Awaiting Feedback MochiMedia score not submitting on XFA

Much like many I'm having an issue regarding score submission.

I have placed the crossdomain into my root folder, sertup publisher account with id / key etc. Although still scores do not submit and appear on the webpage. The scores submit to mochimedia and display while in the game, but on the website next to the game in the listing they do not. :(

I have looked over every forum on this website and I've been trying over an hour to make it work before posting a forum for assistance. But no luck so here I am.

Was wondering if I could get some assistance. Maybe I'm missing something?
for me all the games i have imported from mochi media are not giving scores either,however all the default games such as space invaders and tetris are giving scores asap
Recolance: If you send me a PC to your site along with a username & password to try (*not* an admin' account or anything like that, just an account that has access to the Arcade so I can check out a few things without having to create my own account) I'll take a look to see if I spot anything.

jamacanbacn: Did you check the Mochi FAQs at Resources, in particular item #6?