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God I could only hope someone picks it up. Dead Like Me was yet another of my fa show that met its end all too show when a tv exec removed it rom the air.

Loseing all the good shows is causing me to lose my faith in tv exec's ablty to delevier great scrpted tv. they are all stuk up on the reality crazy. *pukes*


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I actually liked Dead Like Me also. It was quirky with some very dark humor which means it was exactly the type of shows I like. :P I figure that when the seasons go on DVD I'll pick it up.


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18-year-old George Lass dies when a piece of the MIR space station falls from the sky and hits her...

Darkly comic and quirky, the show follows George as she helps in catching the souls of people moments before they're destined to die....

for some reason i missed the first few eps of this and just never bothered to watch it after that as theres far too much on to choose from. did i miss something that good?


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My normal work hours are from 5pm to 2am so I miss a lot of shows. I try to catch reruns during the morning if I'm still up.


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You guys should try to catch it sometime; like any show some episodes were better than others but for the most part it was a pretty good show. The setting for the show is what Mr. Desctructo posted above but it dealt with was really trying to answer "What do we want from life?"