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Discussion in 'General' started by bristow_syd, Jun 17, 2003.

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    Jun 17, 2003
    This story is a fan-fic inspirated by my devotion for TV series ‘Alias’. I do not own any character or plot from the film, but I have used them to build an episode which has not logical connection with the development of the series, though the characters, as they appear, could be situated somewhere between the first and the second season. I’ve made up some characters’ relationships, as for instance, the link between McKennas, Sark and Kreschnick but this is fiction so... I would like to apologize from this lines from my written expression in English, there are lots of improvements which can be done to the story but I hope you can follow the plot. I wait for commentaries, you readers, are the ones who must decide if it’s worth publishing the other nine chapters which complete the story. If you’re interested by the story, just let me know here or emailing me to bristow_syd@wanadoo.es . It’s a great effort to translate the whole story in a little acceptable English, but if anyone is interested in the Spanish version, again, just let me know it.

    Day 1 (part I)

    MAÇOIS BAY (Brazil)

    Sydney tried to run faster. She didn’t know what could have gone wrong with the operation. In that hidden location of Maçois Bay, Brazilian Amazony, no more than three soldiers were expected, but the truth seemed that a whole cell of ‘The Man’ was there. Maybe the SD-6 had analyzed wrongly the situation. Maybe it was a trick. Maybe there were a mole in the agency. Lots of maybe.

    She stopped to catch some air. Her shoulder hurt in a horrible way. She looked at it. It really had a bad aspect. Everything went wrong from the very beginning and, what worsened things even more, she hadn’t managed to access the central computer. Impossible, it was impossible to create a distraction to break the meeting which seemed to be organized in that room. SD-6 extraction team which was waiting for her at Caporinha would leave without her if she didn’t arrived within the next four hours. Even now that she was out of the bunker, though without the information she had gone to look for, it wouldn’t be possible to arrive there on time, and, to make things harder, she could only make the effort to run away alive from there. She would have to evaluate the situation, and soon. It was clear as water; if she wanted to go out there, her only way was contacting Michael, at CIA headquarters. Yes, it seemed to be the only option, but, afterwards? It would be extremely difficult to build a story acceptable to the SD-6. But she would have to think about that later, because if she didn’t escape there wouldn’t be a later to think about. And she was losing much blood and was beginning to feel weak.

    She looked for a place to hide; some metres in front, between vegetation, it appeared a more protected place. She went there, as fast as she was able, and look for protection amongst the high grass.
    Her bag wuld have been of great help now, but she didn’t have time to recover it. She turned the small GPS on, introduced her password, ‘Freelancer’, and waited for the connection to be operative. She begged it didn’t take too long. The wound bit and Sydney started to feel sick. From not a long distance, she heard voices, brought by the wind. She breathed deeply and looked at the GPS; there were no connection yet. The afternoon began to pass through her mind. She had arrived to the location indicated for the operation, and she got surprised to see such activity around. But she had to follow the mission guidelines whatever the real situation was. Everything developed more slowly than planned, but she managed to accomplish the first phase of the operation: to obtain the access codes to the central computer. She transmitted them to the SD-6 and she prepared to break into the mother computer. But that room was occupied and soon she realized it would be impossible to do the task, at least, in htat moment. She tried to send a message to the extraction team and, alarmed, she noticed there was no active signal to contact them. While she thought about it, someone tried to catch her. She fought to get out of the enemy, but his voice soon made more soldiers come. She got hit in the head and everything around became dark. She woke up in a room. Three men, in camouflage wearings, were analizing the situation. They talked about taking her to the camp centre. Sydney looked carefully around. There were a little window; it was high but she would be able to get there. She acted as if she was unconscious still, awaiting for the men to go out of the room. They’ve taken all her things away: her bag, her weapons and the talkie. Fortunately, they didn’t find the GPS the CIA had given to her. She had her wrist tied, but she had been trained to free herself from such simple retention methods. It came a moment where only one of her guards was in the room and, taking advantage of his careless attitude, she put him down and escaped through the window. The building was a sort of bunker, only one floor high, so it was not a problem to jump from the window. In silence, she slided along the out wall, looking for the appropiate place to jump away. She found it, it seemed a secure one. She climbed the wall and observed carefully. There was a guard, walking around, almost under her. She waited for him to be on position, and jumped over him, catching him by surprise. But he was a well-trained guard and he presented fight. She didn’t realize it till it was so late. A knife shone just a second, before a sharp pain went through her arm. The guard had hurt her in her right shoulder, She managed to get rid of him, leaving him unconscious. She took a look around and began to run. One of the two agents would give the alarm soon, and it was necessary to put the greatest distance between her and her prosecutors,
    The wound in her shoulder hurt, but in that moment, runaway adrenaline had her senses busy.

    A noise of voices, nearer each time, put her out of her thoughts. Sydneyy was tired and the fear to be discovered, almost without defense, was beginning to invade her. Desperated, she looked again to the GPS: there was connection! Quickly, she entered her access codes and waited for Michael’s answer. It was matter on little time that guards found her, so she connected the voice system. After neverending seconds, Vaughn answered.

    - ‘Freelancer’ – Sydney said, in almost unhearable tone.
    - God, Sydney! – Michael’s voice sounded alliviated – Where on hell were you? You might have begun to transmit long ago. I was...
    - Shut up and listen to me, Vaughn – she whispered – I cannot talk much. They caught me, they were saying I was going to be taken to another location, around this very zone. I could escape from them, but they are near now, they’ll find me soon. Just take me out of here, please. I won’t be able to get at the SD-6 team on time for the extraction and I cannot communicate with them. I’m hurt, it’s not very bad but it leaves me in a bad situation to defend myself, so, please, do something, bec...

    One of the soldiers had found her. She was distracted so he attacked on her back. The GPS jumped off from Sydney’s hand, but it was still on. On the line, Vaughn’s worry was increasing, because he had no answer from Sydney. He only heard noises.

    - ¿Sydney ? ¿Sydney ? Please, answer... – he whispered

    she was fighting with the guard. She know she would probably lose the fight, if anyone came into help. She hardly could defend hersef, her shoulder was killing her of pain.
    Another one attacked her, Sydney only noticed how someone caought her right arm, pushing it against her back. Pain made her fell on her knees. The agressor put more pressure and Sydney shouted in pain. The first guard hit her. Everything darked around her and she dismayed.


    Michael jumped over when he heard Sydney’s shout. His stomach wrinked: a thing was having fear for her, unknowing what could happen to her, and another very different one was hear it, knowing that what you most fear about is happening and you cannot do it nothing to solve it. Extremely worried, he made a last try for getting answer, knowing he wouldn’t get it.

    - Sydney, Sydney... Answer! What on hell is happening?

    And no answer was returned. A shoot could be heard and static invaded the line. Michael turned pale. Have she been caought? Have she got shot? Or was the shot to destroy the GPS? For the sake of God! He seemed to react suddenly. He stood up and burst towards Kendall’s office.

    MAÇOIS BAY (Brazil)

    Thousands of kilometres away, the two guards who had just caught Sydney were shouting at each other. They’d heard Michael’s calling on the GPS and one of them had shot at the phone. Sydney laid at their feet, her face still contracted with pain.

    A jeep was coming through the almost invisible path, nearing to them. They put Sydney on the back of the vahicle, heavily tied, and they went back towards the bunker.


    Michael knock,impatiently, to Kendall’s door.

    - We have problems... big ones... I need an extraction team, armed and ready, in Brazil. Bristow has been caught. And we have to take her out of there, inmediatly, sir... – he said without stopping to breath.
    - Just a moment, agent Vaughn – Kendall answered – Sit down and tell me more in detail.
    - There’s no time. We have to take her out before it’s too late. I don’t even have many details, only the GPS coordenates.
    - So, do you pretend that I send a team with my best men, without knowing for sure all the data concerning the mission? You must be crazy, Vaughn, if you think I’m gonna authorize this. I understand perfectly your personal implication in this issue, but I must remind you that we have procedures, protocols, you know, which are above this, agent. We’ll have to wait and compile all the information, then I’ll decide.
    - But, sir, with due respect, it could be too late for her – Michael was exasperated
    - Hope it isn’t. We have days to do this correctly, I’m sure. They need her alive, don’t they? Until then, just relax and be a good agent as you’ve been till now and don’t give me headaches, O.K.?
    - Please, sir, I...
    - Enough, Vaughn! I will only allow you to go to Brazil and investigate. But under no concept, I repeat, under no circumstances, will you act until you receive a direct order from me, understood?
    - Yes, sir. Understood.

    Michael left Kendall’s office with relaxed gesture, but he boiled in nerves. He knew that what he had in mind had lots of chances to fail, and that even he was successful it could ruin his career as Goverment agent. But he wasn’t going to allow any damage on Sydney; he wasn’t going to lose her withour trying to rescue her. Kendall knew well each one of his agents, so he wouldn’t believe Michael was going to stay quiet until orders came. The menace, though hidden, had been so clear, but Michael would cope with the consequences if so he could bring Sydney back. Not so long ago, she had done the same for him, and though she hadn’t done it, he would have taken identical decission. A voice put him out of his thoughts.

    - I was looking for you, Michael. I’ve just known it – it was Weiss who talked – I suppose you want act inmediatly, although we have few information. What does Kendall think about the issue? Because you come from his office, don’t you?
    - Extraction not allowed – Michael answered darkly.
    - What?
    - It’s true. I’m allowed to go to Brazilia to investigate, until we get data he find acceptable enough to order her extraction.
    - But until then... – Weiss didn’t dare to continue
    - Then it could be too late and I’m aware of it. I don’t even think to play Kendall’s game. If I’ve learnt something during these years in the Agency, is that I must value risks and consequences, act and asume what derivates.
    - So, you’re not gonna stay quiet...
    - Ssssh... not here. Meet me at the coffee at the corner...mmmm... in an hour moreless. You come with me to the airport and we talk, O.K.? I must solve some things here before taking a flight.
    - O.K.... See you then.

    Michael went to Operations Department, to fix some requirements before leaving.

    - I want a ticket for the first flight going to Brasilia, direct or not. I don’t mind class, It’s good even the transport case. Just send the key to my pager, good? – Michael was talking to Agent Campbell. He knew her well, they were together at Langley and they were good friends. She wouldn’t ask anything more.
    - Of course, Michael. I suppose it’s really urgent, isn’t it? I will fix it inmediatly. What more do you need?
    - The usual field equipment, non-determined stay, facturated to the plane with my usual log. As soon as you get it, please, send me the details.
    - Rumours have spreaded quickly, guy. Hope you’re lucky.
    - Thanks, Amy. I’ll be.
    - Take care of yourself. And don’t make foolish moves! – Campbell smiled.
    - I’ll do it. See you! – Michael smiled weakly.

    He came back to his desk and connected the computer to transfer data to his PDA. He was nervous. He didn’t like to begin any operation with many unsure information and nothing was sure in what he was just to do.
    The only thing he knew was that Sydney was under great danger and he could not allow it.

    - Sydney... where are you? Just stand strong, please... – he whispered while he worked with his computer.


    Once more in the bunker she had escaped from, Sydney began to recover consciousness. Slowly, she was remembering the nightmare she was living. She tried to move to look around and pain went through her. She was tied, hands and feet, and her shoulder had gone worse. Somebody had bent it, but pain hadn’t diminished. They needed her alive, it was clear. She felt weak and sick, but she realized she was again in the room she had escaped from hours ago. Outdoors, it was dark. She was thirsty and everything moved around her.

    A noise distracted her. Two men she hadn’t seen before, came into. She tried to act as if she was still dismayed.

    - Don’t even try, miss. We’ve already seen you’ve waken up, so don’t try to take the mouse over us, O.K.?

    One of the men went near her. He took the ties from her feet off and made her sit down on a chair. He wore a some-days beard and smelled.
    Sydney had no strength to resist. The other soldier stood at her back.

    - Well, don’t waste our time and tell us who you are and what on hell were you doing here.

    Sydney nodded, without saying anything.

    - Believe me, darling, we can get all the truth in the good way or the bad one. And I assure you’ll not want to experience it.

    He made a signal to the man behind Sydney and he pushed heavily her wounded shoulder. Sydney shouted.

    - You’re crazy if you think I’m gonna say anything. I... – a hit muted her words.

    Sydney looked at him, defiant.

    - You have to keep me alive, don’t you? And I’ve seen you’re moving anywhere, so it’s urgent for you to leave this place, am I wrong?
    - You think you’re so clever... – the man answered, out of his nerves, taking her by the neck – O.K., we’ll talk in our next location... and you won’t like it.

    She was taken outdoors, where a dusty jeep was waiting. The bunker seemed now completely dead. In the distance, through the path, a little convoy of vehicles could be seen, towards some unknown place. She was pushed into the back part of the jeep and they closed with the key.

    Where would they go? She wondered, nervous. For the first time she had no control at all of the situation, without no staff to help her, wounded and with no resources to appeal to. Her only hope was Vaugh, if he didn’t leave her to her fate. But Vaughn was an agent respectful to rules, and Kendall wouldn’t authorize an extraction without information.

    The path was full of bumps. The wound hurt so much that she couldn’t less than cry. If the journey lasted too long, she would begin to shout. She was frightened, so much, because she depended solely on Michael. In her state, she couldn’t be able to escape. Through the canvas, she could notice that they were going into the forest.


    Michael went downstairs to the department parking. During the short time he had spent working with his computer, he could realized that his situation was the gossiping subject for all the staff. He needed to breathe fresh air, so he went out through the back door and walked a pair of streets to meet with Weiss. It was 3 p.m. and his flight was taking off at 5:05 p.m. Amy had done her work fast. In Michael’s neck, a silver chain shone. He had bought it for Sydney, he wanted to give her before she left for Maçois but, as usual, he didn’t dare to do it.

    Weiss was already waiting for him at the coffee’s door.

    - Let’s go for the car – Michael said – My flight departs in two hours. We’ll talk on the run.

    They walked along two streets, until they arrived where Weiss had parked his car.

    - Why do you never use the Department’s garage? It seems to me to be more secure – Michael inquired.
    - Well, it’s that I love my car – Weiss looked at the car with proud eyes. It was a shining black Porsche, almost completely new – Our section is not a whole uncover building, you know, so if some crazy terrorist puts a bomb I don’t want my car to suffer the consequences... – Weiss laughed.

    They opened the car doors. But Michael stopped.

    - Weiss, is your car securre? I mean, you know what I’m talking about.
    - Affirmative, Vaughn. You’re so paranoic... No follow apparatus will go into this car, without my permission. Have such a gag here could show advantages, but one has his private life, you know. So, let’s go! – Weiss ran the motor.

    While they went fast along the road leading to the airport, Vaughn decided to talk. He didn’t want to mess Weiss, his only working partner which was his true friend, but he had to. What he was about to try was almost a suicide, but if he also do it without some sort of logistic support it was impossible to have success.
    - Weiss, you understand what I’m gonna do, don’t you?
    - You’re crazy guy – Weiss said – Kendall will cut you neck when he noticed about this. And better not to think of Haladki... And mine too, because I suppose you’re gonna need some uncover help.
    - You don’t have to do it. I want you to know, but I cannot force you to do something which can finish your career.
    - Well, Michael, you don’t have to force me. You’ve helped me out of many issues, and I’m gonna help you out this time. I don’t mind consequences. It’s logical you want to do this, if I were you I’d do exactly the same... We’ll always be able to fix a private investigation agency when this is over.
    - Thanks Weiss. I owe you a big one.
    - So, tell me what do you need. But before, asnwer a question and for one time, though I know perfectly the answer, be sincere with the subject... you’re mad about Bristow, aren’t you?
    - I love her as I never thought about loving anyone. Thinking about what she can be undergoing in this moment makes me insane.
    - Michael, Syd is strong. She was trained for this. She knows the risks. O.K., she has problems right now, and big ones, but be a little positive cowboy, she’s not an unprotected lady from medieval times.
    - Yes, I know... Well... We know moreless where the bunker is. GPS coordenates could not be far from there. Sydney told me she was hurt, so she couldn’t have gone so far when she contacted me.
    - So you want me to deep the zone around the coordinates with the satellite, to see how things do there.
    - Yes and no. See, she mentioned they wanted to move her to another location. I need you to follow any indice of locations around that zone, recent constructions, recent movements... and so. Without more coordenates I don’t know where to begin the search.
    - It’s not gonna be easy, but count with it.
    - I also need you to filter the communications established with me. I’ll connect a call diverter in the refuge, but in case Kendall wants to contact me, you’ll have to be quick with the decoder.
    - What means to take work home, Michael. You’re a heartless.
    - Thanks Weiss. I know this is a suicide, but if you weren’t there...

    They were arriving to the international terminal in Los Angeles federal airport.

    - I’m sure you will remember a million of useful things that you don’t notice now. Day or night, Michael, day or night, use that GPS and let me know, capicci?

    Michael smiled. They went out the car to pick the little luggage Michael had brought.

    - Weiss...
    - Tell me Michael
    - If something happens to me, I want you to know that it’s been great to count with your friendship. Don’t change ever, you’re one of the few fair guys in that department.
    - Vaughn, don’t act foolishly. You’re gonna come back. Just take care of yourself and bring Sydney back. It’s a direct order.

    They hugged each other, aware of the fact that it could be the very last time they saw each other.

    - See you, Agent Vaughn!
    - We’ll be in contact, Weiss.
    Michael turned to get his ticket and check that his equipment was in order. Everything seemed correct, except Michael’s nerves. The flight would depart in less than an hour.

    - Bristow, keep yourself, please. I don’t know how, but I’m gonna go and take you out of there – Michael whispered as a letany.
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    Mar 16, 2003
    It´s Very Good, and please post the rest ;)

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    Mafia Headquarters
    this is really good! i NEED more
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    Jun 17, 2003
    Thanks for supporting this. I'll try to keep the translation updated on a regular basis and hope the story would keep being of interest. It's a long one and it's difficult for me to express correctly everything I've written in Spanish but I'll try to do my best. Please, feel free to feedback about any completely ackward thing you may find here, that I'll correct them. :shamefullyembarrased:
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    I also write in spanish ( Only Jag FF, but I´ll write an Alias FF) but I haven´t patience for translate :P
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    now u c if u wrote a fic here in spanish, i couldn't read it, i can't speech or read spanish, i don't even know 1 word in spanish.
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    Day 1 (part II)


    The trip had turned out to be short. Sydney calculated that they had crossed about forty or fifty miles, forest inside. She could hear voices, noticing that there was movement, but dark had grown outside and she could not see great thing from the jeep.

    The canvas was opened and two armed men, after untying her legs, pushed her violently out of the vehicle. The agent of the beard was outside.

    - Take her to the cell in the cellar? - he ordered dryly.

    She could see that they were in a sort of camp, with two large wood cabins. Surely it was an operations center, located in a privileged place, far from everything, perfectly camouflaged. But it had been built not long ago. It still smelled of just-placed wood. A perfect place to hide her of the world. How were they going to find her there? Anxiety began to seize her. But she knew that she had to maintain cold blood, or she would come down soon.

    She was brought to a small room. It was very hot. She was tired, her knees bent. She hated the forest, she had never liked to carry out missions in such zones.

    The man of the beard entered, accompanied by another henchman.

    - Well, lady. I hope that lodging is of your pleasure – he laughed heartily with a sinister, disagreeable laughter - My name is Flavio and I assure you that if you don’t tell me everything I want to know soon, it’s going to be a name that you’ll never forget.

    Sydney turned her face, without emitting word.

    - Very well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. This could be much easier and things would finish quickly for you, but if you want it the hard way, it’ll be the hard way - he made a sign to the other man.

    He grabbed Sydney and dragged her towards a post on the corner of the room. He handcuffed her hands to a hoop hanging from the ceiling of the room. The pain of the arm was unbearable, but Sydney tried to hold her ground. Flavio approached, speaking to her ear. Sydney could smell his breath; rum smelling; he was drunk. Sydney knew that a drunk interrogator lost his papers with more facility.

    - I’m warning you, lady. Whether you want or not, you’ll tell us what we want to hear.

    Sydney tightened her lips and didn’t answer. Sydney saw the shine of a knife; she shuddered. Flavio tore the back of her shirt and he moved aside to take something from the floor. The other hitman covered Sydney’s eyes.

    The following thing she heard was a crack. Sydney identified it like the sound of a whip, and trembled. Pain filled her when the first lash fell on her back. Sydney gritted her teeth, tears came to her eyes.

    - For the last time, which is your name? I assure you that I’m human in comparison with which others could get to do. You’re gonna make some important people come, people who don’t like to get distracted from their business.

    Flavio flogged her again and Sydney let a cry out. Her back burned, pain was leaving her breathless. Sydney only felt how lashes were falling once and again. Crying, she tried to resist, but that was cruel. Suddenly, she heard herself begging, unable to put up with that for more time. Perhaps, giving a name would make him stop for a while.

    - Kate Jones... my name is K..Kate Jones
    - It goes, the lady begins to talk... – Flavio laughed - Well, Jones... and what are you looking here for?

    The room door was opened.

    - Boss, telephone call. It’s Mr. S.
    - I go immediately. Jones, saved by the bell…, Untie her! – he ordered - We will continue our small chat later on.

    Free of ties, Sydney crawled as best she could towards the rickety old bed that was by the wall. The other soldier left the room and closed with key. Sydney eased up in the bed. Her back stang and she felt bad. This time she was in a good mess and therewas no escape. It broke to cry.

    Flavio took the telephone.

    - Tell me, sir.
    - Explain to me what is all that of having an intruder, Flavio
    - We found her this very afternoon, roaming around the bunker, just before the move. She escaped but we managed to capture her again.
    - And who is she?
    - At this moment, I only get to pump her for her name… Kate Jones…
    - Kate Jones… are you sure?- Sark, because it was him the one on the phone, smiled. He was almost sure that she was Sydney Bristow – Flavio, forget her till tomorrow. I’ll take the flight departing in an hour and I’ll assume the control of the situation personally.
    - Sir, I don’t’ think it’s necessary. Event…
    - I’ve said, Flavio. Leave her alone. I think I know who is she and if I’m true, she can be of great help for us.
    - Understood, sir. We’ll prepare for your arrival. Good journey, sir.


    Sark cut communication. He rubbed his hands, smiling.

    - At least, Bristow… at least I have you where I wanted to. Now you’re gonna pay for every time you have led on me – he murmured while dialing a number. The answering machine jumped. - Kreschnick? I leave right now for Maçois and I hope that you meet there with me, tomorrow. I don’t have much time so I’ll be brief: we’ve trapped Bristow and I need you there with me. In the camp, we have moved from the bunker. See you tomorrow and good journey


    Los Angeles – Brazil flight was landing on Brasilia airport. Turbulences had worsened the journey and Michael was tired. But he knew he couldn’t waste nor a second of time. He would go to the CIA safe house where he would sleep a few hours.

    He rented a car at Avis stand, a jeep suitable for travelling in the Amazonian forest, and he went to the flat. It was located in a dark suburb, in an stinking apartment building which was in very bad conditions. Michael entered the flat, connected the telephonic supply and installed the call-divert engine. He took his jacket off and laid himself down on the bed, trying to rest a bit. It was 6 a.m. and he might be on the way before midday. He fell asleep with Sydney’s face on his mind, deadly worried for her.
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    Late today I'll try to post the second chapter, OK? In the meantime, please, feedback me: what do you thing the story is going? I'm on time to ammend things! Enjoy chapter 1
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    I´ll read it in Spanish Page, I´ll put my review there this night
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    Hi, buddies! Come on, please, the ones who navigate this topic, feedback me! I'd like to improve the story but I need to know which specific things!
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    it's really good, more please
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    The future
    this is really interesting ;)
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    Celtic, I like your Sig, I adore the Celtic Culture and Music :LOL:

    I read this Fic in spanish Forum and It´s Very Good, I put my review there ;)
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    Jun 17, 2003
    Day 2

    BRAZILIA 12 p.m.

    An alarm clock broke the silence in the safe house. Michael got up, fast as a thunderbolt. Usually, though extremely disciplinated to wake up early, he tended to slack a little. But today he has no time to waste. The sooner he began searching for Sydney, the better. He had a quick cold shower to wake himself up, he put on his clothes and left the house.

    Already in the car, he sent an encoded message to Weiss “ Search activated. Agent on the way. I’ll have a look around the bunker to check for signs” was the message text.

    He started the jeep and, putting the GPS in an accesible place, he programmed the coordinates Sydney left the last time she contacted him. He went straight along the freeway and he set his way towards Maçois Bay, with a hope of one who has nothing to lose.


    Sark got off the light aircraft. Flavio was waiting for him at the landing way, with a jeep started

    - Good morning, sir. Did you have a good journey?
    - Leave compliments for better occasion. Journeys in this sort of plane are always infernal, and you know it by hearty. Has Kreschnick arrived already?
    - He hasn’t, sir, but we’ve just received a communicate from his part that he’s on the way. He comes from Mexico,
    - O.K. Take me to the camp. I need some food and drink. I foresee this is gonna be a long long day.

    Arriving to the camp took them about five minutes. Compared to the sweaty mercenaries, Sark seemed a smart Wall Street broker, faultlessly dressed, so out of place that it carried a sinister note. They went into the canteen and sat around a table.

    - And, how is our guest? – Sark asked with an ironic smile
    - It seems to me that she mustn’t have gone through a good night. She’s hurt in her right shoulder and it also was hard to get her name.
    - Suppose you’re still keen on such coarse methods as a whip, Flavio. And not even have you managed to get her true identity.
    - Pardo, sir? – Flavio was surprised
    - I don’t think I’m wrong and I truly believe that we’ve captured SD-6 star agent, friend, Sydney Bristow. The intel she’ll provide us with will be very useful. From now on, I’ll take charge personally of her, got it?
    - Of course, sir. She’s all yours.
    - Take her to the interrogation room, tie her and blindfold her eyes. Let me know when she’s ready. I need refreshing. It’s infernally hot in here.

    Sark went upstairs. He entered his room and changed his clothes. He was almost unable to cope with the excitation he felt: at least, after such a long time, he had Sydney at his mercy. A diabolic smile was drew in his face, while he thought in the success of getting the last intel about SD-6. Somebody knocked at his door.

    - Sir, the prisoner is ready.

    Sydney was nervous. She couldn’t have slept during all the night. When she finally began to feel asleepy, she was waken up. She was given a new shirt and was told to change. It was violent to feel those two men’s eyes while she was changing, slowly, with the little mobility she had. She was tied and her eyes covered. Where were they taking her? She had no strength to resist. They sat her in a chair, fixing strongly her hands and feet. She could hear that both men left the unknown room.

    Some minutes passed and the door was opened again. She heard nearing steps, while she desperately tried to perceive something through the bandage which covered her eyes.

    She notice the noise from a chair, an unknown man sat beside her. Sydney was in tension, she had no control at all over the situation. The only thing she could do was trying to gain time, waiting for someone to rescue her. She heard the unknown one was pouring a glass of water, and only then she realized the thirst which was burning her. She hadn’t eaten nor drunk anything since she was captured. Seconds passed and, suddenly, she felt a knife edge in her neck and his agressor’s breathe, quietly. She had to say on her ground, he only wanted to disorient her. He opened her shirt’s neck, discovering her shoulder wound. He cut the bandage with the knife. Sydney trembled. Then, he laughed. Sydney felt her blood becoming ice through her veins: she knew that victorious laughter: he was Sark.

    - Sark... – she whispered

    Things couldn’t go worse. She knew what he was able to. She’d seen it many times.

    - Well, well, well... look what mouse had gone into the trap! So we’ve caught my dear Sydney Bristow... I had imagined it, but I didn’t wanna fall into fake illusions. Too wonderful to be true.
    - You... son of a ***** – Sydney answered – You’ve had to wait for others to make the dirty business, haven’t you?
    - Shut up, darling! Don’t get me angry, because thanks to you I’m in an excellent humour today. You know me, Sydney and if something makes me angry... – Sark hit her on her face.

    He kept being the same unpredictable sadistic one she already knew. She had always feared of being in this situation, everyone knew Sark’s fame as interrogator. From his period under the KGB he still have a great skill to put the interrogated ones on the limit of the humanly bearable. And, to make things worse, he has sworn revenge on her since McKennas Cole’s dearth. McKennas was his great friend and colleague.

    - Sydney... Sydney... We can do this in two waits. It’s up to you. One: you tell me what I need to know and this will cease soon.

    Sydney didn’t answer.

    - I knew you wouldn’t make the thing easier. Better for me. We’ll go the hard way and I assure you that I will enjoy this even more. You’ll end begging for an end. But I’m gonna wait for a friend of mine you have a debt with, since you escaped from Bucarest.

    Sydney’s inner discussion become bigger. Kreschnick, he was talking about Kreschnick. She had lost the battle. She didn’t feel herself able to stand in their hands. It may be better to give up, tell them all she knew and wait for a quick end. It will damage the SD-6 anyway, and that was the primary target. It was sure that Vaughn won’t find her on time. But in her deep, she knew that, even though she told Sark what he wanted to know, he would not have piety. He had so much desire of revenge on her as to leave them and kill her quickly. Terror was beginning to invade her.

    - What happens, Bristow? Your beloved SD-6 guys don’t have a clue about your location, do they? O.K. so there’s no hurry at all, we have all the time of the world to be together.

    Sark stood up and went towards the door. But suddenly, he seemed to remember something and went back to Sydney. She received the kick in her stomach and felt she ran out of breathe.

    - This is for McKennas, *****. He’d love to stay here now to see how you’re going to pay for all.

    Sark went out of the room, leaving Sydney bent over herself, trying to breath. The two warders untied her and brought her back to her cell. Sydney couldn’t even reach the bed. Shuddering, frightened, she fell on the ground. She was cold, it was fever probably, and felt sick. She looked at her shoulder. It looked nasty, and the wound seemed to have become infected

    - Michael, take me out of here, please... – she sobbed

    She had never felt such fear, even she had found herself in desperate and difficult situations. But now she saw her future so dark...


    Michael had left the freeway time ago. The road he went by was in a very bad state, full of holes and dust. Both sides, it could be seen that he was near the forest. The GPS sent glints out, showing the range was good, at least by then. It was almost 3 p.m., and it was very hot. According to the GPS indications he was still 200 miles away from the location of the coordinates. Given the state of the road, that meant that he wouldn’t reach the place before 6 p.m. Michael stepped on the gas.

    Finally, three hours after, deadly tired and hot, and eating the road dust, he reached a place situated five miles from the coordinates. Two miles ago, he had deeply entered the forest. He parked his jeep out of the way, in a place which seemed covered enough, and decided to walk to the bunker. It was likely that there were people around and he didn’t want to announce his arrival. Michael picked his bag, the GPS and began to walk.

    Hot wasn’t so dreadful covered by the trees shadows, but it was sticky and wet. He hadn’t walked for ten minutes when he saw the building. He checked his GPS: Sydney had managed to run three miles away from her pursuers.

    With all his senses on, he went near the bunker. It seemed desert, no movement could be notice around. He was true, there was nobody around there. The bunker door was open, and he could see it was empty. He entered the building and explored around. He didn’t find any evidence about where Syd had been taken. It was desperating, he had no clue about her location.

    He went out of the bunker. It was darkening, night came soon in the forest. Michael saw a path starting near there, and he went towards it. That was! There were vehicles tracks, so he supposed they belonged to a heavy convoy. It was his only clue, so he decided to follow the tracks. But he would make a stop before, to eat something and contact Weiss. It was half past seven in Brazil, so it would be half past three in LA. Perfect, Weiss would be having lunch, and nobody would care about their talk. He connected the GPS and waited for Weiss’ answer.

    - Vaughn? – Weiss’ voice sounded online – How is it going, pal?
    - I’m in the bunker. I’ll be concise, I don’t wanna waste battery. Bunker has been abandoned. There’s a path going east, and there are clear recent track of a convoy there. I can be sure, but I truly believe that it’s the way I must follow. I need you to look for anything in that direction, going into the forest.
    - OK. I’ll call you as soon as I have news. Here everything is quiet. Kendall has made no mention about this issue, nothing is heard about this, they seem to have this matter suspended until new data arrive.
    - ****ing bastards! – Michael was really angry – They would let her die if that means problem-saving.
    - Quiet! Be quiet! You’ve found a good track, let’s see what can we do with it. Follow that path, as soon as I find something I’ll contact you, OK?
    - Thanks Weiss. I’ll wait for your intel. And hope the news will be good ones. Every single minute which passes is vitally important.

    Michael cut communications and began walk back to his jeep. It took him twenty minutes to reach the car. Everything was silent, night was falling and he didn’t know if he could find what he was looking for before it was late.

    He went along the path. That road was even more hellish, and he had to go slow to make the less noise he could. It was 8 p.m. and Sydney had been in who-knows hands for a day long


    One of the soldiers entered Sydney’s cell. She was sleeping, agitated, fever was making its way. He looked at her sleeping. He had brought a water bowl; they could kill her of thirst or she wouldn’t be of any help. He woke her up. Sydney emptied the last drop of water, before falling exhausted again. The soldier stood there, looking at her.

    - What do you think you’re looking at? – somebody’s voice surprised the man – Go out of here, now! – Kreschnik’s eyes get the soldier flustered. He murmured an excuse and went out.

    Kreschnik went towards Sydney, with a triumphant smile in his lips. He had arrived an hour ago and he’d been told that the prisoner seemed to be sick. He didn’t want to let her die before they get all the information and his revenge was complete. He wanted to see her suffering as he suffered when his old superiors, the K Directorate, noticed she had managed to escape from Bucarest. He was a doctor, so he looked expertly at her shoulder. She looked almost unconscious, she was burning in fever. Kreschnick opened the little case he carried and took a syringe out, he filled it with a liquid and injected her with it. He wanted her to be better for next morning. She would be let resting all the night. As silently as he had came, he went out and locked the cell again.


    Michael was driving at a snail’s pace. He had been driving more than an hour, y he’d only covered six or seven miles. GPS rang; it was Weiss. Michael breaked and attended the calling.

    - Vaughn online. Tell me Weiss.
    - Michael, I’d not been able to find much but hope this is some useful. Are you still on the way you commented?
    - Yes, I am.
    - I’ve found an area, forty miles from the bunker, following that path, which seems to be populated. No town no settlement is registered there and it seems to be movement around. I’ve passed the satellite and there must be around twelve or fifteen persons. A mile from that zone I’ve caught a landing strip too. Maybe this is what you’re looking for, ‘cause I haven’t found anything more in a hundred miles around.
    - Good work, Weiss. Hope it’s the place, otherwise she’ll be done for. I’ll condecorate you personally if I bring her back.
    - Wait... because there are a pair of comments I wanna do. First of all, hide your car and make the last fifteen or twenty miles on foot. The path reaches directly that place and five miles before, there’s some sort of store because there’s occasional movement.
    - OK. I’ll need you to sep for an alternate refuge, in case I rescue her. If she’s wounded I’ll not able to take her to Brazilia and even less, to catch a flight. CIA must have some location nearer than Brazilia.
    - I cannot promise anything, but I’ll have a look. There’s another issue and I think you’d better know it. Kreschnick is there.
    - What? Kreschnik? From the K-Directorate?
    - We’ve intercepted a message. It may have nothing to do with this, but someone has asked him to go Brazil.
    - How old is the message?
    - Yesterday’s night.
    - For God’s sake! He might have already come! I have to find Syd in any case.
    - Vaughn, I think that all this could be a trap. I’ve got my suspects that SD-6 knows perfectly where is Sydney. I’ve tried to but I cannot contact Jack Bristow. We’ve caught partial transmission showing the SD-6 is preparing a Rampaldi-related operation in Mexico. I didn’t want to say this to you now, but I must. A communication from an hour ago mentions possible connections SD-6/CIA, so it wouldn’t be weird that SD is trying to kill two birds with one stone, they check if Sydney has other help that theirs and at the same time the distract ‘The Man’ group which are delighting in Sydney’s capture.
    - Damn it! Everything fits. I must hurry, get her out of there and go to a safe place. We’ll think of acceptable covers for Sydney later. Right now, I… I only want her alive, I don’t mind she eventually has to leave SD-6. Keep me updated, OK?
    - OK, Vaughn. And…

    Vaughn cut the transmission. He was paralysed behind the driving w-heel. Everything fitted together. Sydney had been sent to the lion’s mouth to allow the SD-6 to carry out another operation. SD-6 had a heavy suspect about her and if Michael managed to rescue her, then she’d have to be protected against the SD-6 whose suspicion will be confirmed. He set off: time was pressing more than ever.
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    please continue this store I'm :woot:
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    Day 3 (part I)


    Dawn was falling over the forest. Sydney began to come around slowly. She was still on her cell; that was real, not a nightmare. She was tired but she felt a little better. She tried to get up, she felt a bit sick. She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she couldn’t afford panic to invade her. It was a difficult task; each time she thought of being in front of Sark and Kreschnik, terror invaded her.

    Some food and water had been left next to the bed, and she ate eagerly. As time passed, more difficult would be to find her in that recondite place.

    The door was opened and two armed men, she hadn’t seen before, came into the room.

    “Come with us, please.”, they said

    Sydney decided not to resist; she had nothing to do given her state. Her eyes were covered and she was brought back to the interrogations room where she had been the previous day. The moment had come and she had to be strong. She was forced to lay in a sort of hollow table and her wrists and feet were handcuffed to its ends. She already knew what that was, she had to go through it before, in Bucarest. The electroshock tub. She tried to think of another thing, but memories, painful ones, emerged in her mind.

    A light was turned on near her. She could noticed it through the bandage. She heard nearing steps and someone turned music on. “Typical of Kreschnik”, she thought.

    “Good morning, Sydney” – Kreschnik’s voice sounded sardonic – “It’s been a long time since the last time we met, isn’t it? I was really looking forward to meeting you again…”

    Kreschnik unbuttoned the top of her shirt and she felt the cold metal of an stethoscope.

    “Come on, Sydney… Don’t get nervous. This is not new for you…”, he said.

    She was shaking. She didn’t want to feel that again. She wanted to shout, to beg, but she knew it wouldn’t be of any use. Sark spoke.

    “Bristow, it’s a pity you’re so hyper-sensitive to penthotal. Things would have been much easier for you… though less funny for us, of course. Nobody, listen to me, nobody plays dirty on me and gets his way… I keep everything in my memory and sooner or later those debts are paid”, he said.
    “You’re a sadic, Sark”, Sydney answered.

    Sark grabbed her hair.

    “Sydney, Sydney… how many times I’ve told you not to get me angry”, he whispered, “you’re so stubborn, even if you are at a disadvantage you have to be impertinent and bad-mannered:”

    With expert hands, hands which had made the same operation in innumerable times, Kreschnik fixed the little electrodes along Sydney’s body.

    “It’s ready, Sark”, he said “The show can start”

    Sydney could feel how water was filling the tub. She wished to die that very moment. She knew she had to calm herself down or she would give up soon. Water sound stopped. Sydney tightened her lips, awaiting the shock, in tension. She hadn’t to wait for long. The shock covered all her body, making her burst a sob out.

    “Well, Sydney, this has been to test the engine. What have it seemed to you? Maybe you want to tell us something, before we take this seriously”, Sark’s voice was ironic, giving her to understand he wasn’t going to renounce to the pleasure of seeing her in her limits.

    She didn’t answer. A second shock got a pain shout out of her. Her tears joined the tub water. Shocks came into fast succession, one after another, while Sydney lost track of reality. She only knew she was shouting, trying to prevail to the dull pain which covered every single inch of her body. She wanted to tell them to stop, but she couldn’t. As if she were in a dream, she could hear Kreschnik’s voice.

    “You know you can stop this the moment you want to. You only have to give us a sign and we’ll have a friendly talk”, he repeated.

    Sark was getting nervous. He’d have never imagined she was so strong. That disconcerted him, as he walked up and down the room, as a jailed beast. He stopped besides the tub.

    “Stop it, Kresch”, he ordered

    Sydney tried desperately to recover during that brief rest, but it didn’t last long. She was unable to control her trembling body, she breathed with difficulty and she couldn’t stop crying. She wished to have been stronger, but it was too much. Sark took her eyes’ cover off, catching violently her neck.

    “Now listen to me, Bristow. You’re getting on my nerves, so please stop acting the hard one and let’s talk seriously right now. You know you won’t bear this much more, but if you make me run out of patience I swear you’ll talk and that what you’re suffering now will seem to you a relaxed massage compared to what you’re going to feel. Do you hear me, Sydney?

    She could articulate nor a single word. She felt numb, she wanted to talk, to answer something which could stop torture a while, but she couldn`t. Kreschnik gave his opinion:

    “Sark, you should let her rest for a while. I thought she is trying to tell us something, but her muscles don’t respond yet”, he asserted.

    His words were ignored. Sark increased the power of the engine control. He was out of himself, wondering how someone could defy him so much. No reasons were attended by him. Sydney was still trying to talk when Sark turned again the circuit on. A piercing scream crossed the room and Sydney fainted.

    “Are you crazy?!!”, Kreschnik asked, “You’ll kill her before she gives us any information. You have to let her rest some minutes to allow her to recover control over her muscles, or she won’t be able to say anything. Let’s go an eat something. You calm yourself down and we’ll try again later, OK?”
    “OK”, Sark accepted, “But later I’ll do it my way”

    They untied Sydney and placed her on the floor, wet, motionless, and still trembling. Then, they left her alone.


    Michael hid his car as best as he could fifteen miles before the place Weiss had indicated to him. He would do the rest of the way on foot. He couldn’t avoid the terrible feeling that everything was lost, but even so, he had to try it. He took his bag and the GPS and began walking under midday’s killing sun. Hot was overwhelming. And Weiss had not sent more news.


    After a while, Sydney began to regain consciousness. She was shivering, in her wet clothes, and she didn’t feel capable even of standing up. She prayed that all finished, wishing to die. She should give Sark something acceptable enough. But unfortunately for her, she didn’t have much information. Lately, SD-6 don’t give her much intel.

    She didn’t know how long had she been unconscious. It seemed that only a few minutes has passed since she was taken out of the tub, but outside it was darker. Sydney looked around, looking for a place to escape through, desperate, but she saw nothing. Who did she want to kid? Neither had she strength to run away.

    The door open and Sark came back, with a furious look, without Kreschnik.

    “Well, Sydney”, he said, ”hope you’ve reconsider your absurd stance and now you’re ready to have an interesting talk with me. I’m really impressed by you. I’d have never thought you had such a strength, but believe me… if you think that’s been suffering, you’re completely wrong”

    Sydney crawled out of Sark’s reach, but it proved useless. He grabbed her and beat her face hard. He dragged her to the chair and tied her hands and feet. His eyes were an animal’s, without control. But suddenly, he seemed to get his manners back. Sark’s voice sounded calm, though threatening. He took a box from his pocket and showed it to Sydney’s scared eyes.

    “Do you know what is this?”, he asked, “I assure you don’t want to taste it. KGB called it ‘Hell needles’ and every single one makes you feel as you were burning. It’s actually a very effective method… McKennas told me about these little pins. And I’ve seen hard, strong men, crying as girls, with the effect of only two or three of these”

    He took one of the needles out of the case and stroked Sydney’s face and neck with it. She trembled.

    “I’m warning you, darling. Electroshock is child’s play compared to a single one of these pins”

    Sydney sighed. She could not put up with torture much more. It has no sense to keep acting the strong agent. After all, she was human and she was not prepared for this. She was almost sure that Sark would eventually use the needle, but if she talked at least there would be a place for doubt. He made as if to pin the needle on her neck, and Sydney broke her silence.

    “Wait, Sark... wait a moment, please”, she begged, “What do you want exactly to know?”
    “Well, I like it that way, that you be reasonable, Syd”, he smiled, “First of all, what is SD-6 planning now? I truly think Sloane has a plan ready to get our Rampaldi’s artefacts…”
    “I don’t… I don’t think I can tell you much about that. I’m out of that issue, Sark, you have to believe me” was Sydney’s answer, “I do think that they’re tracking the artifacts and there rumours that they are in México... but I don’t know anything more, I swear”

    Sark looked pensively at her. She seemed to be telling the truth, she was frightened and he could smell her fear, but he had to be sure.

    “I want to believe you, Sydney, I really want, but… I don’t know if I can trust you”, he said these words while he was pinning her chest with the needle, “I have to be sure you’re being sincere”

    Sydney hadn’t been wrong. What Sark wanted in first place was to take revenge on her. She closed her eyes, waiting for the needle’s effect. She choked a cry, when she felt fire in her inside. Her breathing sped up. Sark’s warning was real, it was fierce.

    “Sure you don’t know any detail about that operation?”, Sark asked again.

    Sydney, overpowered by pain, couldn’t articulate a single word. She shook her head, crying.

    “Well… then let’s talk about another subject. Who is agent Vaughn?”

    Sydney became pale. How did Sark know about Michael?

    “You’re shocked, my darling. My sources are wonderful, aren’t they?” Sark laughed, satisfied of the driven effect, “I’m going to put it easier for you. I ask, you move your head, ‘cause I think you cannot say a single word, can you? I said that my little pins were fantastic. Take it easy, Syd, the effect will disappear in some hours. So you’re working with that mysterious agent, so you’re actually a double agent for the CIA…”

    Sark smiled. He knew he was wining the game.

    She told him almost everything, shaking and nodding her head. Sark didn’t need confirmation; it was clear he knew all the story. He only wanted to humiliate her, see how she suffered at his mercy...

    Kreschnik burst into the room.

    “Sark!”, he shouted,”SD-6. They have a convoy nearing our place in Mexico. Everything has been a trap. She was sent as a lure and we’ve swallowed the bait”

    Sark slapped Sydney’s face.

    “Did you know about it?”, he asked. He was nervous.

    He turned to talk to Kreschnik.

    “How many men do we have here?”
    “Right now, about… fifteen”, Kreschnik answered
    “OK. Have the plane prepared. We set off for Mexico, immediately”, he ordered.
    “What are we going to do with her, Sark? Is she coming with us?”
    “Nobody knows her actual location. Maybe the SD-6 but they have more important things to do than care for a traitress. And she may have a locator device… better not to take unnecessary risks. We’ll leave three men to keep an eye on her. I don’t think she’s going to be useful anymore, but just in case. Her daddy is still with SD-6 and he can be useful”

    Sark called three of the soldiers and told them to bring Sydney back to her cell. He went with them.

    “You three, try to keep her alive”, he suggested.

    Sydney was lying on the bed. She breathed fast, stifled in tears.

    “Sloane has played a good trick on all of us”, Sark commented.

    Sark was taking another needle from the box. Sydney looked at him, scared, begging with her eyes. But he took her arm and pinned her.

    “Just in case we never meet again, Bristow. I want your last thoughts to be for me”

    Sydney was left alone.
    She made an effort to avoid shouting, confused, aching. SD-6 had discovered her alibi. Sloane had sent her to the bunker, being sure she would be captured, to get Sark out of Mexico and carry the operative to get the artefacts back. She felt like fainting. Sydney tried to keep her mind clear, to think a way to escape, but pain didn’t let her concentrate. Maybe if she was patient and wait for some time, she would find the strength to go out of there. Only two or three soldiers were going to stay at the camp.

    “Calm down, relax”, she thought. She wanted to remember the warning she was given during her training as SD-6 agent to cope with such situations. Whatever the needles’ substance was, its effect would last according blood circulation. She had to increase his blood rhythm to make the effect last the less possible. Sydney took a deep breathe and concentrated on it. Breathing faster and keeping her muscles relaxed, she might get something. But pain was so fierce and so hard the effort, that she was trembling as a leaf. Damn Sark! She’d kill him, someday she’d take revenge for this.

    She focused her senses on what can be heard outside; voices, people moving up and down. They seemed to leave the camp for sure. She was the victim, but she had to recognised that Sloane’s move had been a masterly one. She heard a little plane nearing the camp…

    After a time, the needles’ terrible effect seemed to let up a little. But the effort had been excessive and Sydney entered an state of semi-unconsciouness. She tried fruitlessly to wake up, to move, but she felt so tired…

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