Maggots in your life

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as you read on, you notice that my city has the best bio-labs in the country here, not for warfare mind, but scientists and research facilities for food and medical research :)

if only i had gone into science at school, but then we didn't become the bio-leaders until after i had made my career decisions!!

using maggots on infected wounds isn't that bad, you just change them regularly (haha, just like a bandage!) but the real thing to look at here is the problem with antibiotic resistance and the growing issue with MRSA. if i had the choice between antibiotics and maggots where MRSA is concerned, i'd go for the maggots, just plead for a guard so i didn't have to see them in action (although that squirming feeling isn't likely to dissappear from the memory for a long while! can imagine waking up in the middle of the night thinking your have maggots in bed!)