Michael Vaughn Character Description

Oct 24, 2003
hehe, where did u get liav??????? i like the names josh, alex, jay..... basically mainly guy's names............ dunno bout girls names tho... lol


Dec 7, 2004
I think Vaughn is hot and all but i think it would be funny if they put Sark and Syd together....Did you read the sark messages...lol....couldnt help myself had to reply...lol
vaughneya said:
Vaughn used to have a girlfriend named Alice (who looks like she could be his mother) who he broke up with... and he obviously has feelings for syd.  when vaughn was sick, sydney met alice and alice thinks that she and vaughn have something going but when vaughn later tried to explain, syd didnt let him.
i hate alice.  i am all for syd&michael
like irina said, sydney should take the chance
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