Mass Effect 3


Sep 15, 2010
Taigh an Droma
Quite simply the best game series I've played on the Xbox 360; it is pushed very close by the Gears of War series but Mass Effect has an amazing story, user interaction experience and it is great to see choices the games in the franchise affect storylines. Just finished ME3 last night and all I can say is wow! The ending was a bit iffy (hopefully the developers will at least explain what it all means) but the final battle on Earth was amazing and I'm quite proud to say I got through it.

I'm going to go back and play all 3 games again and see if I can improve my ratings and enhance my game choices, love interests and outcomes :)

Totally engrossing franchise. I've read some of the books and comics too - hopefully BioWare will develop another game in the Mass Effect Universe :)


Code Monkey
Staff member
Mar 20, 2004
You've finished already? Didn't it just come out? I think it would take me a few years to finish. :(
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