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Sep 11, 2004
From Sci Fi Wire:

Bowman Talks Elektra

Rob Bowman, director of the upcoming comic-book movie Elektra, told SCI FI Wire that he brought SF chops to the project as a veteran helmer of the X-Files TV series and movie and the feature film Reign of Fire. "In terms of the hyper-real, surreal or science-fiction aspects of it, I'm obviously very familiar with it, and I think I was comfortable handling the more exotic parts of the story," Bowman said in an interview last summer on the film's Vancouver, B.C., set.

Bowman added that he was able to balance the SF elements of the story with the personal drama of Elektra Natchios, played by Alias star Jennifer Garner. "I felt like, 'OK, this is within my realm, and I know that it needs to be commercial,'" he said. "But more important to me was the power of Elektra's personal story. And so bringing ... muscles built during The X-Files and X-Files movie and Reign of Fire, I thought, 'I understand how to make this film.'"

Elektra, the follow-up to 2003's Daredevil, centers on Garner's character, an alienated warrior assassin, and her battle against a mysterious criminal organization called The Hand. Bowman admitted that he was not familiar with the Marvel Comics series on which the movie is based. "I did not read Elektra as a kid," he said. "It actually came around after I was out of my teens. ... So the first thing I looked into with Elektra was 'What's going on inside of her? Is there more than "I'm just a good old person who does heroic things?"'"

Bowman said he was attracted to the character because of her dark past. "Sitting still without an assignment or a task that is not external is a problem for her," he said. "Because she starts to think about things that, you know, upset her, cause her to feel anger. She's extraordinarily haunted. ... Existence is what she suffers through. The movie is about her coming to grips with what's actually going on inside of her. One of our themes is that she has abilities and feelings that she's unaware of until very late in the movie."

Bowman can be seen in behind-the-scenes video clips posted on Elektra's new official Web site. Elektra opens Jan. 14, 2004.
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