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Mar 1, 2003
USA, Virginia/Utah
Do you guys have words or phrases that aren't words or dont make sense but you love to say them anyways!....I add the suffix "age" to words all the when I'm watching a basketball game..."DEFINATE FOULAGE!!"..."STUPID REFA.GE!!" "WATCH THE GAMAGE!!" i do that all the time...umm some made up words i use...

Ah-pah-cha!...definition: whatever

In a pigs eye!...definition: many meanings...I say it to my mom when she asks me to do something or when someone compliments me

Bloody Seagull...definition: i use it when something is really uncomfortable

Tyno...definition: a person who thinks they know everything

I have so many more! I don't know why i can't think of any of them right now! I'm having a big brain fart. Anyways...I want to hear what yours are!


Vaughn's Chin Fondler
Feb 27, 2003
my mama
I add "ness" to the end of my words alot


oh yea I say "yeeerp" instead of yep alot too


Guest friend adds "-ness" to everything she says. i'm adapting..hrm my made up words.

sugar cookie muffins!...its a substitute i use for four-letter words.

i shall think of more.


Apr 26, 2003
haha those are funny...i'm going to have to think about this one...i'm sure i've got some....

wanna go race the boats=lets go drink
boofa=a lot of things....pretty much can be used hey boofa....of stupid boofa head...or...many ways...can also mean BUTT

lol i think my favorite word is unnecessary...i use it all the i'll say that was sooo unnecessary or you are unnecessary...

oh another i say is "my fist in your face" like if someone says...hey waht are you doing...i'll say putting my fist in your face...but its not always fist....its interchangable with other words ;0)

i'm gonna think of some more....
May 9, 2003
sometimes i say prettiful.. which is the mixture of pretty and beautiful..
and sometimes i put -ish to everything, like if i'm saying around 2 o'clock, i say 2-ish.
eheh and sometimes i say freak-a-zoid.. do other people use it too? i have no idea where i got that word


Mar 1, 2003
USA, Virginia/Utah is what I called Mr. Cabs before I came up with his very unique name

YOUR MOM...I can't believ I forgot that one!! Anytime anyone asks me anything...I saw...Your mom...I use it all the time!!

If you tell him, I will smack you, smack you like a bad bad donkey ok...I use that when I feel like a spanish muppet crustacean

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm...ok?...I say that when someone says something stupid i hold the "uuuuu" for a long time though

a big bee...when someone asks why...i say that

laura, hes sucking us into his dillusions, look at the elaborate measures hes taken...i say that when someone is trying to explain something to me

nice sweater buddy...i say this to people when theres a silence

i really appreciate you analysis buddy i really do, but uhh..ya know, im sure youve got more important things to worry about, like where your gonna get more sweaters once the circus pulls out of town"......this is used when someone is trying to act ghetto

your tushybone is crushing my skull...i say this when people get too close to me or touch me...

ummm...i have a lot so braindead right now though
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