Mandy Moore


Nov 7, 2003
lolz!!......i want her new CD 2!!....but i dont think its out in australia yet
=(.....shes got such a natural voice!!!....n...shes so...pretty!!!!......n talented!!!.........n shes goin out with andy roddick!!!!!.....lolz...=P...they make such a great couple!!!......dont ya fink?.....
Jun 13, 2003
Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Just thought I'd let everyone know that Mandy has a new romatic comedy coming out this January 9th in the US, called Chasing Liberty. It looks awesome, compared to the dud that was How To Deal. check out for more info.


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Mar 5, 2003
Thanks for the info, I'm gonna check the website ! :)

EDIT : I checked, and saw the trailer, it looks cool ! :) no great :D
Nov 18, 2003
Tucson, AZ
I saw Chasing Liberty with my roomie the day it came out and it was great!!!! While it was predictable, it was very cute and Mandy was great!! Actually went to see it again by myself because I tend to get really into movies I like and I didn't really feel like I could do that with my roomie!! And Mandy is such an amazing singer too!! Love Coverage! She took a risk doing a cover album but I love every song on it and I thought they were all perfect for her! She is so talented and she's only just getting started. Can't wait to see even more of Mandy in films and music in the future! :)

Quiet Disaster

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May 4, 2003
I like her hair color. :D The golden chestnut, not the darker shade she had before... she looks better as a brunette than a blond.
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