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Code Monkey
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This week we have suffered a major setback in that our MySQL database became corrupted. After many attempts at repairing the 'post' table it was lost cause. Switching to Plan B of restoring from an automated backup did not work either as we found out that the automated backup files have not been good for quite some time.

No way of repairing the current table and no valid backups led to the worst case scenario of having to start again with a blank slate. Years of work gone in a matter of days. Our exclusive interviews, our years of local posts... gone. :cry:

It's all... gone. :cry:

I can only hope that our many community members who have helped make Cool Sci-Fi such a friendly community these past few years stay with us and help us to rebuild in this time despair.
Hi I have only been on the site for a few weeks and can only imagine how devestated you must all feel. You have worked so hard for everyone. Thank you for now and the future
If any of the featured interview peoples kept a copy of the full thread, please contact me to put back. In the meantime I will be checking google cached pages.
Kevin, I truly feel your loss. :cry:
But this was a good site and will be again!
Maybe it's a good thing that everything got lost. This starts the new year with a clean slate.
Maybe? :(

Thank you for trying so hard to find everything and for building such a good site!
Thank you for all your hard work.
Thanks for the positive thoughts, everybody.

I admit... I was a mental mess the other day when I realized that we had to start over again with a clean slate but as SideShowSpaceGirl says, this might actually turn out to be a good thing in the long run. The worst part was trying to explain to the Mrs. what occurred but since she isn't a forum user I got the "I-feel-sorry-for-you-but-I-have-no-idea-what-you're-talking-about!" type response.

I've been exploring new backup solutions to prevent this from ever occurring again as well going over what exactly went wrong so the mistakes of the past aren't repeated.
Well, after the second SQL crash in as many days we are (hopefully) back up again.

The past couple of days have been spent backing up everything on the server (FTP'ing 50 gigs over a DSL connection is not as fun as it may sound) and exploring a few different automated backup solutions. Assuming that nothing breaks today then tonight the first automated backups will start kicking in.

I have also removed some vBulletin add-ons that would've affect performance when viewing the forum posts. The forums are the heart of Cool Sci-Fi so anything that might affect them will either be disabled or removed.

Cross your fingers, and let's see how Recovery Round #2 goes.
Well, this weekends lesson learned the hard way is that hammering away at the server with massive SFTP transfers can bring it to it's knees.

The secondary lesson learned is that there is a ton of stuff on the hard drive that should be cleaned up & removed. :eek: Looks like I'll have to bring out the ruler and hit a few knuckles with it.