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Moments in Time - Prequel #6

Discussion in 'General' started by lenafan, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. lenafan

    lenafan Rocket Ranger

    Jan 22, 2003
    So. California
    Here's another short snip of time in the life of Irina Derevko as she pauses to think about Sydney and what's happened .
    Hummm, after last night's episode...I think she'd better reflect longer about her daughter. Whew! :rolleyes:

    As always, JJ Abrams owns the characters

    Part 6
    Moments in Time

    Irina leaned against her Mercedes on the arrival level at Shermetyevo International Airport outside of Moscow. She glanced at her watch. Dimitri should be almost through customs and on his way. She looked around. There was no one she knew. She had a half hour before she met with her man in Moscow. He had some intel she wanted. She looked at her long fingers, her nails manicured and painted a bright red. Her hair was coifed without one hair being out of place. She was going to make an impression at this meeting. But first, she looked toward the doors. Still, there was no Dimitri.
    She frowned. She had checked. He was on the flight from London. Well, maybe the lines were longer than usual. She bent over, looking inside the window on the passenger side.
    “Grigor, we will wait just a few more minutes. How long before we need to be on the road?
    He started to answer, then pointed.
    Irina whirled, to see Dimitri walking hurriedly toward her. “Get in,” she ordered.
    He threw his bag in the front seat and entered, Irina following. She rolled up the window between her driver and herself. “Well? What did you learn? Did you see her?”
    “Who is she?” He asked.
    “Dimitri, just tell me.” She was exasperated.
    He reached inside his coat pocket and brought out a picture. “This is the best I could do. I was pretending to be a tourist, so I couldn’t get her to pose.”
    She snatched the picture away. “Credit Dauphine?” He had taken a picture of Sydney as she walked by the sign advertising the bank. “What is it?”
    “A bank. She works there.”
    “Does she?” Irina sat back with the picture in her hand. “Well, thank you, Dimitri. I will give this to her parents.” She put it in her purse and pulled out an envelope and handed it to him. “Thank you. Here is the agreed amount. We will let you out at the next bus stop. I have to be at a meeting in ten minutes.”
    Grigor pulled up and Dimitri got out, touching his head in a salute, as she drove off.
    Irina kept the window up between her chauffeur and herself. She pulled the picture out of Sydney. “Working at a bank?” Her eyes narrowed as she tried to remember where she had heard that name, Credit Dauphine, before. Why? She stared at the bank’s name again…then it started to come to her…
    “That bastard Sloane, he’s recruited Sydney!”
  2. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    great job! i just absolutely love your style! how do have so much time to write? i only write when i have finished my hw and all of my stuff...
  3. pasta_sauce385

    pasta_sauce385 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    wow you have written a lot lately!!! great job, i love your idea of guessing what happened while irina was away and how much she missed sydney and jack, anyways once again great job!!!

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