UFO Luis "Lue" Elizondo and the Pentagon UFO Unit


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Popular Mechanics has a good article about Lue Elizondo who claims to have ran a secret team for the Pentagon investigating UFOs. TV viewers will know Elizondo from appearing in the History Channel show Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation.

Elizondo claims to have been involved with the AATIP program, which does exist, but has been unable to provide any verification or proof of his numerous claims. AATIP is the Advanced Aerospace Thread Identification Program which was tasked with studying UFO activity by the US Defense Intelligence Agency. Officially the AATIP ran from 2007-2012 but unofficially it is believed that the program continues but under new names such as the Unidentified Aerial Phenomen Task Force (UAPTF). Elizondo, specifically, claims that he was the AATIP program director. During his time with the AATIP Elizondo claims to have seen extraterrestrial technology.

Elizondo is an interesting person; even if his AATIP related claims can't be verified, his verifiable background still makes for a fascinating life.

Check out the full article. :alien: