Matthew McConaughey as Captain America?


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As I mentioned the other day, Marvel is planning on releasing "The First Avenger: Captain America" during the summer of 2011. The fact that they've set a date necessitates that they start thinking about what actor should play the eponymous symbol of all that is wholesome and good about "the land of the free." The bad news: Matthew McConaughey may be a top contender.
This is strictly a rumor at this point, but these crazy inter-webbers (CinemaBlend among them) are saying that Marvel Studios is seriously considering the shirtless wonder in the role of Captain America. CinemaBlend also astutely points out that while McConaughey is blonde, blue-eyed, and in very good physical condition, he's well-known for being a grungy, laid-back stoner, while Cap most certainly is not.
To add on to that, he might look like Captain America, but he doesn't look like the 25-year-old, 90-pound Steve Rogers who volunteered for the experimental super-soldier serum that turned him into a superhero. McConaughey's typical "charming Southern boy" persona just doesn't fit. Robert Downey Jr made sense as the womanizing, humorous, alcoholic Tony Stark because Downey has had his own well-documented years of excess and abuse. Captain America (when written properly) is a somewhat stern character of depth and integrity who loves his country, but is confused and frustrated with post-World War II society. Can McConaughey convey all of that?
-David Morgan

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