Lucas finally lost the plot?


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He's forgotten which genre his own films reside in! Someone should explain to him the, "out there!" principle :smiley:

He's made some mistakes, particularly with the prequel series. Now a quick look at his medical records, ".........patient may be suffering from dementia....." wouldn't surprise me.

Lucas: 'Star Wars' is not sci-fi

Wednesday, August 13 2008, 09:26 BST
By Beth Hilton, Entertainment Reporter
Rex Features

George Lucas has insisted that the Star Wars movies are not science fiction.

The franchise creator said science has little connection with the universe he invented for the films.

He is quoted as saying: "We look at it as a different dimension. The laws of physics are different here. Star Wars is not science fiction at all. It's much more attuned to mythology, to psychology, to history than it is to science.

"It's more of a parable about the way we are, rather than the way we're going to be. That's why it starts out as a fairytale - a long time ago in a galaxy far away - once upon a time.

"It deals with princesses. It's purposely designed not to be about where we're going. It's about where we've been and what we can learn from the past in the present."

Lucas's new animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits UK cinemas on Friday.

Lucas: 'Star Wars' is not sci-fi
Lucas is insane. I didn't like him much when I found out he based StarWars on Nazi Germany and now he thinks its NOT scifi. What the hell is he ashamed of?
George Lucas has never been comfortable with the whole sci-fi gig anyway. He hasn't really done the conventions, or courted the base in any way. And honestly, he's been an absolute idiot when it comes to the whole Star Wars franchise.

You know what would be nice? If Lucas would be willing to turn over the reins to someone else. Can you imagine how incredible awesome a new Star Wars movie would be in the hands of someone like Christoper Nolan?
It's not the first time he has upset the very same fan base that made the Star Wars franchise what it is. Lucas made more than one die-hard fan, after 30~ years of devotion, a bit angry when he said that he does not care what the fans think in regards to Episode I and that he purposely made it a kids movie to serve himself, not the fans. Not to mention the fact that he has practiced revisionist history so many times now, both with the actual movies & the making of the movies, that it is hard to know what is fact or fiction anymore.

Some people who make movies are able to stay grounded while others end up putting themselves on a pedestal above others. Lucas took a few years, but he finally reached the top of his pedestal.
What's ironic about it is that he says this after bringing Indiana Jones which had no legit claim to sci-fi, into the realm with Indiana Jones 4 and spaceship scenes out of the x-files or stargate.
What's ironic about it is that he says this after bringing Indiana Jones which had no legit claim to sci-fi, into the realm with Indiana Jones 4 and spaceship scenes out of the x-files or stargate.
Did you read any of the early plot treatments for Indy IV? Originally Indy IV was supposed to be a total UFO movie, a "Indiana Jones and the Invaders From Mars" type 50's B-move, but Harrison Ford did not want to be involved with it so it got watered down.
Honestly, doesn't Lucas ever go into the vaults, pull up one of his old films (pre-Special Editions) and ask himself, "Hmm, what is it about this movie that made it so popular?" At one point -- and this seems more and more difficult to believe -- George Lucas was actually a very good movie maker, pre-Star Wars, pre-Howard The Duck, etc. Where did it all go so very, very wrong for him?

I think what pushed Lucas over the edge was when people started proclaiming Empire Strikes Back was a better movie than Star Wars. (Which is unequivocally is.) I think George took much more of a back seat on this second film than he would admit, essentially "licensing out" the story to Lawrence Kasdan and the production company. He then had to come back and assert his dominance in Return of the Jedi, which lead to any number of piss-poor choices -- the poorly-staged fight scenes, the Ewoks, the wussification of Han Solo, etc., right down to the bizarrely anticlimactic celebration scene on Endor and even the movie's title change (from "Revenge" to "Return", because a true Jedi wouldn't seek revenge. Whatever, George.)

Spielberg and Lucas were even partners on Raiders -- great movie -- then Lucas took the firmer hand in Temple of Doom -- horrendous -- then Spielberg took command again for Last Crusdade -- terrific -- before Lucas exerted his dominance and forced Crystal Skulls down our throats. We can only hope that the Indiana Jones movies follow the example of the Star Trek movies and alternate between good and bad, even and odd, for Indy 5 sometime in 2010.
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Lucas lost the plot a good few years ago... around the time of Returns of the Jedi...

For a nice potted history of his decent into nut-case from great film-maker check out:

The man re-invents every week what he's doing and also what he's done...

"Did you read any of the early plot treatments for Indy IV?"

Did anyone read the early treatments for the Last Crusade? 100 foot long prototype tanks (see the toy opportunities anyone).

Robot Nazi armies fighting monkey armies!!!

The talking thinking monkey king resurrecting Indy with his magic stick...????