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I'm glad you broght this up - Notce my glowing review of Season 1. - Loved it.

I'm now up to epesode 3 of season 2 - And for me at least it is not working. Why?

Season 1 had an sdult and believable {in the sci-fi universe} quality and maintained this quality throughout.

But in season 2, two things completely turned me off - especially in episode 3. The first half of episode 3 was loaded with drama {to me it was soap opera] and even though you may want some Human interest type drama to give a sci-fi series more realism, I can't stand soap opera {overly played dramatic interactions} and the second half of episode 3 {which some of you may like} was crazy wild action with Daredevil {I won't spoil it, you'll see when you watch it}

Even though I will probably eventually watch the rest, its getting to be, to may way of thinking something like Continuum where you could suspend your belief about time travel in the beginning {season 1] and then in later seasons time becomes a joke with time travelers coming from all over - They pushed the envelope too far and lost believability - Same seems to be happening with Daredevil - He is losing his believability.

But admitidely I'm an older life time sci fi fan and it takes more to convince me of plausibility than it might to convince the younger audience which of course is your prime audience to which science fiction is directed.

However I will tell you the acting, directing and production quality are still consistently good - So after you get through with season 1 watch season 2 - you may like it even more than season 1 ?
However I will tell you the acting, directing and production quality are still consistently good - So after you get through with season 1 watch season 2 - you may like it even more than season 1 ?
What episode are you up to? Starting with E5 the story line starts breaking off from being soley about Punisher and is when things really start picking. Around 7-or-8 the pace picks up and, surprisingly, it circles back in a big way S1.

The first four episodes were, admittedly, a bit boring to me. Yeah, it laid the foundation for Punisher and went into the relationships between Murdoch, Foggy, & Karen, but, man, some of the pacing is agonizingly slow.

Having watched the whole season (yes, I missed some sleep this week :P) my biggest complaint is actually the cinematography. In S1 somebody was in love with yellow lighting, this season I wish the yellow lighting was back because so many scenes were so dark that I couldn't see what was really going on! :banghead: I ended up having to adjust the TV contrast and rewinding in some crucial scenes to make sure I didn't miss anything. Between that, the artificial film 'grain', Netflix's audio being way lower than broadcast TV, and, the last couple of episodes automatically consistently turning Chinese sub-titles on my X-Box 360 :o_O: I came away with not enjoying the experience of binge watching the season.
I'm really excited about S3. I've been pretty lukewarm on the other Marvel Netflix shows, but really enjoyed both Daredevil seasons and in fact I thought S2 was by far the best Marvel Netflix show Looking at the trailer, I like that he's going back to his old school "armor", and it sounds like he's going to have to get down and dirty with the bad guys. Some of the fight scenes in the series have been incredible, and Fisk has been the best bad guy so far. Really looking forward to what they do next.
Seen season 3 yet? - Don't miss it!

Forget about just calling this science fiction - It is much more - It is an entertainment Classic
that may be considered one of the greatest movies {even though shown as a series} of all time!

The writing, directing, and acting rivals that classic crime movie [and Daredevil is also a crime movie},
'The Godfather' staring Marlon Brando.

As you watch it compare Brando playing the Don Corleone with Vincent D'Onofrio playing
Wilson Fisk - a truly great portrayal of a mostly evil villain.

Just one warning - If you have high blood pressure, don't watch it all at once, as you will be tempted
to do just that, and be sure to take you blood pressure medicine first

- Yes, it is that exciting!!!
Announced today, Daredevil has also been cancelled. Looks like Disney is totally cleaning up loose ends with all of their properties before it launches its own streaming service. The only Marvel shows remaining on Netflix are Jessica Jones and The Punisher but, with no new seasons announced yet, it seems almost like a given at this point what their fate will be.
Jessica Jones and The Punisher

Those are two of the worst - in my opinion, I could not stand either - especially the Punisher about a
psychotic killer as a superhero good guy ?!?!

But don't worry, with Disney in control, they might resurrect 'Tinkerbell" as a superhero of the new
Feminist world view!

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