Horror Monsters, Maniacs and More

Jul 21, 2017
If you're into horror, scifi or fantasy, which if you're reading this you probably are, then here's a podcast I started that features original stories on those subjects and more, read by the author himself. From aliens, to demons and mythical beings, there's something for everyone. It's still pretty new at this point, and at the time of this posting there's only one episode, but there's plenty more on the way. If it sounds like your kind of thing, give it a look.

Monsters, Maniacs and More Podcast
Jul 24, 2017
Earth or thereabouts
Perdition University does not sound like a place any of us would want to go :nailbiting:! Congrats on your first episode. (y)
I'm into mythical beings so I hope you do an episode on one of those soon. :sneaky:
Take care and keep on keepin' on,
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