Lucas Gets AFI Award


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The man who created two of the most famous and endearing film series of all time is being honored by Hollywood's own next June with the American Film Institute's 33rd Lifetime Achievement Award, the AFI's highest honor for a film career.

"George Lucas is a master storyteller," said Sir Howard Stringer, chair of the AFI Board of Trustees, "but he is first and foremost a moving image pioneer. He has advanced the art of the moving image like few others, and in the process has inspired a new generation of filmmakers around the world."

Lucas said that "I've been very fortunate to have had a long career doing what I love to do, and being recognized by AFI for it is really an honor. I'm proud to be counted among such an extraordinary group of people whose lives are dedicated to the art of making movies."

Lucas, of course, created the STAR WARS universe, then teamed with Steven Spielberg to create the INDIANA JONES saga. He has also written, directed and produced such films as THX 1138, AMERICAN GRAFFITI and TUCKER. The final episode in the STAR WARS saga, REVENGE OF THE SITH, is slated for release on May 19, 2005.