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I know that many people loved the Matrix Trilogy just as it ended in The Matrix Revolutions; but there were also many who wished that it would continue on. I’m one of the latter. I saw a whole new level where it could go. So, for fun I wrote another episode called Matrix 4-The Super Matrix.

It's a completely new extension of the Matrix Trilogy and a bit of a mind bender, if I do say so myself. The story paints a picture of what might have happened before The Matrix and after The Matrix Revolutions; sort of a prequel/sequel, I guess. If you're interested, you can download the full-length screenplay at my blog

Matrix Resurrected – A New Episode that Expands the Matrix Trilogy – PD Wood | A Fourth Episode that Expands the Matrix Trilogy

Unless the Wachowski brothers or Warner Brothers approaches me, I have no illusions about this being made into a real movie. And I make no money or benefit from the story other than the fun of writing it and the pleasure of hearing people's comments. This screenplay is purely for the reading enjoyment of all those who love and believe in the Matrix mystique.

If you read it, please come back here and let me know what you think. I'd love to know. Thanks and happy reading. PD Wood

P.S. If this post is in the wrong place, please let me know.
Interesting reading. Perhaps I missed it but do you cover an explanation as to why the trilogy treats Zion as the last human city on Earth while the scripts has humans world-wide? While a movie might not be in the works have you considered making the story a bit less linear and approach any of the game pack makers to see if there would be interest? Tim is a bit more (OK, a lot more) knowledgeable about the gaming scene these days so he might have a few pointers on where to start.

Speaking of The Matrix, lately I've been obsessed with a thought while viewing the movies... it is well established that humans killed in the Matrix also die in the real world. That is demonstrated several times. My ongoing thought that I can't stop thinking about is this: If humans killed in the Matrix also die in the real world then why would Trinity & the rest of the characters so freely kill others in the Matrix? An example of this is the opening sequence where Trinity has no problem killing several police officers while trying to find a line to exit. In subsequent scenes we see the Agents taking over the virtual humans to go after the crew of the Morpheus & others but in the scenes where there is killing of police & security guards there is no indication of the characters being agents instead of humans who are being killed in their pods because of them being killed in the Matrix.

Yeah, I think you missed the point of the story as to why there are humans world-wide. I don't want to give the story away to people who haven't read it, so I suggest you skim through it again or check the comments at my site which cover a lot of questions.

As far as getting the story to be commercially viable in the gaming community (or any community) I'd have to get copyright permission. That's the first hurdle and I'm working on that a bit. We'll see.

Yes...killing people in the Matrix. I happen to agree with you. Here is an excerpt from my response to another reader's question on my website.

"One of the dynamics that the Wachowski brothers set up and with which I disagree is that the world in the Matrix is not real. The intensity of that dynamic is embodied in the trivialization of harming or killing people. Throughout the Trilogy people in the Matrix are routinely ripped to shreds or riddled with bullets. Because that world is considered just a computer construct, we feel no "emotional link" or empathy for those murdered people. But I say it's all real. The world of the Matrix and Zion deserve as much emotional link as any other unknown worlds that may (and probably do) extend into or beyond them. To be able to accept this, one has to see the validity and "realness" of all worlds, whether infinitesimally small, inexplicably large, virtual, simulated, etc. As I've said, reality is defined by what one experiences, no more and no less."

Any other questions or comments, let me know.

Thanks, PD Wood
Here's a few choice reader comments that have been left on my website about the script. Maybe they'll tweak your interest.

Actual reader comment: " i was quite satisfied by the way the Trilogy ended. And i could not imagine watching another sequel even if it was created by the Wachowski brothers themselves. So when i came across your site, it was with a kinda vengeance that i downloaded the pdf (script)....but no sooner had i gone thru the first 5 pages, i have to admit that i was hooked. " Tinu

Another actual reader comment: " As I got half way through, I was expecting to be let down, patiently waiting to pounce on any flaw I could find, but it didn't happen. I was simply blown away to the end. " Corry

This was actually near perfection for me. To be one hundred percent honest... I cannot see how any director would turn down this amazing potential. I can only hope something of such quality gets the attention it deserves. Aiden

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