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We have decided to allow a bit more customization to your user profile page. Currently, your profile page looks like this (obviously mine has the YouTube video already selected):

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To make a small change, simply go to "Preferences":

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Scroll down a bit, and you will see the Options Block:

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Click the drop down arrow on Panoramic Image, and you will be presented with a list:

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Simply choose whatever one you want to have, they title's are all really a description of each:

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Scroll down, hit save, then navigate back to your profile page. You will now see this:

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You have the ability to change as many times as you'd like, with the ones that are listed. We will be introducing the option to have custom ones to our upgraded usergroup as soon as we can. We hope you enjoy this feature.


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I wonder, will there ever be a chance for members to be able to make their own and added to the collection to be used by all?