Mobile Motorola Droid Razr Maxx on Verizon?


Code Monkey
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After a recent vacation I think it is time to upgrade my trusty Motorola Droid 2 on Verizon. It has taken a lot of abuse from me over the years and has held up like a tank with just a few cracks showing. It is starting to show its age though thanks to the old version of the OS (2.2) that it is stuck at.

In my region Verizon is the dominant carrier and, based upon personal experiences of friends & family who have carrier hopped over the years, has the best coverage. With that in mind I think I'll be staying with Verizon instead of switching carriers even though there are no 'pure' Android devices, like the Nexus 4, available with Verizon. :(

I'm thinking about the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD phone because of the new larger battery on it & display. I'm a bit torn because I'm seeing that in some tests the older Droid Razr Maxx matches or exceeds the batter life but at the cost of a lesser display screen.

Thoughts? What are you Android guys/gals using these days or at least looking at for the next upgrade?