Martian Invaders Go To Pinball Hell [Sci-fi Art]


The News Robot
Jul 28, 2004

There's something pulpy and eye-searing about these images of Attack From Mars, a 1995 Bally pinball machine. This guy is selling his machine online, and he's taken insanely detailed photos of every part of the machine, including a hauntingly gorgeous image of the plastic aliens trapped in a glowing red pinball inferno. Click through for more images, but be warned: this machine can cause epilepsy!

Here's the full image of the game, lit up and bright red:

In addition to photographing every angle of the game's art and inner workings, the seller took this lovely photo of its epilepsy warning. Consult a doctor if battling the invaders From Mars causes any serious symptoms!

(Via IO9)


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Mar 20, 2004
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