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Mike And Jenn An Item?

Discussion in 'Alias' started by pennstatechic, May 13, 2003.

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  1. pennstatechic

    pennstatechic Rocket Ranger

    Jan 26, 2003
    Florida (Now PA for college)
    Hey guys,

    I saw this article on www.eonline.com about Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner, being an item. Want to know what you think? Here's the exact article:

    Back to the poop, human-style. Word (which smells pretty true, not awful) from the Alias set is that one particularly prominent producer on the show has been waxing prophetic. According to those who work breath-mint close with the power player, the latter is saying this isn't "the right time to go public" and that for now, everybody A-list on the set wants to keep things "under wraps."

    That being the fact that the rumored romance between the too-hunky stars is not just a rumor--but real.

    Reps for both Vartan and Garner say nothing more than professional courtesy is occurring between the two cuties. (Uh, don't think that's the kinda "courtesy" my mama, Mariah, had in mind back when she was giving me those finger-bowl lessons.)

    Will we ever know the truth-a-rooney on this one? Yep. I predict some lucky-ass photographer (who'll henceforth be paid a friggin' fortune) will catch the reported randies rompin' risqué. Just a crystal-ball cat swipe, mind you--not saying anything has been documented or occurred. Yet

    A lot of people are saying, that it would be bad if these two hooked up. I on the other hand, think it would be very neat. I mean they are so great together on the show, they might as well in real life. It seems as if there are feelings are there. I don't know if it's false or true, but I think it would be aweome if they dated in real life. What do you think?

    Love ya,

    Lauren :angelic:
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