Mass Effect 2


Bryan Sarrasin
A little late on the E3 coverage I know, but is anyone else as excited about this game as I am?

The Gameplay Demos look incredible:

It may look good and have the right idea going for it, but the gameplay is flawed to ****.
Installed ME2, played for a while, uninstalled. And no, I'm not a guy who'll say the game sucks if I played for such a short time. Just didn't sit well with me. Maybe it'll hit me in the summer time, who knows... What I can say is, sadly, I believe Bioware can do so much more with the gameplay. Ahh, the times when BG ruled the Earth....
I loved ME2 personally. Did you play the first game?

Dragon Age: Origins felt like an unofficial BG sequel to me, I absolutely loved that game as well. Some people were turned off by how much content was in the game, but I loved it - Such an epic campaign and such an incredibly rich mythology to heard and read about.