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An Old Friend
I added these to our calendar. If you go to one, you should post about your experience, I'd love to know about it.

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01-25 thru 01-27 Chattanooga TN
Chattacon - General Speculative Fiction
Longest running SF convention in Chattanooga
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01-26 Goldsboro NC
Carolina Games Summit - Video Game Industry and display
Video game development and tournaments unite, Carolina Games Summit 2008.
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02-22 thru 02-24 Chattanooga TN- US
Con Nooga - General
All Fandoms welcome. A All in One Comic, Celebrity, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Gaming Event for all
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02-22 thru 02-24 Roanoke VA
SheVaCon 16 - General
In our 16th year and growing. Family friendly fun for all. Come find out whats new!
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03-14 thru 03-16 Birmingham AL
OmegaCon - Sci Fi / Fantasy
Convention in Birmingham with David Drake, Alan Dean Forster and more.
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03-14 thru 03-16 Birmingham AL
OmegaCon - Science Fiction/ Fantasy
Full of science fiction and fantasy authors and media guests
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03-14 thru 03-16 High Point NC
Stellarcon 32/DeepSouthCon 46 - General SF

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03-27 thru 03-30 Salt Lake City UT- United States
2008 World Horror Convention - Horror and Dark Fantasy
Panels, presentations, art show, dealers room focusing on horror and dark fantasy
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03-27 thru 03-30 College Station TX
AggieCon 39 - No more lawn gnomes!

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03-29 thru 03-30 Dublin - Ireland
P-Con V - Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror
P-Con is a literary event with an emphasis on Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction.
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04-04 thru 04-06 Wayne NE
WillyCon - Literary

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04-18 thru 04-20 Troy MI
Penguicon - Science Fiction and Open Source Software

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04-19 thru 04-20 St. John's NL- Canada
Sci-Fi on the Rock - General
Our second annual convention is bigger and better than last year. Everything Sci-Fi--for everyone!
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04-25 thru 04-27 Richmond VA
RavenCon - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Celebrating the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery.
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05-03 thru 05-04 Allentown PA
Philly Non-Sports Card Show - Trading Cards and other collectibles
Long running Philly show for collectors of non-sport trading cards, now held in Allentown, PA
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05-16 thru 05-18 Mobile AL
MOBICON - General

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05-16 thru 05-18 UC Riverside CA
The 26th J. Lloyd Eaton Conference - Chronicling Mars
Examining the nature and significance of Martian metamorphoses in sci-fi literature
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05-23 thru 05-26 Baltimore MD- United States
Balticon - Science Fiction/Fantasy
The Maryland Regional Science Fiction Convention
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05-23 thru 05-26 Santa Clara CA
BayCon 2008 - Adventures in Space - A Pirate's Tale
California's largest general/traditional con, now in its 26th year
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05-30 thru 06-01 Charlotte NC
Con Carolinas - Gaming, General Sci Fi, Anime
ConCarolinas is a general Science Fiction convention. It hosts a variety of fandom related events .
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05-30 thru 06-01 Panama City Beach FL
The Wrath of Con - Science Fiction Convention and Film Festival
3-day event with actors, writers, film makers, scientists, astronauts, ghost hunters and more!
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06-06 thru 06-08 Oklahoma City OK- United States
SoonerCon 2008 - 'Pieces of 08' (Pirates)
SoonerCon is a multigenre Fan Convention (books, comics, movies, games, and more)
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06-06 thru 06-08 MARIETTA GA
fun inexpensive sci fi - fantasy - horror - comics convention. good local guests, groups, gaming,..
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06-13 thru 06-15 Dallas TX
FedCon USA - Scifi and Fantasy
FedCon has been Europes Largest Convention for 16 years and is now coming to the USA
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06-13 thru 06-15 Dallas Tx
FedCon USA - Multi Genre
Europe's Largest Convention is coming to the U.S.
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06-27 thru 07-06 Chotebor (120 km from Prague) - Czech Republic
Festival fantazie - General
The biggest convention in Middle and Eastern Europe, open for foreign fans. 2000 fans, 10 days!
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07-11 thru 07-13 Omaha NE
OSFest '08 - Science Fiction and Fantasy

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07-18 thru 07-20 McKinney TX
Lazy Dragon Con - Sci-Fi Relax a Con
A science fiction relax a con
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08-01 thru 08-03 Spokane WA
SpoCon - General Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Gaming Convention
Full spectrum science fiction/fantasy and gaming convention
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09-26 thru 09-28 Dallas TX
FenCon V - Celebrating 50 Years of SF Conventions in Texas

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Now for some Convention Sense

What is a Science Fiction Convention?
Very simply, a science fiction convention is a gathering of fans of the science fiction, fantasy or horror genre. There are several types of conventions and some events are a combination of these basic types:
  • Literary Convention: Celebrating books and authors of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy and/or horror. Guests are usually authors and events may include readings from their works, workshops and classes for writers, etc.
  • Media Convention: Celebrating media sci-fi (television and movies). Guests may include actors, writers, directors and producers, etc. Events usually include autograph sessions and Question and Answer sessions with the guests.
  • Comic Book Convention: Celebrates the comic book medium - may also include animation (especially Japanese animation aka Anime). Guests usually include the writers, artists, animations, etc.
  • Gaming Convention: May or may not include guests such as game creators. Gaming conventions are usually smaller events designed to let fans play card games, role play games, and/or computer games in the sci-fi, fantasy/horror genres.
Any of the above may fit into the two categories below:
  • Fan Run Conventions: Run by a club or other group of fans, usually for fun or a charity. Usually smaller, more personal shows with few guests and rarely big-name stars.
  • Professional Conventions: Run by a company or organization that make their living or part of their living from doing conventions. Usually larger shows with bigger-name guests (stars of shows rather than guest stars or behind-the-scenes only) though tend to be more impersonal.
For more information, choose a link below:
  • What goes on at sci-fi conventions?
  • FAQs about conventions (common terms, etc.)
  • Find a convention to go to on our convention calendar
  • Photo Gallery - Have some great pictures of costumes, celebrities, etc. from a convention?
    Email it to us!
Going to SciFi Conventions
If you’re a Science Fiction fan and you’ve never been to a science fiction convention, you’re missing a lot of fun!​
Find out about conventions here! What are they? Why should you go? Why should you let your children go?​
Find a convention near you!​
Discuss your favorite conventions on our Message Board!​
Take a look at the Photo Gallery.Have some great pictures of costumes, celebrities, etc. from a convention? Email it to us!​

Frequently Asked Questions about Conventions...
More to be added as we think of them
  • What should I wear?
    Jeans and tee-shirts are the standard convention uniform, but any comfortable clothing goes. Costumes are also popular - dressing as your favorite character can be a lot of fun and might even win you a prize in a costume contest! The only thing not to wear is anything that would be considered obscene or too revealing - if your mother would wear it in public, there is a good chance you’ll be asked to change by the convention staff. Comfortable shoes are always a good idea as well.
  • Can I bring my favorite sword or knife?
    Every convention is different when it comes to a weapons policy - some allow them when worn as part of a costume (though they usually have to be “peace bonded” meaning they are secured to the scabbord and cannot be quickly drawn or dropped in accident. Some conventions have a strict weapons policy - check with the convention staff or web site before taking it with you.
  • What happens at conventions?
    Check our Events page for general descriptions and check the particular convention’s flyers or web site for more details.
  • Do I need to have money with me? How much should I bring?
    All conventions have an admission fee to participate in the show and some only accept cash (though most accept checks or credit cards as well). Beyond that, be sure to bring money for food and drinks as well as anything you might want to buy in the dealer’s room (the onsite store), art show, or any auctions that may take place. Some celebrities may also charge a fee for their autograph and/or their photos as well. Don’t count on there being an ATM nearby or that you can use a check or credit card...I firmly suggest you bring cash or travelers checks when possible.
  • What else should I bring?
    Some of the things I usually take to a convention are: good size tote bag or backpack, camera/video camera, lots of film or blank tapes, money, photo ID (driver’s license), watch, notepad and lots of pens, sketchpad and pencils, items I want to have the guests autograph (and enough money to cover them), cell phone and my phonebook, game characters, card decks, dice or other supplies if I want to game, costume and/or change of clothes, list of things I am looking for to complete my collections, my portfolio if I want to show off my artwork, etc. If you are on any medication at the time, don’t forget it.
  • Is is safe to let my children go?
    Generally yes, but conventions are held in public places so young children should have adult supervision as you would when going to the mall or any other public place. Sci-fi fans are generally friendly and helpful and I’m sure your child will have a good time, but of course you should always exercise caution where your children are concerned. Some conventions have an age limit or require all children to be accompanied by an adult. Some offer daycare or special programming for younger children...check with the convention staff.