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Moments in Time, an Alias Prequel #7

Discussion in 'General' started by lenafan, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. lenafan

    lenafan Rocket Ranger

    Jan 22, 2003
    So. California
    :redhair: Well, it's been awhile since I've posted a moment in time. For those who haven't followed, these are brief moments when Irina thought of her daughter who she left behind in 1982. It's 1996 and we find Irina, the head of a crime cartel, about to relieve the Alliance of some of its assets. :ph34r:
    Thank you to JJ Abrams for our cast of characters.

    Moments in Time – Part 7
    Kalahari Desert – Africa – 1996
    Khasinau watched the shacks located near the massive diamond mine. The place was almost deserted. He looked at Irina. She was dressed in rough khakis with a bush hat on her head. The sun was overhead and it was hot. She was sweating. He couldn’t read her face, which seemed almost impassive, considering they would be in possession of three hundred million dollars in diamonds within the next few minutes.
    “Are you sure of the intel,” he said.
    She nodded and pointed. There was a car coming along the road leading to the shacks. She had a sniper’s rifle cradled in her arms sighting along the barrel to see the men disembarking the car. It was Morris Carson, The Alliance’s man in Johannesburg.

    The door to the shack opened and a man dressed in riding clothes stepped out. Carson had a brief case in his right hand. The driver and another man stepped out of the car behind him. They accompanied him up to the man in the doorway. After a moment, Carson and the other man went inside. The two other men stood on the shack’s small porch, searching for anyone who shouldn’t be there.
    Irina had already decided how the robbery was going to go. She nodded at Khasinau. He ran to his left, keeping the shacks and the guards between himself. A minute later, he was in position. Irina settled down with her rifle. The targets were acquired. She fired in rapid succession. Both guards died from head shots.

    Khasinau had been on the porch almost by the time the second man fell. He disappeared inside. Irina ran out of the shack she had used as cover and made it to the doorway of the shack where Morris had entered within two minutes. As she ran, she heard two shots which meant Khasinau was taking care of the other two. She burst thru the doorway as Khasinau was looking into the satchel. He looked up, startled.
    “Irina!” His right hand was down inside.
    She stopped, looking at him. “The diamonds?”
    He nodded, handing the satchel to her. She smiled. She almost had caught him with his greed showing. She had become more wary of him and his increasing discomfort at working for a woman. He was a friend of her father’s and that was why he was a member of her organization. She knew she would have to watch him more carefully in the future.
    “The money?”
    “Here!” He opened Carson’s briefcase. “Negotiable bonds worth three hundred million.”
    “Not a bad day’s work.” Irina handed him the briefcase and she took the satchel. “Let’s go.” She left the room without a backward glance at the two men lying sprawled on the floor.

    A few minutes later, Khasinau was driving back toward the small town of Riekenpo. Irina sat in the back seat, wiping her face. She reached inside the satchel and pulled out some of the diamonds. They were uncut, but they sparkled with the promise of their future. Irina knew where she could sell them and get the entire price.
    She looked at the diamonds. Her dark eyes danced and her lips parted in a smile. She picked out one from the bag. It had intensity. She would get it cut and set in the proper way. It would be a gift, perhaps not now, but maybe later. Sydney was 21 today. What a birthday present!
  2. She'sgood

    She'sgood Rocket Ranger

    Mar 14, 2003
    AAAAHHHHH that is so sweet omg write more plez!!!!!
  3. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    great job! i love your moments in time.

    you should write one of sydney recieving the diamonds.

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