Make your PC Run like New Without Formatting


Numerous people are complaining that their Computers run slowly, and not at their full Potential, well, I am the fix!

1) Get CCleaner from CCleaner Makes Your Computer Faster & More Secure | Official Website (It's freeware, has no ads or anything)

2) Install it, Run it

3) Click the Tools tab, and click Unistall. Remove Programs with CCleaner which you don't need.

4) Remove Programs from Startup, which you don't want to Start Up, (Reduces Windows load time alot).

5) Click the Cleaner tab, and Tick everything you want. Don't tick "Wipe Free Space"

6) Fix the Registry, by going to the Registry tab.

Final Step:

Defragment your Hard Disks. Windows has a Disk Defragmenter with it (Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools-> Disk Defragmenter

Note for AMD Processor users: Get AMD Fusion Utility for Gaming from here:
AMD Fusion for Gaming

This is all, hope you enjoyed my Guide.