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I do krav maga. its what the israeli army uses and it is just amazing. A great workout, self confidence builder, and a great way to defend yourself, if the case arises.
i do a VERY vicious, full-contact, full-force, hard-art form of tae kwon do. it's very demanding and strenuous. they don't differentiate between males and females, so to be a female and stick with it, you have to take the hits and kicks to the head from the men...just as if you were one of them. it sounds horrible, but it makes it all the more worth it.
krav maga is not necessarily about only attacking... its very applicable to teaches you about avoiding dangerous situations, and if you find yourself in one how to get out of it with the least amount of injury to yourself by neutralizing your attacker.
that's cool. i would love to expand and take more martial arts...i think, however, the next i take will be kung fu. it's supposed to be more artistic, and i really like that. i can fight, but i want to be more graceful and acrobatic! if anybody takes or has ever taken kung fu, please tell me what you think of it.
omg i want to take martial arts so much but i haven't found a really good place yet. i am taking a self defense course in my camp this summer but i guess thats really different. *sigh* i will take it one day! (ok i know this sounds pathetic, but gaia (fictional character from fearless) has inspired me to take martial arts!)
oo syd does krav maga and im gonna start that soon sometime. i want to learn how to really take care of my slef ya know in case something happens i want to be the one to jump in a take charge. Plus it would be conforting to know i could beat up my brother and other bullies that would try to do something to me. :D

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WOW! I worship thee! Seriously I'm in awe of those who can do any martial arts! :eek:
I wanted to do Tae Kwon Do and I went o about 1 lesson but found it quite diffcult to cacth on because most of the kids had got their yellow beltthe last term so I was basically the only beginner. I didn't end up going back although it was fun, but we live to far away from it anyway. :(
I do taekwondo. I about to get my black belt(hopefully). I'm really woried about it though because I have to break trough two wooden boards this time. I know that I can do it but it just makes me nervous b/c of all the presure that my parents are putting on me. I want to start krav maga after I get my black belt. I don't know if my mom will let me. Oh well. I'll just start anyway. LOL! Nattie700 you should try to start taekwondo again. It is a lot of fun if you really try. It's kinda nice to know that you have the ability to kick a 6 foot tall dude in the head when you are only 5'4. LOL! GTG practice taekwondo.

Love ya babes~
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I took Shotakon karate for five years. My twin is still at it though, and is almost at her black belt! (three stripes away for those who know the system) In Shotakon it takes longer to get your black belt because of all the different levels. I would reccomend it to anyone cause its just awesome!! :D
Martial arts is really good for you. It like strengthns your beliefs system a whole lot. And you get really fit while taking it. Like am still fat but I was like really fat when I started taking taekwondo. I lost all this weight and I have been like the same pants size for the past 4 years b/c of taekwondo. Seriously. Any who, that is my bit of advice of the day.

Love ya babes~
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I've taken karate, and gotten my brown belt. I had to quit though because of time constraints, but luckily I had enough time to keep up my weapons, which I love.