the zipper extremely slowly as he looked at her and smiled. When the zipper could not get any feather down she could not prevent herself from running her fingertips back up over the area she just exposed. Under her fingers she could feel his erection growing and she also heard his breath increased. She rolled them over again so she was on top and then moved away from him but he grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving.

“Vaughn I’m not going anywhere…I’m just going to take off your jeans.” She assured to him and he let go of her arm. But as she was about to pull the jeans down his legs when he grabbed her arm again and he sat up on the bed before he grabbed the hem of his left jeans leg. She had no clue what he was doing but then she saw him throw a black object, which looked very much alike a knife holster. “I’m not even going to ask what that was doing there.” She said and shook her head.

“Did you think that I would go here unarmed? ‘Cause that was for you protection.” He said and stood up from the bed and removed his pants before he threw them on the floor as well and lay back on top of her wearing nothing except a pair of light blue boxers and then he gave her a long kiss on the lips.

“Well then I guess I should be thanking you for protecting me then.” She said between then continuing kisses.

“My pleasure.” He answered with a big smile and gave her a last kiss on the mouth before he kissed his way to her left ear and whispered. “Je serai toujours vous angel de gardien.” (I will always be you guardian angel). He then looked into her eyes and saw the big smile on her lips before her kissed his way to her right ear and whispered. “Je vous protégerai toujours de toutes les manières que je peux.”(I will always protect you in all the ways I can.)

She blushed at his French words and he had never sounded sexier then that moment. He kissed her lips again before he started an extremely slow journey down her body. He kissed past her cheeks, chin, neck, color bone, the valley between her breasts and finally past her flat stomach.

She shivered from the touch and she felt her entire body cover with Goosebumps as his kisses burns like fire on her skin. She had tried to keep her eyes open for as long as she could but found his talented kisses impossible to stand up against.

As he reached her waistline with his mouth he stopped and looked up at her. She felt him come to a halt in his kisses and she slowly opened her eyes and met his. He did not have to form words to ask her because she knew what it was that he asked her and she nodded yes in answer.

He unbuttoned the button on her beige pants and pulled the zipper down exactly as slowly as she had done with his zipper. She lay on the bed with her eyes closed and waited for him to continue but he did not even touch her and she started to worry that something was wrong. Just as she was about to open her eyes she felt him press a kiss on the front of her black panties and she was about to faint from the sudden move of his lips so close to her most sensitive body part.

Her eyes remained closed as she felt him take off her pants and as he did he ran his hands over her legs at the same time and another wave of dizziness ran though her body. She heard her pants land on the floor with a soft thud and she then felt him kiss his way back up the same way as before. When he came to her lips she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a breathtaking searing kiss as to show him all her feelings towards him in one kiss.

“Sydney I wish that every day could be like this.” He said after a while with a voice full of emotion and tucked a strand of her soft brown hair behind her ear.

“Me too Vaughn, me too.” She said back and continued to kiss him as they did they moved under the cover and after a while she felt his lips leave her mouth again and they traveled towards her right shoulder.

When he came in contact of her bra strap he pushed it of her shoulder so it was hanging loose on her upper arm and then he moved his mouth to her left shoulder where he did the same thing. When both of the bra straps hang lose he moved his hands under her back and she lifted it up a little bit to give him better access to the bra opening.

When he had hooked the bra open he removed it slowly from her body and threw it on the floor to the rest of their clothes. He then let his eyes travel over her perfect body over and over again, which made her a little uncomfortable. She covered her breast with her hands and underarms, but he quickly pushed her arms away and lowered his mouth to left nipple and first he just ran his lips over it but not long after he started to kiss and suck on it. At the same time he rolled the other nipple between his fingers and both of her nipples were now hard and low moans slipped out of her mouth constantly.

Not long after he had started on sucking on her left nipple he changed places between his hand and mouth so his mouth was now on her right nipple and his hand on her left. His hand and mouth was so talented in their work on her body that she thought those should not be allowed to even exist. But that did not mean that she complained about it, since the mixture between his hand and mouth on each of her nipples felt like haven. He had not even come to the final but still it was the best night she had even spent with a man.

His foreplay mush have been one of the best once in the world and if she had not agreed to follow him first to dinner and then to this room, she would never have known what an incredible kisser he was and how his touch burnt her skin. But she wanted to know what he actually was capable of doing in bed.

“Vau…” She started to say but cut herself off. Vaughn had always been Vaughn to her and she also thought the name fit him very well so she never called Vaughn by his real name. She really did not know why but maybe it was because Vaughn fit him so well and that she usually called her co-workers by their last name. But Vaughn was not longer just a co-worker and he had not been just a co-worker for quite some time now so she had to change that now.

“Syd what is it? Is some thing wrong?” Vaughn asked worried when she did not continue her question. He left her breasts and moved up to her face where placed one hand on each side of her face so he clearly could look at her.

“Nothing’s wrong.” She assured him and then she continued. “It’s silly but I just wondered…if you would like…to…” She continued but then made a halt in her question to calm her nerves a little but it only made Vaughn worried again that there was something wrong and she did not want to tell him. “I wondered if…you wanted to make love with me…Michael?” She asked with a voice that in the end of her question sounded really nervous and now she was watching him closely for an answer.

First he smiled because nothing was wrong, after that he smiled because of her question, which he wanted more then anything else, more then he could express with words. But the absolute best thing was the way she asked Michael and not Vaughn to make love to her.

“I’d be honored.” He answered with a large smile and she wrapped her arms around his body and kissed him. She then let her right hand wander down his back until it reached his boxers and then she moved it to the front where she drew small patterns on his lower abdomen. At the same time his breath was getting faster and faster for each second she touched him and when she finally slipped her fingers underneath the boxers she felt his erection grow even more.

“Syd…” He said out of breath. “If you keep that up…we’re going to have a…problem.”

“No you’re going to have a problem and I’m gonna be the one to blame since I was the one how caused it.” She answered playfully and nipped his left ear.

“So you wanna play bad? I hope you’re ready for this.” He said back as playful and started to kiss her body the same route as before. But this time he did not stop at her panties he hocked his point fingers in the panties and started to slid them down her long sexy legs before them as well landed on the floor with a soft thud.

He laid himself on top of her and gave her a searing kiss as he started to touch the outside of her right thigh with his left hand, but it did not take long before he moved it to the inside which made Sydney jump. Vaughn smiled proudly knowing that he had that effect on her as he started to kiss her down along her neck, collarbone, and the valley between her breasts. He stopped and caught his breath for a couple of seconds before he placed his lips on her left nipple and started to kiss it.

When Vaughn’s lips came in contact of her nipple a small but yet powerful moan left Sydney’s mouth and it only encouraged him to go on with the sexual torture. His kisses on her nipple burned like fire and as he all of a sudden he changed so he was kissing the right nipple instead she could not even think straight. It was like she was on drugs like her body did not or could not follow her commands and the longer Vaughn kissed and bit on her nipples the harder they got.

During the time he had kissed her breasts his hand on her thigh had slowly moved closer and closer to her most special place and now it was dangerously close to her hot, wet center. His hand was now so close to the finish line but yet not close enough to cross it. He knew she wanted him to touch her there but right now he had not the intention of doing so he was more interested in making her as turned on she could possible be. But what he did not know was that she was as turned on as a woman possible could be and if he did not touch her there soon she would explode.

He continued his torture for about ten maybe fifteen seconds until Sydney had enough and grabbed his hand and pressed it to her wet and waiting center. He was not sure what surprised him the most that she had taken matter into her own hands and moved his teasing to where she really needed it. Or if he was more surprised that she was as wet as she was because if there was one thing that she was at the moment it was wet.

As he began to move his fingertips over her folds louder and longer moans started to escape from her and it was encouraging him to keep up what he was doing. But not long after that his fingertips moved over her opening and he heard her breath caught in her throat as they started to run small patterns around it.

He kept it up for a few seconds before he totally took her of guard as he pushed his point and long finger into her opening. When she felt his big finger enter her most special part the air that was in her lungs disappeared and the more she gasped after air the less she could breath. Her heartbeat increased to an almost painful speed and her hands searched after something to grab and hold on to.

He continued to kiss her nipples as he began to move his finger in and out of her but for her that was not enough, she wanted more, a lot more actually so it can as a complete relief to her when he pushed another finger inside her. At the same time her hands found their way to his muscular back where they grabbed on to him for dear life as he also added his thumb on her clit.

Soon after that she was not far away from her release and if she had kept her eyes open she probable would have thought that the room was spinning. It had been a while since she last had been with a man and that had not ended well. After she had discovered who Noah really was she had promised herself to never sleep with a man again if she did not think they had relationship that would last. She had not plan to go to bed with Vaughn tonight but she was glad that she had done it anyway because the thing he was doing to her now would probable make her keep him in bed forever.

After a few more distinct stokes his mouth left her breasts an kissed its way up her chest until it reached her mouth and he gave her a passionate and searing kiss and she moaned into his mouth. She was now so close that maybe only one more stoke could trigger her orgasm but she wanted it both to last as long as possible and to make his teasing stop.

“Vaughn…Vaughn you got to…I can’t…” She said silent and breathless she tried to tell him but she did not think that he heard her since his stokes did not slow down or he said anything back to her. “You have…to…please Vaughn…” She continued and she knew that he must have heard her this time because the speed of his finger grew, which was the opposite of what she wanted. “Vaughn…oh no…I can’t…Vaughn…VAUGHN.” She screamed with energy she did not know she had, as she came violently around his finger.

He knew she had tried to tell him to stop his teasing but her begging had only encouraged him because there was nothing else that he wanted in that moment then to see her come. His erection was begging for attention but for him it was more important to please her and satisfying her needs. It maybe was the reason why the women he took to bed thought he was such an amazing lover because he always put their needs before his.

It was not that he did not want to be pleased he was a man after all. But he thought there was nothing sexier and hotter then to see a beautiful woman come because of the things he had done to her. He pulled out his fingers from her and liked her sweet juice of them, as she regained her senses. He then propped himself up on the elbow as he stoked the soft skin on her stomach and then on her both cheeks.

“You okay?” He asked to see that he had not overdone it.

“Yeah, give me a second it’s been a while…I just think I’m a little rusty.” She answered and curled up against his chest and placed small kisses on it as he wrapped his arm protectively around her waist. They lay on the bed for a few minuets curled up in each other’s arms kissing as she came back from her climax, until Sydney moved her hand down to his waist and to her surprise he was still wearing his boxers, but for what she had plant for they would not stay there very long.

She rolled them on the bed so she was on top of him and she could feel his tension underneath his boxers and she grabbed a hold on the waistline of them before she slide them of him and exposed all of him to her. She threw them to the floor and took a place on his tights as she grabbed a strong hold of his hard member and began to squeeze and stoke it, which made deep moans escape from him.

She continued to stoke him as she admirer his well-shaped body but soon the desire to have him inside of her becomes to much for her to fight and she looked into his eyes and as soon as their eyes locked he knew exactly what she wanted and he would be honored to give it to her.

“Syd…in my wallet…there’s a…” He said but he did not have the chance to finish before she had moved of him and grabbed his jeans from the floor and pulled out his wallet from the back pocket. She laid down on the bed beside him and handed him his wallet, since she thought that he did not want her to go though his things and he opened it and pulled out a condom before he threw the wallet to the floor.

“Well the definitely gave you the right call sign…always be prepared.” She said and at this both of them smiled. “But do I even want to know if you have plant that or if it just accidentally happened to be there?” She asked with a huge grin on her face as Vaughn placed the condom on his hard and waiting little friend.

“If I say like this…that condom was not there until after I asked you to dinner. Not that I plant to have sex with you tonight, but I wanted to be prepared if the opportunity can a long.” Vaughn answered and pulled a few strands away from her eyes before he stoked her right cheek and gave her a kiss on the nose.

“Faites à amour moi Michel.”(Make love to me Michael.) She said and Vaughn only smiled to her and thought her French speaking would someday become the end of him. He loved that she spoke French to him over the years all the woman he had dated in his life had all been English speaking and some of them had actually taken French in school so they could say a few words or fraises but they were not well enough at the language to be able to have a whole conversation with him. But Sydney on the other hand could have it with him in about twenty different languages but nothing turned him on as much as her French did.

He positioned himself on top of her as his erection stood hard against her left thigh and her arms wrapped directly around his back as he looked into her eyes and green met brown. They continued to look at each other as Vaughn grabbed his member with his left hand and placed it at her entrance without pushing inside her. He waited there for a few seconds before she opened her mouth to tell him to push inside her but she did not have the time to form the words before he entered her with such a gentle, loving and tender stoke and the last wall between them fell.

He slipped inside her wet, tight and warm center all the way to her back wall carefully so he would not hurt her this first time they made love. He let her walls accommodate to his size, before he started to move his member in and out of her in slow loving speed. He had waited so long to be inside her and it had been something that he had dreamt about many times in his dreams but how good she felt in his dreams was noting compare to the real thing.

He noticed that she pushed herself up on all his deep stokes into her so he every single time touch her cervix and he knew it was driving her as crazy with want as it did to him because her low moans and her steady grip on his shoulders told him he was quickly driving her towards release.

After a while he changed his stoking so he could learn what she liked and did not and the change allowed him to touch a spot deep inside her and it was making her crazy with want. She griped a strong hold on his shoulders and pressed her fingernails into him skin. He noticed her reaction to his new stoking and he pushed himself a little harder inside her before he changed the angle again to continue his search for making this the best night of her life by satisfying her completely.

At the same time she had no words to describe how totally amazing and perfect he felt to have inside her. His size and length was in lack of better description perfect and it was like if it was shaped to only fit her body. She had never experienced lovemaking with a man then the one Vaughn was giving her now. It was full with tenderness, passion, love, desire, lust, want, need, hunger and his kisses on her lips, neck and all the places his so talented and gentle but yet powerful lips came in contact with was full of want, hunger and love like no one else before him.

He was slowly setting her body on fire for each single stoke he made and she knew it would not take much longer before she would get to the point of her second release that night. She was now moaning constantly and was completely amazed and overwhelmed of how he did everything in his power to satisfy her in every way he possible could. She was now so close to the edge that she would soon cross it and she wanted to take him over the edge with her but she did not know if he was as close as she was.

“Vaughn…I’m…I’m so close.” She said totally out of breath and her labored breath and words told him the edge was close by so he began to stoke his member faster and longer inside her at the same time as he added two fingers on her clit.

“Venez pour moi Sydney.”(Come for me Sydney.) He said back as he felt her push towards him as far as she could while he pushed into her as far as he could without hurting her and he felt her muscles squeeze his member hard before she seconds later felt a strong power wash though her body and she exploded hard around him.

Not long after her release he let himself come and he did not remember a time where he had ever come so hard in his entire life. It was literally fireworks going off inside his entire body and he collapse on top of her when his body could not longer hold him up.


Syd_ Vaughn

Dec 24, 2003
That was such a great chapter, what is even more awesome is that you stayed true to their characters so it felt like I was watching an out of control Alias Episode! thanks so much! Will you write more?
Thank you I'm so glad you think I'm doing the characters justice and there'll be a lot more to come don't worry :D

wow...that was flippin awesome!
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