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aww that was great i loved it!
i love how happy eric was that he was now an uncle! :D
and i am sure that whatever the future brings they will get through it together as a family! :P
Aww so cute!!

LMAO at the image of Jack covered in baby food.

I think you should keep posting here - we need to keep AA alive and it wouldn't be AA without your fics! ^_^
Great story.. they get to be a happy family. So sweet. Weiss' reaction was great too.

I don't mind where you post, as long as you keep posting. If I had to choose one site I'd probably say O-I tho.


That was a cute story. I like how Sydney was so unsure of herself in taking care of a baby- she can't be perfect at everything. :P

It doesn't make any difference where you post Janet, but don't close your archive here. I sometimes reread stories here that you don't have posted at OI.

Awww that story was so great. James was adorable and Syd and Michael's reaction to him was hilarious.

You can post wherever, but I agree with Chris that you shouldn't take your archive here down.

Cute chapter. I would love for you to post more fics here, but it doesn't matter because I have read all of them and I am always on your website.

Thanks for giving us great fics.

Kim texasalias
awww !!! i´m happy that vaughn , syd and james are going to live together , but i´m wondering wwhot kidnapped syd , the covenant or somelse ?

i can´t wait for more ,



well, i can add you to my master PM list (you'll get PMs for new stories) but i can't PM you for this story because a) its already finished and b) i dont PM for individual chapters since i update daily and it takes too much time
First off someone please tell me what OI is and secondly I love this story a litle short but still loved it please keep posting
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Just know that I am reading, I just can't leave a proper reply.