Machinima, YouTube flix, MINI MOVIE MOGULS?


Your Ultimate Destiny
This stuff is REALLY cool. I keep browsing around trying to figure out a way I can make a YouTube movie or series, but haven't gotten there yet.

MovieStorm is too limited, Daz looks good, but they nickle/dime you to death, I can't figure out Second Life, iClone costs a lot and looks like learning curve city, The Movies is gone.

Anybody into this? Any opinions on programs, etc?

Anybody a real hotshot on this and might want to team up with a pro writer and do something totally cool this Spring?
there is a company in germany that has created a program for machinima. it is quite costly though but i havent found anything comparable to it yet. of course sir, if you would like i can reference it with (ack) wikipedia. LOL. just kidding.