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I haven't seen a thread about this yet....but it looks great! I loved Meet The Parents and this one looks like it's gonna be just as funny :D
Yeah I'm excited to see this one. Though this being a sequel I have some doubts. But I'm also a bit optimistic, given that recent sequels haven't been too bad.
I want to see this movie, but I'm a little hesitent. The first one was soo good, and if this one isn't as great, as most sequels aren't, I'll be disapointed.
~Summers~ said:
I wouldn't say I hated it, just didn't do anything for me ;)

Well, I don't think it was supposed to do anything for you or anyone, except make people laugh.

And it was hilarious!

Can't wait for Meet the Fockers! I bet it'll be awesome!!!

Martha M. Focker!
I just got back from seeing it and I must say that it is just as good as the first one, maybe even better. Dustin Hoffman is hilarious. I was laughing the whole entire movie. I'm Ben Stiller crazy so we had to see this the night it came out. I was so stoked for this movie and it didn't disappoint me at all. If you loved Meet The Parents you must see this one.
Loved this movie! It was hilarious! Gah.. I died laughing when the baby said it's first word! :lol:

If you want a good laugh, go see this movie!!

Oh! And I liked that Pam's ex-boyfriend makes a cameo in this movie!! Yeh, Owen is hot!

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