Lucas Planning Fifth Film for Indy Trilogy


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Lucas Planning Fifth Film for Indy Trilogy

Wired said:
Though it made an arc-load of money around the world, both the fandom and critical reception of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was mixed. Even executive producer George Lucas warned folks not to get too excited about Skull's potential before showtime.

But, according to Harrison Ford, Lucas is fired up (or as fired up as the charismatically-challenged can get) about moving ahead with an Indy V with Ford back in the lead.

The news should be taken with a Holy Grail full of salt because if it takes Lucas, Ford and Steven Spielberg as long to get on the same page this time as it did for the fourth film, they'll end up making Indiana Forgot-His-Name and the Curse of the Leaking Colostomies.

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(Via Wired)
So, what are some possible titles you think an Indy V movie would be?

- Indiana Jones and the Quest For More Pudding

- Indiana Jones and the Social Security Raiders

- Indiana Jones and the Left Blinker That Is Always On

Bah. Well, you get the idea.
I have an idea for the next movie that is so good, I may just want to run out right now and copyright it. You ready? Here it is:

Indiana Jones and the City on the Edge of Forever

Indy, time travel, Edith Keeler, the Nazis... it's gonna be box office gold!
Hah! You laugh but time travel would allow current day Indy to once again face off against the Nazi's instead of cold war Russians. It would also then open the door for Indy VI because, once back in time, he could then cause a time line shift (eg: have another child, get married, create a cryptic message for his future self to solve) that he would then need to deal with he arrived back to his present day.