Master Replicas Trek Collection

Just FYI Master Replicas is offering a limited edition mark IX Science Tricorder Hero prop for only $350 which is about $400 cheaper than, Federation Surplus, or any other prop store on the net. Also they have a assault phaser from Star Trek V and VI for $450 with removable clip. I actually just preordered the tricorder and Im very excited about it. Since I KNOW Master Replicas will actually send my merchandise and wont charge my card until its sent I have peace of mind...UNLIKE SOME PROP STORES ONLINE RUN BY FERENGI CRIMINALS THAT TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NEVER SEND YOUR MERCHANDISE!!***Cough Brett Jones cough***
I have MR's First Contact and ToS phasers, ToS tricorder, ToS Klingon Disruptor and ToS communicator, and I have to say that the quality they produce is first rate. While I have several hero tricorders, I still want their Mk X, and the assault phaser. Can't wait for them to arrive. Sadly, they won't ship until fall. I want 'em today! LOL