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You can visually compare the position of places mentioned in C.J. Cherryh's fiction relating to the Alliance/Union universe and consult a chronological summary of events related to each site.

  • [*]On-line ChView map of starstations and other space colonies within 47.2 light-years of Sol after the Treaty of Pell ended the Earth Company War in 2354 CE. Click CJC 27.2 ly Map or CJC 47.2 ly Map . (Note: these maps use updated stellar distances and positions.)

    [*]You can also download a PC-based ChView map of all known extra-Solar places mentioned in C.J. Cherryh's works with distances, sublight and FTL routes, and chronologies of locally significant events. Click on the Colonize file at the ChView download site.
For more information on books involving the fictional locations described, click to see a bibliography of C.J. Cherryh's works at her web site. For a chronology of the Alliance/Union universe at her site, click time line.
Bibliographical information as well as discussion and reviews of Cherryh's works are available at Meetpoint Station.

The following place names are some of those mentioned in C.J. Cherryh's fiction involving her Union/Alliance/Earth Company universe, of which many are associated with real stars, either in her written works or in the Company War Game. These "CJC places" are listed by territorial claimant, usually those associated with fictional events that occurred just before the Treaty of Pell in 2353 CE. Most place names listed are linked to a web page with a chronological summary of events associated with that fictional location. Place names that have been marked with an asterisk (*) are associated with stars whose current known distance is more than 47.2 light-years from Earth -- the range of the larger on-line 47ly CJC Map at

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