Hey folks,

Thought i'd share some links and information on a couple of the upcoming MMORPG's that fit into the sci-fi genre.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Games - Basically a game you play online along side thousands of other player simultaneously in a virtual and constant world.

Star Wars The Old Republic Star Wars: The Old Republic - In development by BIOWare and its based on the KOTOR games and universe. Basically you will get to choose from multiple classes ( Jedi, Bounty Hunter etc) and beable to align your self to either the Sith of jedi.With Bioware at the helm im sure it will be largely story based and is definatly a game to keep an eye on if your a star wars fan or a fan of the original KOTOR series.

Jump Gate Evolution Situs Judi Online, Judi Bola, Poker Online, Casino, Togel SGP - - Due to be released soon, Jumpgate is a sci-fi game centered around space combat. Plenty of interesting features make this game one to keep an eye on :-
Dynamic universe with thousands of other players
Fast action space combat
Player Advancement - new ships weaponry
Massive Space conflict
Dynamic economy

The graphics and screen shots look stunning too.

Star trek Online Star Trek Online | Arc Games - I dont have much knowledge on this game really which is strange with me being a huge Star Trek and MMORPG fan. I think its because the game got scrapped last year and restarted by a new company and it just seems a long way of being complete. However if Cryptic manage to deliver on the features mentioned on the website you know this game will be a great hit.

When i get chance i will link a few other games set for release this year, 2009 is actually a great year for sci-fi mmorpgs.

Maybe? Hopefully! ; )

My son is going on and on about Jumpgate Evolution. I think he wants a new computer fast so he can play it nicely. It's certainly got his attention from the few videos and images/descriptions going around about it.