I would like a mail-order husband! :lol: Make sure you poke holes in the box and give him food and water. :rotflmao: ;)
This reminds me of something I ran across about a year go. My friend Amanda sends me this link to a russian mail order bride website. Yeah, she does stuff like that. So I was like ok, what the hell, I've got nothing better to do. So I start clicking around, and I come across this one profile that said she was intermediate with english, loves this, loves that, blah blah blah, and then qualities she rated as most important was :Honesty. So I think, ok great. I click on a picture, and I find myself looking at this really hot looking chick. But then unpon closer inspection, I was like wait, I know that face... I think it's Kate Bekinsale. I use google images, and sure enough, that EXACT picture showed up.

Talk about your honesty huh? So you better do some serious background checks if you wanna get yourself a mail order husband. :smiley:

Xin Li