Mauna Kea Shadow Play


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Jul 28, 2004

Mauna Kea Shadow Play
Credit & Copyright: Alex Mukensnable

Explanation: Just opposite the setting Sun, the already-eclipsed Moon rose over the Hawaiian Islands on February 20. A view near the 14,000 foot peak of volcanic Mauna Kea on the Big Island, a popular spot for astronomers, offered this remarkable play of shadows and sunlight. With snowy cinder cones in the foreground, the Moon lies within the shadow cast by the mountain -- a shadow extending across a lower cloud deck and on through Earth's dense atmosphere. As the lunar eclipse is drawing to a close, the curved shadow of the limb of planet Earth itself can also be traced across the Moon's surface, some 400,000 kilometers away.

(Via NASA)


Code Monkey
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Mar 20, 2004
Snow capped peaks is not the usual image when thinking of Hawaii. :eek:
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