Maintenance - May 21, 2013


Survivor HQ
Nov 3, 2012
Please be aware that we will be doing some maintenance during the late evening of Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Nothing major, just some software updates. No downtime is expected but you may see some irregular items while the updates are in progress.

As a rule of thumb times & dates referenced by AWBM are relative to the Eastern Standard Time zone so "late evening" might be morning or afternoon for you. ;)


Code Monkey
Staff member
Mar 20, 2004
Maintenance done with no issues. As part of the changes tonight we are rebuilding the "Media" section of the site.

The old "Media" add-on was only for videos while the new add-on will allow for just about any type of media file. You can embed videos from YouTube and other sites or upload files directly here at AWBM. We are working on adding back all of the videos that were previously listed.

The new add-on is really new and so new features are being added frequently to it by the developer. Poke around, see what you like or not like. Any feedback will be channeled back to the developer.

If you have any issues uploading a file or embedding a video please let us know and we'll take care of it. :)
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