Meteor Impact Theory Takes a Hit


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A second team of scientists says it cannot find evidence to support the hypothesis that a meteorite slammed into Earth 250 million years ago, wiping out the majority of life. But proponents of the impact theory aren't budging. By Amit Asaravala.

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It makes sence. I mean you would think a meter big enough to do that knd of damage would leave a serious mark. All in all the evidences of large metors hitting none of them have ever been near enough the size to kill of an entire worlds population. One of the largests easy to see holes left by a meteor, would be the Gulf of Mexico. We see how large that hole is and all the research I have ever read, said that it was only a 1/4 or less the size of the supposed one that caused the great Death. Even if it were at the bottem of the ocean with the sonar and topagraphic satelite images of the ocean floor we would be able to see if there was an indination anywhere on earth like the one that would be required for that large an item.

Add that to the fact that no sciences has ever found sugnificate data in the fossile record to support such a claim. Had the earth been under a blanket of darkness for the amount of time that, there would be a sugnificate layer of chemeicals in the fossile record. There isn't. The grand canyon is the easiest place to get a good look at the earths layers (aka fossil record). in those layers there is proff of the ice agres, proff of a great flood, proff of changing climates, but no where on earth has a sciencetist ever found enough sediment that would coinside with the "blanks of smut" that should have covered the earth. there have been small pockets here and there. But they didn't match in age or thickness of layer or chemical compond.

Ok now that i have donned my science girl hat, I shall retire to the geek dorm