Making it Work


Nov 6, 2003
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Warning....this story gets graphic, so if you don't want to read smut, stop now!
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Making it Work: Chapter 1

Dixon stood and cleared his throat. "Well now that everyone is here," casting a glance at Sark's late arrival into the briefing room. He turned to the large screen on the wall and started discussing the next operation.

"Mr. Amenson is one of the largest intelligence dealers spawned by the takedown of SD-6. He has been rising in the terrorist world over the last few years, and now the NSC is convinced that we need to be on his buyer list. Unfortunately money is not the only thing that sways this man. He unfortunately is a bit eccentric, and only works with people he knows and likes. He only deals with men, married men. As his eccentricity makes him unreliable, we will be sending two teams to France. Both couples will most likely be watched from their arrival. It is highly important that the marriages seem real, and happy.”

Sydney held back a frown as Lauren sat up a bit straighter, and gave a little smirk.

Agent Vaughn will be posing as the son of Amenson's old Oxford friend, traveling with his wife for their five-year wedding anniversary.

Sydney started to put together her papers.... thinking the briefing was almost over when she heard her name.

"Sydney and Sark will be our second team. Mr. Sark will be making arrangements for a visit with the Amensons during his honeymoon in France.

Sydney froze. "Honeymoon?" She glanced from Dixon to Sark, meeting a pair of mildly amused blue eyes and a definite smirk. This time she did frown. When twelve pairs of eyes turned towards her, she felt a blush creep across her face. "Um...never mind?" she said turning back to her notes. She found herself stealing glances at the Vaughns across the table, clearly happy to be going on this op together. Lauren definitely looked like she had swallowed the canary.


Lauren stood up and took her husband’s arm.

“Make that two canaries,” Sydney mumbled to herself.

Chapter 2-

Chapter Two:

“What exactly does one pack for a fake honeymoon with a man she can’t stand?”

Sydney pulled down the set of Louis Vitton luggage, and placed them on the bed.

“Well at least I’m traveling to hell in style,” she mumbled as she started to pile clothes into the cases... Dresses, heels, some casual outfits, a pair of jeans, socks…

“Alright…to the underwear.” Syd stood in front of the drawer debating- the sexy stuff or the comfortable stuff. As she reached into the drawer the doorbell interrupted her. “Damn.”

Syd grabbed her gun and went to check the peephole. No one was there. She eased the safety off, and slowly opened the door. Stepping out, she nearly tripped over a large box in crème wrapping paper, and gold ribbon. She leaned down and snatched the card from the box.

“For your trousseau.
Your adoring husband,

Syd snatched up the box and glanced up just in time to see a sleek black car pull away from the curb. “Cocky bastard,” she muttered to herself.

Sydney placed the box on the bed and decided to just let it sit there. She walked into the bathroom to pack her makeup, then to the kitchen for a glass of wine, and then back to the box.

“I should probably open it…I mean it may be important or have something to do with work, or…damn it.” Sydney lifted it up, shook it, and then tore off the wrapping paper. She froze at the name on the box. La Perla. The bastard bought me underwear, lots of it.

Sydney dumped the entire box of lace satin and silk into her suitcase, vowing to make Sark the most sexually frustrated man in France by weeks end.

With a smile Sydney slipped into bed.

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amy lynn

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Mar 23, 2004
There's nothing I love more than Sarkney smut!! :LOL:

I love the premise of this story, Syd and Sark posing as a married couple...a honeymooning couple, no less!! Fantastic...there are so many opportunities for smut in this one!! ;)

I'm looking forward to those 75 pages!!!! (y) (y)


And yes, Sarkney is taking over!! Muahahaha!! Its absolutely fabulous!! :LOL:


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Oct 29, 2003
Awwww Erin!! You know how much I loved this story at sd-1 :D This was the story that inspired Sarkney Smut Addicts Support Group!! :LOL:

Just so you know, I always recommend this as the first fic for someone to read when they express an new interest in Sarkney - it will turn you Sarkney in an instant! :D (y)


Nov 6, 2003
Galicdreamer & amy lynn Thanks for responding. More is on its way shortly!

Hotpot!- You darling are the reason I traveled over here from sd-1. I was reading your stuff, and then I started reading other stuff....and then I felt left out. So I'm posting over here! Thanks for the compliment. You rock!!!!


Apr 12, 2004
it's a really great start, i wanna know what happens, little confused when sark was just working with the CIA but that's okay, caught on quickly. please add me to your PM list.
Sep 29, 2003
yea for sarkney!! it is really good...i like how you didn't waste anytime getting into the smut. although you didn't but your setting up the scene. good stuff!!! can i have a pm please if you continue? it's really good, you need to continue


Mar 23, 2004
Puerto Rico
I've been waiting for updates on this fic forever it seems, even though you update is never enough. I even forgot how many time's I've read this at SD-1. It's one of my favorites fics.


Nov 6, 2003
I sent everyone who reviewed a PM. Some of you didn't ask for a PM but I just decided to be presumptuous this first time around. I will keep sending them to those who have asked, but if you would like a PM the next time I update, and you haven't sated so already, please do so.

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Chapter 3

Sark had truly enjoyed his afternoon of shopping. As he stepped into the exclusive underwear boutique his intentions were to buy Sydney a little present that would make her temper, and his blood pressure soar. His knowledge of Amenson extended beyond what was disclosed in the briefing. It was rumored that Amenson had a bit of a voyeuristic streak, that he held a membership, and box seats for the most exclusive sex show club in Amsterdam. Intuition said that his home life could be very much the same, meaning Sydney would have to wear his little present, and pretend to enjoy it.

His smirk grew wider as he chose not just one ensemble, but a week’s worth of fancy undergarments, garter belts, stockings, and a few nightgowns which were no more than scraps of silk, satin, and lace designed to make a mans blood boil.

He sat in his Mercedes, watching Sydney’s surprise, and enjoying her temper as she read his card and snatched up the box.

“Yes, this will be an interesting trip,” he muttered to himself as he drove off.

Sydney put her hair brush down as the doorbell rang. She had been trying to delay this moment all morning, even so much as taking a few minutes to get to the door.

She caught her breath as she opened her front door, Sark was immaculately dressed, and in the process of fixing one of his shirt cuffs. Sydney took the moment to study his appearance without the interference of his piercing gaze. His eyes locked with hers as she opened the door fully, letting him into her apartment.

“Would you like me to turn so you can stare at the other side of me as well darling?” His signature smirk was already in place.

“No, darling,” Sydney said through her teeth. “I think I’ve seen more than enough.” The bit she had seen had been enough to make her short of breath, enough to raise her heart rate. His Armani suit was black, as always, black tie, long black overcoat, soft leather gloves. Every article of clothing, said money and elegance. Sydney grimaced. Her crème outfit was the perfect foil to his black. Her long crème coat and traveling suit would make them look like a matched pair, light and dark, his and hers. She took a moment to wish she had worn something ugly that would clash with his black, like a navy blue potato sack.

She lifted her coat off the couch and Sark reached for it.
Sydney allowed herself a smile as Sark helped her into her coat, and allowed herself a little shiver as he lifted her loose hair from under the collar. She slipped her hands into her pockets searching for her gloves, and came out with a small box.

“What’s this?” Sydney’s heart started to beat faster as she recognized the little teal box. “What came from Tiffany’s?”

“You didn’t honestly think I would let my wife wear some drab Government Issue diamond chip? Open it.” His gaze stayed on Sydney, waiting for her reaction to the ring. He had spent an hour going through the store trying to find something elegant, but exciting for her to wear.

Sydney gasped as she opened the box. Inside was a plain gold wedding band, and the most beautiful, and big diamond ring she had ever seen. Tears started to well up in her eyes as she looked at him. His eyes were a soft blue, almost kind as he looked at her. The ring was perfect, only he was the wrong man. He was a man who had sold his loyalties, who was for the highest bidder, and she would never consider bidding.

Sark felt his breath go short her eyes started to get damp. He gave himself a shake, stood up straight and took the box from her. He roughly grabbed her hand and removed the rings from the box. He slowly slid the rings onto her finger smiling slightly at the perfect fit.

“Sydney… come now, we have a plane to catch.” He leaned down and took two of her cases and walked to the car.

The ride to the airport was a silent one. Sydney kept her face to the window her fingers toying with her new wedding ring.

Sark tried to focus on the road and not on the woman next to him, but it was a losing battle. Her scent quickly filled his car. The same perfume she always wore, the same perfume that clung to his clothes after a mission, the same scent of Sydney that haunted him long after he had left the office for the evening. He shook himself and tried again to look at the road, but his eye kept drifting to her hands, to the rings, then back to the matching wedding band on his own.

He cracked his window, needing the cold air, hoping it would drown out the scent of the most bewitching woman he had ever met.

Sydney settled into her first class seat. “Well I may be going to hell, but at least I’m traveling in style,” she muttered to herself.

“Of course my wife would travel in style, to hell or anywhere else she wished to go.” She glared at him, as his smirk grew wider.

“If you don’t want someone to respond to your little sarcastic comments, you should most likely keep them to yourself.”

“Shhh… I, unlike you, have work to do.” Sydney took out her mission folder and started going over her new cover.

“Oh yes, such dreadfully taxing work, to pretend to be a happy young woman, just married to the man of her dreams, oh and you get to be dreadfully rich too. Sounds like such a hard job darling.” Sydney ignored him and started to read her folder.

Elizabeth Marie Sark.
26: Born in New Milford, CT
Parents: Deceased
James Hamilton: Banker/ Philanthropist
Michelle Hamilton: French émigré/ housewife
Met Andrew Thomas Sark at benefit for World Health Organization in Zurich. Whirlwind courtship followed. Married four months later.

Sydney carefully read the rest of the folder, testing the new name in her head, Elizabeth Sark, Mrs. Elizabeth Sark. Jesus. Sydney slid the folder back into her bag, cuddled up in the seat and tried to sleep.

The drive to the villa was relatively short, only 50 miles out of Paris. Sydney watched the scenery fly by, purposefully keeping her gaze to the countryside. She leaned back her chair a bit and let out a yawn.

“Tired Elizabeth?”

“No, boredom.”

“Come now darling, I’m sure that’s just your way of telling me you are anxious to be in bed.” He caught her eye and smirked at her. He fiddled with the gearshift as he eased through the light traffic.

Her bored glance turned into a glare. “You wish.”

“You have no idea what I wish for Sydney. And until you do, I think you should leave my wishes or lack thereof out of this conversation.” Sydney snapped her gaze back to him, finding his eyes cold, almost angry.

“My, my, aren’t we getting a little testy. Have trouble sleeping on the plane Andrew darling. Too much important manly work taking up your time?”

“As a matter of fact, no. I just couldn’t get comfortable with you draped across me for half the flight.” Sydney allowed herself a little smile, giving herself a point on the imaginary score board.

“Really, I thought the entire point of this conversation was that you wanted me draped across you.” Her smile grew wider as his glare got colder. Suddenly his smirk came back full force.

“Of course darling. Whatever you like.” His hand moved from the gearshift to her thigh.

Sydney was determined to ignore him. She had pushed, knowing he would do just about anything to one up her. “Damn it.” She muttered as his hand kept moving up her thigh.

“So, Elizabeth darling, do tell me, are you wearing my gift?” Sydney felt the car slow, as Sark’s hand moved higher, almost to the top of her thigh. Sydney began to smile. Two could play at that game.

“Of course I am darling.” She took his hand in hers and placed it back on the gearshift. “The ring.” Her smile became a grin when she saw him shift in his seat, the reason for his discomfort becoming rather obvious.

“Tease” His blue eyes were cold crystal, nearly angry.
He turned his full attention back to the road as he pulled though a pair of large iron gates, and around a circular drive. Sark stepped out of the car and around to open Sydney’s door. Sydney pressed herself against him fully as she stepped out of the car.

“Oh, Darling, I am wearing the panties.” Sydney barely had time to register the fiery look in his eyes before she was crushed against his body. Sark’s hand went to the small of her back, pushing her against him, letting her feel his arousal. Sydney made a small sound of surprise as Sarks mouth descended on hers.

Sark kissed her forcefully, passionately as he pressed her against the car, grinding himself into her… She let out a small moan and slid her hands under his coat and suit jacket… suddenly his hands were moving over her body. She dug nails into his shoulders, moving against him…

She made a small, disappointed sound when he started to pull away from her.

“Come now Elizabeth.” He said softly in her ear. Suddenly she was snapped back to reality. A heavy blush crept over her face as she followed Sark’s gaze to the open front door, and the two couples just outside of it.


Chapter 4

Sydney tried to banish her blush as she moved toward the door. Her grip on Sark’s arm only got tighter as she took stock of the two couples standing in the doorway, The older man, and his wife, the Amensons she assumed, and the Vaughns. Sydney gave her hair a toss and forced a smile in place.

“Andrew, Elizabeth. Welcome to our home.” Mrs. Amenson stepped out to take Sydney’s hand in hers. “Come in, I’ll show you to your rooms so you can freshen up before dinner.” Sydney and Sark handed off their coats to the maid, and followed the two couples into the opulently decorated house.

“I’m Anna, and these two lovely people are Mark and Lana. Mark’s father went to Oxford with James. We’ll have quite a jolly little group for Christmas. They will be staying through the week as well. It is always lovely for us to have such attractive company.” Anna’s smile was large, perfectly painted, and seemed practiced; her hostess smile.

“Come, I’ll have Luca bring up your cases. I’m sure you two are rather anxious to be alone.” Sydney felt a blush creep across her face. Anna winked at Sydney, causing her blush to grow. The gazes of the rest of the group weighed heavily on her, specifically one gaze. Vaughn. Did he see the kiss? She took Sark’s offered arm, gave herself a shake and followed Anna to her room.

Now Mark and Lana, you’ll be staying in the Blue Room, just there on the right. Now Andrew, Elizabeth, you’ll have the guest suite. Its only fair considering James did interrupt your honeymoon. I do hope you find it to your satisfaction. If you four need anything don’t hesitate to ask. Dinner is in little over an hour.” Anna turned and

In The Blue Room:

Lauren shrugs out of her traveling dress, watching her husband sink onto the bed. Tossing the dress on the floor, she lets out an angry sigh.

“Michael you can stop glaring at me. We’re spending a week in France on the simplest mission ever created. Its not like you’re being tortured.” Vaughn slides off his suit jacket, and tie.
“Really?” he mumbled under his breath.

“That is IT! Are you going to mope all week, because honestly I don’t think its fair to punish me just because SHE is here.”

Vaughn angrily stood. “You know SHE has a name.”

“Oh yes, how could I forget, Saint Sydney.” Lauren moved close to Vaughn, reaching out for his arm. “But I’m your wife. I should be more than a consolation prize. I shouldn’t have to settle for a husband who is still in love with another woman.”

Vaughn stepped away, unable to meet her eyes.

“Especially when it seems that the other woman has moved on.” Lauren allowed herself a half smile, knowing she had hurt him as much as he had hurt her.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Vaughn grabbed her arm, turning her back to him.

“What I mean is that the kiss in the driveway was no act.” Lauren pulled her arm out of his grasp and moved toward the bathroom door.

“She wanted him Michael. If it had been in private, Sark could have had her anyway he pleased. He will have her, and from the looks of it, she will enjoy every second.” Lauren turned and slammed the door on her husband.

She didn’t see him turn away from her, his eyes full of pain. She didn’t see him sink onto the bed, and fighting back tears as his head fell into his hands.

In The Guest Suite:

Sark walked into the room, undressing as he crossed to the bed. “Sydney, have you taken a good look at the room?”

“Yeah, its pretty nice.” Sydney slipped off her shoes, and tried to stretch the long day of traveling from her body. Her stretches pushed her breasts against her shirt and he was entranced.

His hands stilled on his half untied tie. He allowed himself a slight smile as he stared at her, only moving as Sydney turned back to face him. Sark let out a sigh.

“Honestly woman, for being the best and brightest, you aren’t very bright. I assume that in your cursory check of the room you didn’t notice the video cameras.” Sydney spun to face him.

“Excuse me? Where?” Her eyes became wide, and started glancing around the room. He crossed the room to her and pulled her against his body. Holding Sydney to him, he whispered into her ear, turning her body so she could see the locations he was pointing out.

“One above the door,” Sark’s hand moved down to push Sydney against him. “One above the vanity mirror.” Sark paused and changed his grip on Sydney. He slid his hands under her ass, and tossed her onto the bed, crawling on with her. “One above the bed.” His smirk was firmly in place, as he moved his body closer to hers.

“So I have to spend a week in bed, on videotape with YOU?” Sydney felt a bubble of panic rise in her chest. A weeks worth of days spent on his arm smiling was bad enough. Now she had to face a weeks worth of nights in the same bed as him, doing much more than smiling. Sydney glared at him, making his smirk grow wider.

“Yes, my darling wife. A week in bed with me is not exactly a death sentence. I’ve never had any complaints about my performance, and judging from the way your past lovers hound you, you must be passable as well.” Sydney pushed herself up onto her elbow, and stared into his mocking blue eyes. He lifted a hand, and started to slide it over her hip.

Sydney felt her anger flare, he seemed to be able to incite anger in her with a single word or mocking smile. Sydney moved her hand back to land him the smack of his life, her eyes bright with anger. Sark laughed. Halfway through her swing, Sark caught her arm and used the moment to roll her onto her back.

His body moved over hers, trapping her legs between his. Sydney moved beneath him, trying to push him off of her, until he positioned himself directly on top of her, grabbing her wrists.

“If you wish to leave this bed in time for dinner, I suggest you stop struggling.” Sydney stilled under him, catching her breath. Feeling the evidence of his arousal nestled between her thighs. Sydney renewed her struggle.

“Get off...” She glared at him and spoke through her teeth. Sark silenced her by bringing his mouth down to hers. His hands let go of her wrists, moving to cradle her face, as she slowly started to respond to the kiss. Sark moaned into Sydney’s mouth as her legs parted, allowing him to settle between her thighs.

Sydney’s hands moved to the front of his shirt, never moving her mouth from his as she unbuttoned his black shirt. The dress shirt framed a section of pale, muscled chest that she could not resist the urge to taste. Sydney pushed at Sark’s shoulders, flipping him onto his back and positioning herself above him. Her back arched as his hands moved over her back, pulling her shirt over her head.

Sydney leaned down over Sark’s body, nibbling at his neck as he fumbled with her bra. Slowly she moved lower, her mouth running over his chest until she found his nipple. Wrapping her lips around it, she ran it between her teeth. Sark’s hands grew more urgent on her back, finally succeeding in removing her bra.

Sark’s hands moved over her breasts, teasing her nipples, drawing a moan from her mouth. Sydney’s hands grew impatient as she tore at his belt and zipper. She slipped a hand into his pants, finding him large and hard against her hand. She wrapped her hand around him, stroking…

“Sydney!” Her name was torn from his lips as she moved faster. “I won’t…”

The knock on the door interrupted his words. “Ignore it.” He rolled her onto her back, latching his mouth onto her breast, making her moan as he teased her nipple. The knock sounded again, this time followed by a female voice.

“Elizabeth, Andrew, Dinner!” Sark lifted himself off of Sydney, vowing to kill that woman should the chance ever present itself.

“Get dressed Sydney, we’re late.” He had changed back into Mr. Sark, spy extraordinaire, in mere seconds.

Sydney felt the blush creep over her. She had been ready to sleep with him, Sark, of all people. She tugged down her top and climbed off the bed with as much dignity as she could muster.

“How do you do that?” Sydney’s voice was strained, annoyed.

“Do what Sydney?”

“Just suddenly snap back into, well you. One minute you were on the bed begging, and now its like it never happened.” Sydney turned her back on him as she shrugged out of her traveling clothes and into a black satin cocktail dress.

“I don’t beg Sydney, not for you, not for any woman.” He slipped out of his wrinkled shirt and into a crisp blue shirt, watching her out of the corner of his eye as he slowly did the buttons up.

“Damn.” Sydney cursed herself as she tried to inch the long zipper up the center of her back.

“Something wrong darling?” She could her the smirk in his voice, and she knew he had been watching her struggle with the dress. Sydney walked over to him and turned her back to him.

“Did you want something?”

“Zip me.”

“People with manners commonly use the word please.” He slid a finger up and down the sliver of exposed skin, feeling the tension in her muscles grow with every stroke.

“Please.” Her voice was strained and low, responding to his teasing.

“Please what Sydney?” his voice was low and close to her ear. Sydney let out a frustrated sigh that made Sark smile.

“Please, zip my dress.” It was a quiet grumble, but it made Sark laugh.

“Of course.” He whispered, his mouth only inches away from her ear. Sark slowly slid the zipper up her back as he took little bites of her neck. “All done.” His voice was husky in her ear.

Sydney stepped away from him as if she had been burned. She slid into her high heels and dashed out the door.

Sark allowed himself a smile as he watched Sydney Bristow, the woman who was afraid of nothing, flee the room as if the hounds of hell were at her heels.

Sydney ran a hand through her hair, trying to steady herself. She took a deep breath and tried to banish Sark from her thoughts. Instead, Sydney spent her solitary walk to the dining room remembering the feel of his hands on her body, and the way his kisses seemed to banish all rational thought. She tried to drive away her embarrassment at her hasty exit from the bedroom, finally convincing herself that she was not running from him, that it was merely a strategic retreat.

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The Bubbly
Oct 29, 2003
Sydney settled into her first class seat. “Well I may be going to hell, but at least I’m traveling in style,” she muttered to herself.

“Of course my wife would travel in style, to hell or anywhere else she wished to go.” She glared at him, as his smirk grew wider.

“If you don’t want someone to respond to your little sarcastic comments, you should most likely keep them to yourself.”
Oh good banter! The stuff Sarkney fics are made of!! :D

“I don’t beg Sydney, not for you, not for any woman.” He slipped out of his wrinkled shirt and into a crisp blue shirt, watching her out of the corner of his eye as he slowly did the buttons up.
I feel Sark may be eating those words sooner or later ;)

There's nothing like Jealous!Vaughn - muhahahhaha and I love you make Lauren in this fic - all wenchy just like she truly is :LOL:

Good stuff Erin :D


Nov 6, 2003
hotpot! I'm bringing Chia over to AA for you, so you better feed him! Thanks for the reviews darlin!

Erin & CHIA! :clover:


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Yay!!! :D :D

Hel-lo Chia! *pets Chia* I remember Erin saying something about you going on a diet, but I won't have it! Hope you got my cookies little guy ^_^

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Thanks for the PM!! I meant to ask for one the first time if I didn't, I am officially asking now! Pretty please may I have a PM next time (and the rest of the times you update, too...of course) ? :flowers:

My absolute favorite part:
Elizabeth Marie Sark.
26: Born in New Milford, CT
I laughed out loud when I read this...but only because that's where I was born! For some reason that just struck me as funny...:LOL:

I love the way you write their banter back and forth. Thats the keystone of a Sarkney relationship.

And I adore that you waste no time getting to the smutty stuff!! Thats the best!

Sark certainly spent a lot of time shopping for her...he must have it really bad for her!! ;) That and he wanted to get a rise out of her with the lingerie! Gotta love that Sark!

I love how Lauren's a little b*tch. Perfect! And I agree with Suzi, nothing beats Jealous!Vaughn :LOL: He's so easy to get annoyed with...

Fantastic! I can't wait for more!! (y) (y)


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(y) (y) oooh mine n suzi sarkney smut queen brings her fic over from sd1 (y) (y)
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hey erin and welcome - and hey chia *passes chia a cookie*

great story - i love it. why is sarkney smut so HOT! :P


Apr 12, 2004
i love this story, its the best, the way theyre always trying to get the better of each other. cant wait for more


Nov 6, 2003
Sorry for the delay! Hope you enjoy!

Erin & Chia

Chapter Five

Sydney took a deep breath and entered the dining room. The four elegantly dressed people were engrossed in their conversation, or at least three of them were. Vaughn was a silent brooding presence at the edge of the circle, busy adjusting a tie that did not need any fixing. Lauren stood away from him, her back partially turned to her husband, closing him out of the conversation.

“Sorry I’m late.” Sydney tried not to look as embarrassed as she felt. She could feel Anna’s gaze on her, obviously assuming that she was more pleasantly occupied. Unfortunately at least one pair of eyes confirmed what Anna thought she knew. Vaughn tensed and then pasted a smile on his lips, and gave Sydney a pained look and then turned away from her completely.

“Is Andrew on his way” Anna had a knowing smile and a slight predatory glint in her eye.

“Yes, he’s coming…” Sydney felt her face go pink. “I mean…he should be here any minute.” Sydney fought the urge to slap herself upside the head. She had not been this rattled since junior high.

When she moved her attention back to the group, she spotted Lauren giggling away with Anna. Suddenly she had to fight the urge to slap the blonde upside the head. Sydney allowed herself a smile at the mental image of slapping the esteemed Mrs. Vaughn around a bit.

“”Sorry I was late.” Sark walked directly to Sydney’s side and slid an arm around her waist. “I hope you can forgive me, but it was Elizabeth’s fault.” Sydney’s elbow shot into his side.

“Ah, looks like the honeymoon is over old boy.” Mr. Amenson chuckled, as he tugged on the lapels of his tuxedo.

“Oh no sir, it is just beginning.” Sark’s smirk was firmly in place as he escorted Sydney to her chair, satisfying himself with sliding a hand over the dip in her back, fully exposed by the dress.

Sydney was quiet through dinner, ever conscious of Vaughn’s angry eyes fixed on her. Anna and Lauren chattered on, oblivious to Sydney’s distraction. Sark and Mr. Amenson talked about wine and cigars, and the wonders of the state of matrimony. The more enthusiastic they became, the more Sydney tried to look attentive, taking large sips of wine to numb her discomfort.

Sark was an even bigger distraction than Vaughn. He was constantly touching some part of her. He pressed his thigh against hers as they all ate dinner, and then as the meal wound down, his hand found its way to her thigh. He stroked the inside of her thigh, up and down, until Sydney finally clasped his hand in hers. She caught Vaughn’s disapproving glance, and took yet another gulp of wine.

“Well I suppose its time for me to let you kids head to bed.” Mr. Amenson chuckled as he pushed away from the table. “Can’t say I’m not a bit anxious myself.” His eyes dashed around the table, from Lauren to Sydney, and finally resting on his wife.

“Sir, I was hoping to have a quick word with you before you go upstairs.” Sark stood and pulled out Sydney’s chair.

“Into my office, son.” Sark followed James into his office. The centerpiece of the room was a large television monitor that took up half of the back wall. James gestured to a pair of large black leather chairs. “Do sit down. Drink?” He didn’t wait for Sark to answer. “I believe this will interest you.” Sark took the tumbler of amber liquid from him and took a sip.

“Napoleon brandy.”

“Correct my boy. I don’t want to talk business tonight, but I believe that you and I could work well together. I would have offered before, but I think that a man who has nothing in this world but himself is highly untrustworthy, but a man with a wife, that’s someone I can count on.” James settled into his chair and loosened his bow tie.

“And your wife is more than most men can hope for. She is exquisite.”

“That’s the reason I asked to speak with you. Elizabeth is a very beautiful woman, and I love her very much. I would be very unhappy should someone compromise her. I am not unaware of some of your less that seemly habits.” James sat up straight in his chair. Sark paused, and took a sip of brandy.

“I noticed the cameras earlier this evening. I feel that it is perfectly reasonable to ask you to discontinue your surveillance of our bedroom. I would be highly displeased should any pictures of my wife end up in private hands. Love can be a very effective bargaining tool, one that I have no intention of being used against me. I wish to protect my wife from the harsher aspects of our world. I am sure that a man so devoted to his own wife could understand such a thing.”

“Well Andrew, that is a very large request.” James shifted in his chair, uncomfortable with the discussion, and the loss of his entertainment.

“I could just as easily send Elizabeth to Paris until our business is concluded. I would miss her terribly, but my wife is not a subject I will compromise on.” Sark fixed his eyes on James, staring the older man down. James let out a sigh as he leaned back in his chair.

“I can’t say I’m not disappointed. I doubt that my money could buy a better show. She seems like a very passionate creature.”

“Yes, she is, but I am comforted that I will not be leaving you without entertainment. I assume that Mark and Lana,” Sark bit out the names with badly veiled contempt, “that your other guest rooms are similarly equipped.”

“Yes, but I sincerely doubt that it will be half as entertaining. That’s the problem with British women; they tend to be a bit, well, frigid.” Sark smiled to himself. Of course Lauren was frigid. Who would want to bed a man who was more likely to yell out the name of the woman down the hall than that of his wife?

“If you’ll excuse me sir, it has been a long day, and I’d like go get to bed.” Sark stood and straightened the jacket of his tuxedo, and strode confidently from the room. His smirk was firmly in place as he pushed open the door of the bedroom.

Chapter Six:

Sark’s eyes scanned the bedroom for Sydney as he removed his jacket and tuxedo shirt, carefully hanging them in the wardrobe. He sat down in a chair in the corner, and tried to untie his shoes in the darkened room. His eyes flew up as the bathroom door opened to reveal Sydney in nothing but a large white towel. She seemed unaware of his presence as she moved to the dresser for a nightgown.

Her hands moved over the scraps of silk and lace that Sark had picked out for her, and she debated wearing one, just to see what would happen. She let out a little laugh as she tried to fight the urge to stir the pot once again. She finally narrowed down her choices to the crème scrap of cloth that was supposed to be a nightgown, and the black. She untied the towel around her breasts letting it fall to the floor, and reached out for the crème nightie.

“I prefer the black.” Sydney jumped at his voice and spun around to face the sound.

“Actually I change my mind.” Sark quickly moved across the room, “I believe I like you just the way you are.” Sydney felt her face flush as she tried to cover her body with the abandoned towel.

“Don’t bother love, I’ve already seen you, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.” Sark pulled the towel out of her hands and bent down to capture her mouth. Her mouth slipped open and her tongue met his in a battle of wills. Sydney passionately gave herself up to the kiss, vowing not to pull back until he did.

She was surprised when he leaned back gasping for breath. His forehead pressed against hers as he struggled for control. His lower body pressed against hers, hot and hard through his pants. His voice was husky when he finally spoke.

“Sydney,” His hand went under her chin as he tilted her face to his. His other hand slid down her body, resting on her hip.

“I need to know. Are you just teasing me,” Sark’s hand slid between their bodies.

“Or do you really want this?” His fingers parted her folds, finding her slick and wet with wanting.

Sydney arched her body against his hand as he continued his exploration. She started to whimper as he teased her clit, lightly rubbing it. Her hands went to his bare chest, her nails traced paths over the muscled surface.

“Well Sydney?” He slid a finger inside her, then two. Her whimpers became quiet moans. As he started to pull his hand away, she grabbed it, holding it in place.

“Yes.” That one whispered word was enough to drive Sark wild. His hands were suddenly everywhere on her body, one at the juncture of her thighs, the other moving over her breasts, twisting her nipples.

Sydney’s hands went to his belt, struggling with the buckle, and then his zipper, pausing briefly when Sark moved his mouth from her neck to her breasts. She roughly pushed his pants and boxers to the floor.

As his c*** sprang out against her stomach, she paused, wondering how all of that was supposed to fit… His mouth quickly drove the thought away. He was working his teeth over her nipple, biting down and then dragging it away from her body. Sydney’s moans grew louder as he repeated the process on her other nipple.

Sark’s body had started moving, sliding himself against the soft skin of her stomach. When she reached down to take him in her hand his control snapped. He lifted Sydney and tossed her onto the bed. He positioned himself near her feet. His hands teased the skin of her thighs as he slowly moved towards her center. Sydney closed her eyes, reveling in the sensations he caused.

She gasped as she felt his breath warm against her. Her gasp turned into a moan as he fixed his mouth on her clit, pushing her closer and closer to the edge. Her body moved with him, arching into his mouth. Her hands slid through his blonde curls as she held him in place. He sucked her clit into his mouth, running his tongue up and down quickly over the sensitive piece of flesh. He pushed two fingers into her, moving them rapidly in and out as Sydney began to moan incoherently.

“Please, please, OH GOD!!!! SARK!!!!” His name was torn from her lips as she finally found her release. He continued to move his hand over her, but he pulled his head up to watch her. She intoxicated him. Just watching her cum, hearing his name on her lips was nearly enough to send him over the edge.

As her breathing calmed, he moved himself on top of her. Her eyes slowly opened, and she gazed at him with passion. Her legs opened wider to accommodate his body. Slowly he lowered himself until the tip of his c*** was pressing against her opening. He stilled, relishing the feel of her dampness. A gasp was torn out of him as Sydney arched her hips; pushing herself up onto his c***, drawing him into her tightness.

He pressed his body down, allowing her time to adjust to his size. Slowly he started to move, pumping in and out until she had taken all of him in. Her body started to arch under his, as Sydney began to match his rhythm.

Faster and faster, they moved in perfect time, each anticipating the others movements. Sydney’s nails raked across his back, leaving welts, as he pushed himself into her, harder and faster. His breath was rough against her neck as he alternately kissed, and occasionally bit into her shoulder.

He could feel her tensing again, feel her tightness ripple. He was quickly losing control. Her nails broke the skin on his back as he thrust into her forcefully, quickly. Her voice called out his name as she came around his c***.

Sark buried himself deep in her and forgot about everything in the world but the sensation of her wrapped around him. He spent himself deep in her as he called out her name.

He moved his weight off of Sydney, and pulled the bedclothes up around them. Sark smiled a true smile as he took Sydney into his arms, and fell asleep.

Hope you liked it!
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