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Sep 28, 2014
Look, my dog Sadie wrote a book. She's telepathic. All dogs from the future are. Even though no one else can hear her, she has a message from 2525 for everyone. Yeah, the same year as the song. It's no coincidence.

Her book is called Mind Engine. It's free from Oct 1 through 5 here:

There are Rules from the PTB which make us call this an "SF thriller" and a "space opera." But this story is the literal truth about how the future will turn out.

Obviously, no one will believe this outrageous claim without proof. Here you go. These are quotes which these people actually will say in 2025 and 2525. Just wait. You'll see.


"Excuse me, a close friend just passed away, and he needs a favor."
- Dr. Norman Craig, PhD

"That sh-t ain't science."
- Detective Oscar Pickett on string theory

“I love little kids. I want fifteen of 'em.”
- Jimmy Lupo to Olivia Rivera in a Hong Kong nightclub

"Tell your old lady get busy."
- Rivera's response

"Since I paid for your f--king suit, you might as well wear it."
- Ashley Highsmith-Weldon on Lupo's expense account

"How do you say 'I wanna butt-f--k your momma' in Chinese?"
- Jimmy Lupo on speaking Cantonese

"Look what you've done. My brand new f--king suit."
- Jimmy Lupo on blood spatter

"His English not so good."
- Sun Xiao Yin on why a colleague failed to drop his weapon

"RLTW. Rangers lead the way. Remember that next time you wanna f--k with a veteran."
- Jimmy Lupo after a bar fight

"We don't have to worry about the police anymore. They're sending in the Chinese army."
- Ashley Highsmith on events in Hong Kong

"It's not rocket science."
- Ashley Highsmith on how to turn off a mind engine

"We owe them nothing."
- Hiram One (transhuman) on organic people

"So you left a recording. One that talks back. You always were so clever."
- Ms. Mozelle Winters to her transhuman brother

"The only good thing about it is I have an excuse to shop for a dress."
- Ashley Highsmith on attending a funeral

"Ashley was a beautiful child. We're all God's children."
- Ms. Mozelle Winters on her niece Ashley Highsmith

"How does Goddess sound to you?"
- Ashley Highsmith on her new job title

"People on Earth used to live in caves. . . . Our hab is underground. What's wrong with caves?"
- Kyeung-hwa Shin on lunar habitats

"If the First Sister wants to locate something, it must exist."
- Sister Anjla on questioning orders

"I can poke it wherever you want me to poke it."
- Brenlyn Penny on maneuvering comets

"You're the prettiest woman I've seen in a million years."
- Hiram Zed (transhuman) to Brenlyn Penny

"Is there some reason you must relate everything to body functions?"
- Sister Anjla on Lupo's expletives

"Just answer the questions. Unless you enjoy protracted sensory deprivation."
- Sister Anjla interrogating a transhuman

"The only thing in Munich we're gonna find is decent beer."
- Jimmy Lupo evaluating a mission

"You'll not consider such thoughts. See that you have them expunged after the meeting."
- Sister Regis responding to a suggestion

"Have you ever visited our lovely planet?"
- Sister Regis commanding a trip to Earth

"All Earthers look fat. I used to be one. It's not so bad."
- Moris Reyes on adapting to Earth's gravity

"Unlike you, I don't presume to tell my superiors their business."
- Sister Anjla to Lupo on following orders

"Are we having a pissing contest again?"
- Sister Anjla to Lupo on cooperation

"I'll make sure you don't make a smoking hole in the ground when you get back to Earth."
- Hiram Zed to navigator Berta Visser

"What's wrong with just throwing her out an airlock?"
- Berta Visser on her commanding officer

"Never existing won't hurt."
- Kyeung-hwa Shin on rewriting history

"If you're going to be a goddess, you need to start paying attention to details."
- A transhuman to Kyeung-hwa Shin

"What's the big deal with this little kid?"
- Jimmy Lupo on Kyeung-hwa Shin

"I can do anything I want. . . . But I still need to sleep."
- Kyeung-hwa Shin on being a goddess

"I'll give you a tip. Don't call me pretty boy again."
- Jimmy Lupo to a taxi driver

"Everything's sh-tty for everybody."
- Jimmy Lupo on the future

"No offense, Jimmy, but you're an alcoholic and a screw-up. Always were."
- Hiram Zed to Jimmy Lupo

"Everyone is a child."
- Kyeung-hwa Shin
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