Made-up words


in love
Mar 5, 2003
I use "copitater" instead of "copier" (copier = to copy), so instead of "copieur" (copieur = cheat) i say "copitateur" !!


typically terrific
Jan 4, 2003
ahh i see... another moment with me... but that still doesn't change the fact that i like cows... moooooooo...


typically terrific
Jan 4, 2003
noooooooo! i don't eat meat... cows eat grass... grass is green... you don't eat cows because it's mean!
Feb 26, 2003
<gasp> :o This is one of my favorite topics!! I always tell my friends that I'm gonna write a dictionary of words that aren't but should be. Here are some of my favorites:

Gah! = Shoot or darn
Shooy = shoot or darn
Musted = the past tense of must
Yessirree = yes
Whachamadonger= that thing

Those are just a few... lol
Jun 2, 2003
lets see:

-pie and i add "ness" to everything
-booger snot face (credits to emdoggers)
-spastic monkeyz
-biscuits (referring to your behind)

thats it for now. you have my permission to steal any of the words you like. see, im nice. unlike some of my friends who blow a gasket if i use their word one time.
Mar 16, 2003
K. Ackles said:
Oi with the poodles already!

I didn't make that up, but it's from Gilmore Girls, and ever since I saw the Season2 finalé I've been using it, it means...whatever I want it to! :D
oh goodness i use that phrase like every week! LMAO and ppl who don't watch gilmore girls are like WHAT? and i just walk away like nothing strange has happened! ::bounces around:: ::really excited:: i love that phrase! and i use wha hoo a lot, and i ass ness and ish to almost everything when i am hyper! :D :woot: :woot: :jump: woo hoo!
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