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so cute... its seems to me like vaughn is trying to get with jack instead of sydney sometimes... lol... just playing... this fic cracks me up... i love it... update soon
Poor Vaughn!...are u tryin' to get him killed! god i would die! :shamefullyembarrased: please PM me when ya update! :D this is a great fic! and i really wanna no what jacks gonna say to vaughn! :unsure: :o hopeful syd will stop him before he hurts him to bad! lol :LOL:

lee :rolleyes:


Those piercing baby blues
playing footsy with jack bristow? :LOL:

and the last bit... what a dumb little cookie :rolleyes: he's only making the moment worserer!

helen you write this so cleverly and i just love it!

luv juju :harp:
Hang on...you can't leave us hanging there with Vaughn just telling Jack that he and Syd are moving in together!!!!! NOT RIGHT! UPDATE SOON!! Thanks!!


Just to let everyone know that I'm having serious writers block with this next chap :( I know how it should go I just can't seem to get it typed :mad: Anyways I'm working on it, its taking a little longer than I would like but don't worry it will be up eventually.

Thanks for your patience :group:


<span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>no problem...im sure we'll wait however long. This fic is wonderful!! thanks for even taking the time to write it! i <3 it!


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“Sydney and I are moving in together.”

*~*Chapter 14~*~

For a long moment, nobody spoke.

Sydney stopped eating immediately, turning to give Vaughn a tiny smile then carefully watching her father’s reaction.

For one fleeting, terrifying moment Vaughn was sure Jack was going to hit him. A moment later, it seemed more likely he would faint, then that he would choke on his last bite of steak, and for a moment or two, that he would simply get up and leave the table. After one of the most awkward periods of silence Vaughn had ever endured, Jack seemed to have finally settled on what he was going to do.

“Congratulations,” he said stiffly, arranging his face into a smile.

Sydney beamed at her father. “Thanks dad.”

Vaughn let out a long sigh of relief; though Jack looked less than thrilled at the news he seemed at least to have accepted it.

“So Sydney when are you moving?” Jack asked, trying his best to remain pleasant.

“Actually Dad I asked Vaughn. He’s gonna move into my house,” Sydney said lightly. She either didn’t notice the look of disapproval on her father’s face or she didn’t care.

Vaughn however, noticed it immediately. He’d been so worried about telling Jack, he’d forgotten all about how he might react to the news that it was Vaughn moving into Syd’s house and not the other way around. Jack Bristow never missed an attempt to slyly drop some hints about how Vaughn wasn’t good enough for Sydney and this it seemed was another perfect opportunity to do so.

Jack pasted a mildly confused look onto his face. “But what about Francie?” he asked quickly. “Three’s a crowd don’t you think,” he added pointedly, shooting a glare at Vaughn.

Vaughn was sure that if it was at all possible, with every word Jack said, he would be shrinking. Shrinking in stature until he was insignificant enough for Jack to simply step on and be rid of.

However, Jack clearly hadn’t counted on Sydney. She rolled her eyes at her father and made rather a show of taking Vaughn’s hand. “No it’s not gonna be a problem at all Dad. Francie is actually moving in with Will in a couple of weeks,” she told him brightly.

“I see,” Jack said slowly.

“Besides,” Sydney ploughed on now she had the upper hand, “my place is closer to work, closer to all of our friends and I’ve just finished redecorating the kitchen. Cost a fortune.” She smiled triumphantly at her father, “So you see it just makes more sense for Vaughn to move in with me.”

When Jack focused his attention back on his meal, Vaughn took the opportunity to mouth “I love you,” in Sydney’s direction, with a smile of gratitude.

She blushed and gave a slight shrug, “I’m used to it,” she mouthed back.

They finished the meal in relative ease. Jack seemed to have abandoned the subject of their living arrangement altogether, instead they focused on discussing work or that day’s headlines.

“Excuse me for a moment, I’m going to use the bathroom,” Sydney announced just after they ordered dessert. She got up and left the table quickly, avoiding Vaughn’s eyes so she couldn’t see the look of panic shooting through them.

This was exactly what Vaughn had feared. He’d known that at some time during the evening he would be left alone with Jack with absolutely nothing to say. This was that time. Silence engulfed them for a few minutes and Vaughn found himself re-reading the dessert menu although he’d already ordered.

Something else he’d feared was that Jack would use their time alone to spout off one of his patented intimidating speeches about the various ways in which he would torture Vaughn if any harm came to Sydney. When Vaughn decided he couldn’t spend any more time pretending to be interested in the different desserts, he looked up to find Jack watching him with an even more serious expression than the one he usually wore.

Vaughn heaved a reserved sigh, knowing exactly what followed that expression. That expression nearly always came before one of those speeches and tonight was no exception.

“Let’s get a few things straight Agent Vaughn,” Jack began firmly. “Just because you’re moving in with Sydney doesn’t make me any less inclined to give you a hard time. I’ve said before that I think my daughter deserves better, but she doesn’t seem to share my opinion. In fact she seems perfectly happy with you.”

Vaughn couldn’t resist a triumphant smile at Jack’s admission that Sydney was truly happy with him. “Still,” Jack continued sternly, causing the smile to slide right off Vaughn’s face. “Don’t get too comfortable. I’ll be watching you, as always; waiting for the moment which I am almost certain will come, the moment when you let my daughter down. I promise you Agent Vaughn that if you do ever hurt Sydney, I will not give you the chance to do it again. I will make sure that you never even see her again, do you understand me?”

Normally Vaughn would have mumbled “Yes sir,” and left it at that, but tonight was different. Tonight he found, much to his own surprise, that Jack’s speech had left him close to laughter.

He was strongly reminded of ‘Meet the Parents’ and indeed, had half-expected Jack to make Robert De Niro’s ‘I’m watching you’ sign with his hands at one point. Not only that, but he’d also briefly imagined Jack ending his little outburst with either ‘capiche?’ or ‘comprende?’

He’d never been in this position before, usually a lecture like the one he’d just endured left him frozen in his seat, not fighting to stifle a laugh. In that moment he realised that Jack Bristow wasn’t such a scary guy at all, he was just a man who wanted above all things to protect his daughter from harm. To protect her from having to live through some of the horrors he’d experienced. He just wanted her to have a better life than he did.

Of course despite this realisation Vaughn thought it would probably still be advisable not to burst out laughing in Jack’s face. So he fought back the laughter, and then surprised himself for the second time in less than a minute by giving a response to Jack’s speech.

“Since we’re getting things straight,” Vaughn began calmly, paraphrasing Jack’s earlier words. “There’s something you should know and really, whether or not you believe me is irrelevant, I’m going to tell you anyway.” He took a deep breath, and shifted slightly in his seat so he was face to face, eye to eye, with Jack Bristow.

“Frankly you scare the hell out of me. But that’s not the reason why I’ll never hurt your daughter. I will never hurt Sydney, not because I know you’d kill me, but because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself I did. I don’t care whether you think I’m good enough for her, she thinks I am and that’s what I care about. She’s all I care about. So in that respect at least, it seems we’ve got something in common.”

Vaughn sat paralysed in his chair, waiting for Jack to respond with what would most likely be an even longer and more intimidating speech. Although, he thought, it’d be hard to focus on what Jack was saying when a voice in his own head was repeatedly chanting, “I can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe I did that.”

Jack didn’t look angry at all; in fact he was regarding Vaughn with something quite unusual shining in his eyes: respect. Instead of the barrage of insults Vaughn had expected, he merely inclined his head to the young man beside him and agreed, “So it seems.”

Michael Vaughn was one of few people in the world who had actually experienced the true sensation of dodging a bullet. Several times he’d narrowly escaped being shot so he knew all too well the effect such an experience had on a person. Not surprisingly this little victory felt a lot like he’d dodged a bullet and though he knew that there’d be plenty more coming his way over the years, he decided the enjoy this moment while it lasted.

Sydney finally returned to the table and sat herself down asking, “So what’ve you guys been talking about?”

“Oh you know,” Jack said nonchalantly, “The weather.”

Sydney pursed her lips, clearly not believing them. She turned to Vaughn and was surprised to see that he look perfectly at ease. She’d feared that five minutes alone together might result in an argument and at least one of the two not being at the table when she returned. So she pleasantly surprised to see that the two men appeared much more relaxed in each other’s presence.

The time spent eating dessert passed quickly as the awkwardness that had hung over the entrées and the main course seemed to have evaporated. They finished eating and the two men politely agreed to split the bill between each other. Soon Sydney and Vaughn were outside the restaurant, waving goodnight to her father as he was driven away in a taxi, and Sydney still had no idea exactly how they’d managed to get there.

“Ok,” she said slowly, rounding on Vaughn. “Spill.”

“Spill what?” he said innocently.

“What happened while I was in the bathroom?”

“Oh nothing much,” Vaughn said casually.

“Something happened,” she pressed, “because when I came back things were…”


“I don’t know exactly. A little less awkward, maybe even bordering on friendly. Ok admit it: you killed my father while I was gone and replaced him with his mild mannered identical twin Marvin, didn’t you?!”

Vaughn laughed. “Why Marvin?”

“Oh that’s the part of the scenario you take issue with?” Syd shot back, now laughing with him. She linked her arm with his and leant her head on his shoulder. “Miiiike,” she said in a childish whine.


“I had a lot of wine tonight,” she said proudly, still in the same childish voice.

“Uhoh,” Vaughn muttered under his breath. “How much is a lot Syd?”

“Weeeeell,” Syd said slowly. “Whenever there was an awkward silence, I needed something to occupy myself so I took a sip of my wine.”

“That’s a lot of wine,” Vaughn said, laughing at Sydney who was now leaning on Vaughn for support. “How did you hide this from your dad?” he asked incredulously, “How could he not see that you’re drunk? How could I not see it?”

Syd giggled and wiggled her finger to indicate Vaughn should move closer to her. Once his face was close to hers she whispered in his ear, giggling all the while. “I’m a spy that’s how.”

“Ok Syd I think we’d better get you home,” Vaughn decided, putting his arm around her shoulder to guide her towards a nearby taxi.

“Nope. Don’t wanna go home,” she said firmly.

“Why not?”

“Because I said I was gonna take you out to this place that you’ll just love. Pleeeease?” she added, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

“You sure you’re ok?” Vaughn said sceptically.

“I’m sure,” Syd answered quickly. “I promise, you’re gonna love this place.”

“Ok,” he relented. “But we won’t stay long because you need a big cup of coffee and some sleep soon.”

“Mmkay,” Syd said, getting into the waiting cab.

“Where to?” the driver asked, once they’d got in and closed the doors.

“The Blue Angel please, d’you know where it is?”

“Yeah,” the driver said uncertainly. “Umm do you know what it is?”

“Yep,” she said firmly and when Vaughn wasn’t looking she gave the driver a tiny, almost imperceptible wink.

“The Blue Angel is it then,” the driver said as he pulled out into the street and joined the busy stream of LA traffic.

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That was such a good chapter. I'm glad that Jack is starting to like Vaughn more then he did before. Thanks for the PM can't wait for the next chapter.
“The Blue Angel please, d’you know where it is?”

“Yeah,” the driver said uncertainly. “Umm do you know what it is?”

“Yep,” she said firmly and when Vaughn wasn’t looking she gave the driver a tiny, almost imperceptible wink.

“The Blue Angel is it then,” the driver said as he pulled out into the street and joined the busy stream of LA traffic.
OMG! I knew it! She is SOOOO taking him to a sex club.



:P Great Chapter. I lvoed it adn I can't wait for more.