Sci-Fi Movement + Location

I've been checking out forums for new movies to watch lately and I came across this new indie film recommendation. The movie is called "Movement + Location". It's about this woman named Kim who is just living a normal life in New York. She's a little weird and it might have something to do with the fact that she moved here from 400 plus years in the future.

Everything is good for her until she runs into this teenage girl who also comes from the future. She's still trying to keep her life together, but bringing the girl into her life starts to mess her "normal" life up. The girl eventually leads Kim to finding her husband from the future who has been living in New York about almost two decades longer than Kim.

Obviously things start to unravel and Kim tries to keep her normal life intact, but well realistically how would expect any typical human to react to the situation. I think this movie in particular says something about how human nature doesn't really allow for groups of people to accept the strange very easily.

It was a good film and the story gave me just enough that I wanted to know more and even started filling in some ideas of my own. They released the movie online through itunes and some other places if you want to check it out. the movie has a site too movement and
Glad you found this. Did you end up checking it out? I'm excited that a couple of my friends are going to the LA premiere of it soon. Wish I would've gone to Cali to see it with them would've been awesome.

Oh no, I am homeless.

Real homeless people like me don't have money for things like this, let alone alcohol or drugs to escape our situation :smiley:

crazy, i know!